7 Roofing Marketing Mistakes: Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You could go for years – throwing money at marketing like money is going to be all you need.

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Roofing Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You could outsource the strategy – to the point where you don’t even understand the basic components of what’s being done to create leads.

You could also just flush money down the toilet, and dance around like a buffoon – or you could read this brief article instead!

It will go over 7 mistakes I see roofers making all the time:

Basically – it all boils down to these three principles:

  • They focus on the company not the customer in marketing materials and don’t vigorously pursue reviews.
  • They’re website looks like shit, and they dump ad dollars thinking that will fix it.
  • They spread their money thinly over 10 tactics instead of owning 2 hardcore.

Here’s all the mistakes in detail. Save yourself 10 years of inefficiencies and go through each in detail:

Marketing Mistake #1 – Not focusing your efforts on a clearly defined ideal customer (and instead being self obsessed.)

We all think that when people come to our website they want us to brag.

That’s not it at all – people come because they think your company might be able to solve THEIR PROBLEM.

  • So say “You” a lot in your copy.
  • Have pictures of happy customers enjoying the benefit of their gorgeous roof.
  • And lead with the problem you solve, and exactly how you solve it.

Marketing Mistake #2 – Your website doesn’t represent the level of the quality of work that you do (it looks like shit.)

Your logo is where it starts – make sure it has a clear symbol and states exactly what you do.

Don’t let a low-end website design company make all of your advertising worthless, with a garbage website:

  • Ensure the site looks high-end, and you’ll attract better jobs.
  • “Show what you want to grow” – Put gorgeous exterior remodeling jobs up, and testimonials from those customers.
  • Make the process to working with you super simple, and have clear ‘calls-to-action’ throughout the site, and ‘trust factors’ like badges and guarantees that accurately show why they should have no anxiety trusting you.

Marketing Mistake #3 – You’re building someone else’s brand (like Home Advisor’s – and not yours) with your marketing budget.

What do you think Home Advisor does with the dollars you give them for leads?

(Even some leads they also sold to someone else)

They fucking build their brand. Like you should be doing. 😂

  • Every dollar you spend buying leads – means you don’t ‘own that customer,’ – you want to build your brand, own the customer, and own the marketing materials that led to that customer too.
  • Stop paying aggregators to take over your market.
  • They also sometimes advertise with a companies brand, and basically trick the customer into clicking their entry – and submit the form on their website, stealing the lead you’ve worked hard for (by building your brand,) and selling it back to you.

Marketing Mistake #4 – You try to spread your budget too thin (on too many tactics) rather than owning 2-3 hardcore

Do it first: A clean iconic brand (overspend for this for real.) Truck wraps. Yard Signs. Reviews, Reputation + Referrals.

Next: A beautiful website + at least some SEO.

Then move onto paid advertising – but whatever you do, don’t spread yourself to 5 different places (Facebook ads, Google Ads, Google Guaranteed, HomeAdvisor, NextDoor) until you pass 10 Million.

Focus on the 2-3 places where you’ve seen the leads coming from so far. (So for instance – SEO & Google Ads) and then circle back and add one more on when your budget (5% of your revenue?) increases.

Marketing Mistake #5 – You’re not focused enough on referrals – your social media is always just trying to get leads in the door, not build existing loyalty.

Social media is all about ‘building brand’ from my point of view.

Including with existing customers, friends, family – etc.

Impress those people, be genuine, stoke connection and ‘tribe’ and you will also impress and create loyalty with new people:

  • Use your personal accounts not just your business account.
  • Talk about your people, and ideal customers and make them look smart.
  • Relax and stop trying to make every post a pitch.

Marketing Mistake #6 – Thinking you can use paid ads to hack the system.

You can’t.

If your content isn’t good, if your copy isn’t good – you are going to flop when you spend ad money.

Work on your copy, work on your organic reach:

  • When you start to get more reach and see things working, scale those things out with ad spend.
  • Just in general it’s a good principle: go organic first – and then push into ads after organic starts to pop.
  • Paid ads are amazing – but they will not fix a website that doesn’t convert.

Marketing Mistake #7 – Not focusing on getting reviews for every job.

It’s 2024.

If you’re not focused on getting the review for every job (even small repairs) then you are going to have a difficult time in marketing.

  • Start at the referral level
  • Make sure every referral you get – you’re trying to get to a 5-star review.
  • Then as your reputation starts to develop organically, start there when it comes to marketing.

Double down on what’s working.

I am not a sage.

We’ve helped many roofing companies drive more leads, but we’re not right for most people.

You have to find your DISCIPLINES. There is no silver bullet, only hard work.

I hope you learn to enjoy those disciplines or partner with people that do. I know we love helping people with content marketing, and getting higher on Google (as well as high-end, persuasive website design,) so if you need either of those and you’re over 1million – get in touch!

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