What’s a Roofing Marketing Manager Do? What to Look For [Job Description]

Not everyone is meant to be a marketing manager, and it takes a certain unique set of skills. Greg Cadwallader from Secured Roofing and Restoration in Florida talks about key efforts, what…

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Roofing Marketing Manager

Not everyone is meant to be a marketing manager, and it takes a certain unique set of skills. Greg Cadwallader from Secured Roofing and Restoration in Florida talks about key efforts, what to look for, and what to do with your time if you are a marketing manager or assistant for a roofing company to level-up the company.


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Roofing Marketing Manager – Job Description

Roofing Marketing Manager Job Description

[Name of Company] is looking for a driven, and passionate marketing professional to help drive awareness and new leads for our team. We are looking for a professional who has at least 2 years of real-world marketing experience, but are open to a discussion if you’re extremely talented and earlier than that. 

If you are a high-performer – meaning you are naturally motivated, proactive, good at prioritizing marketing activities based on what will make the company money, you may be an absolute ROCKSTAR in this position, and we’re open to incentivizing based on performance. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Managing our social media profiles (We focus on Instagram, and Facebook the most – but willingness to experiment in things like Tik-tok, have fun, and potentially lead shortform video efforts is ideal but not required.)
  • Video coordination, shooting + editing (We are looking to put out at least 2 videos a week, and constantly be leveling up that effort.)
  • Graphic Design (for trade show booths, flyers, proposals, and sales presentations.)
  • Managing marketing vendors, and assessing efforts on a regular basis.
  • Ability to learn Facebook ads
  • Eager to get better at Google Analytics, and making suggestions and helping coordinate changes on the website.
  • Open to writing content for the websites occasionally, and improving the site (potentially with vendors help.) 

Benefits of the Company Include: (Swap out bullet points based on your situation):

💰 Competitive compensation 

⛑ Health Insurance

👏 A fun and supportive environment of encouragement

💸 401K Match option 

♻️ Weekly 1on1’s with direct manager

⚡️90-Day check-in’s with company owners

☕️ Coffee, Snacks, Beer+Wine Fridays etc.

📚 Company pays for a training course a quarter

🎪 Events + fun activities as a team

If you believe you are a great fit – don’t hesitate. This is an amazing opportunity to getting in at a growing company that cares about the community. Send in your resume today.


When Interviewing for a Roofing Marketing Manager – look for these traits: 

You want your Roofing marketing manager to be great to work with, kind, and of course really driven to get more leads, and increase your companies brand awareness, and feel motivated to accomplish your companies mission of helping more people in your community get quality roofs over their head. 

Here is a list of traits that may help you think about who you’re looking for:

  • Hungry – you want someone who actually needs this income, and is excited to make more money – IF they drive significant business in your company. (It may seem tempting to be fine with someone who’s not very money motivated, but that might be a mistake, because then it’s harder to give them incentives to dominate.)
  • Humble – You don’t want someone who can’t admit when they make mistakes. Marketing is a game of mistakes. Try 5 things, 2 work – admit it, move on, and take those learnings. The only way you lose, is if you pretend everything was a win. 
  • Smart – You shouldn’t have to constantly be telling this person what to do. Self-motivated, intuitive people – define their own tasks based on a really clear outcome you’ve defined, and goal-setting with the quarter and high-value lead-generating habits within each week.

Right seat – Right Company – Right Skills

You need somebody who:

A) Wants to do THIS JOB.

B) Wants to do it at THIS COMPANY.

C) You want someone who is actually CAPABLE.  

Get someone who is self-motivated

You do not want someone who has to come to you every 3 days and get a whole new list of to-do’s. If nothing else, set up a weekly rhythm of tasks that are high-value with them, and re-assess that weekly rhythm on a quarterly basis based on what you see is working.

But – ideally a Roofing Marketing Manager is regularly coming up with new ideas, that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a smart person, and then micro-managing them to the point they don’t get excited to come to work every day. A great roofing marketing manager, will be creative and a little less rigid than some of your other employees.

That’s ok. 

That’s marketing. Marketers run a little bit different, so allow them the creative freedom to take on fun new initiatives, and just remind them of the north star – new business, and increased brand awareness. Within that, they should be allowed to diverge from your normal methods sometimes. 


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