Roofing Advertisements: 9 Creative Roofing Advertising Examples

Roofing is something that many homeowners don’t really think about until they need it. But when they do need your services, how do you make sure that your roofing company is the…

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Roofing is something that many homeowners don’t really think about until they need it.

But when they do need your services, how do you make sure that your roofing company is the one they first think about?

In addition to putting efforts into your content marketing and SEO, being creative with your advertising is another surefire way to get seen by potential customers.

While you are certainly passionate about roofing, homeowners are often not — as they tend to correlate home maintenance with being more of a nuisance.

However, if you can portray your services in a different light — such as using creativity and humor in your advertising — you can create a more positive feeling when consumers think about your brand.

Here are 9 examples of companies doing just that, featuring television and radio ads, as well as billboards.

Creative Roofing Billboards

Tri County Roofing in South Carolina may be the king of billboards. They’ve taken the premise of using creativity and humor to separate them and run with it.

With billboards, you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention as they pass by on the road. And boy oh boy, does Tri County Roofing’s billboards do just that.

roofing billboard

A shark breaking through a roof? Yeah, that’ll make me give a double-take.

roofing advertisement

It looks like this billboard has an actual parachute draped over it, which is an added level of commitment that you can’t help but be impressed by.

roofing advertisement

An advertisement insinuating that Santa got drunk on eggnog and crashed into your home — yes, please.

Firehouse Roofing, located in Texas, got a little punny with their billboard, using the spammy “hot singles in your area” ads you sometimes see on the bottom of websites as inspiration.

roofing advertisement

Another Texas-based roofing company, Aspenmark Roofing, just told it how it is with their billboard. The smart (and funny) folks at Aspenmark bought the domain and redirected it to their website.


Creative Roofing TV Advertisements


YouTube video

Okay. You may have experienced a lot of emotions during that commercial.

Confusion in terms of what the hell was going on. Sadness for what these poor guys are going through. Elation when you realized that they were just representative of roof shingles. And perhaps you even came out of the ad with a newfound respect for your roofing and what it goes through every day — battling the elements.

This is perhaps one of the top 10 ads I’ve ever seen — which goes to show you it’s not what you’re marketing that matters, it’s how you market it.

Oxy Roof

YouTube video

So if the Tsuruya commercial stressed you out too much, this ad from Oxy Roof in India is a much more wholesome version of that one.

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to see a man headbutt a Chakotra (I think that’s what it is), then that is the ad for you.

Apple Roofing

YouTube video

Apple Roofing did a great job with this advertisement, keeping the viewer engaged as they try and guess what it is the big reveal will be.

Turns out it’s a lifetime warranty!

Metal Roofing

YouTube video

So this is actually a radio ad for metal roofing, but it still definitely exemplifies the theme of creativity.

Because there is no visual aid when it comes to radio ads, you have to make sure that the script will catch the ears of listeners, and this one certainly does!

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