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Remodeling Ads: Ideas and Strategies for Effectiveness

Remodeling ads are a great way to showcase potential ideas to clients, but what makes them effective? The best strategies include: Ensuring your ads have an impact Clear, simple messaging Memorable designs…

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remodeling ads

Remodeling ads are a great way to showcase potential ideas to clients, but what makes them effective? The best strategies include:

  • Ensuring your ads have an impact
  • Clear, simple messaging
  • Memorable designs
  • Provide useful information
  • Limited Creativity

Ensuring Your Ads Have An Impact

Impact is a tricky feature in remodeling ads. The ad needs to be instantly clear but without being overly complicated. In most cases, pictures are better than text because it’s easier to show remodeling processes than describe them.

Attributes like headlines and copy also play a part in the impact of your ad, though they’re mainly helpful for guiding people’s eyes to the right spot on a page. For example, a before-and-after graphic showing a significant change, with some text at the bottom highlighting the (preferably low) cost of the remodel can have a great impact.

Don’t forget to account for the quality of your medium when designing ads. Taking 4K pictures with a professional camera is all well and good, but if you’re printing ads on rougher, lower-quality paper, people might not see the quality of your work.

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Clear, Simple Messaging

Every remodeling ad should have a simple, straightforward, and immediately obvious message. Good choices include attributes like price, speed, or variety. Don’t try to do everything with a single ad. Instead, focus on the qualities your potential customers care about most and match your ads to that.

As a general rule, anything in your ad that takes more than one sentence to explain is too complicated. You can occasionally stretch your messaging to cover two subjects instead of one, but remodeling ads are most effective when they match a specific thing that customers want.

Simple ads are also helpful for PPC advertising, where limited space demands shorter ads.

Memorable Designs

This is similar to having an impact, but it focuses on being unique enough to stand out and remain in people’s minds when they’re thinking about remodeling. Don’t be crazy just to be crazy, though, because that can turn people off.

Instead, think about the market segments in your area and what people are most interested in. If you have many people who are learning to work from home in your area, perhaps your remodeling designs can focus on practical home office setups.

If there are many custom home designs in your area, your remodeling ads can focus on creative uses for strange parts of houses. The best remodeling ads don’t just show a change of furniture, they show a clear intent for what to do with space.

Provide Useful Information

This is one of the trickiest parts of creating remodeling ads, especially because you usually want to have as little text as possible. The best types of information match the designs to explain more about the idea.

To go with our earlier examples, helpful information on an ad for a home office could include things like showcasing multi-function furniture or places to hide cables so they don’t get in the way. Meanwhile, an ad for an oddly-shaped area could highlight bookcases or storage.

The real trick with helpful information is getting people to consider new uses for their existing space. They may not have considered turning something into an extra closet or guest space, but your keen eyes can highlight that.

You can do more with this if you’re bringing people to a well-made website. Tricks like expanding images and hovering tooltips can provide interactive access to your design ideas and help convince people to hire you.

Limited Creativity

This sounds a little strange at first because creativity is a core part of remodeling ads and businesses. However, while it’s tempting to be creative, you shouldn’t be creative just to be creative and showcase how far you can go within a particular space.

Similarly, don’t try to be too clever or too funny in your ads because these will often fall flat. Focus on practicality instead.

Good use of creativity is showing off different things you can do with the same space. This requires some work and having the right supplies available, but it’s an excellent way to convince people that you can do many things with the same space.

In other words, only be as creative as you need to get your primary message across. Don’t go overboard with colors, text, or graphics that don’t support your main point.

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