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Real Housewives gifs explain internet marketing

My fiancée is obsessed with real housewives – and I’m obsessed with internet marketing. With her help, I’ve combined some interesting moments from Real Housewives to explain some of the interesting moments in…

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Just be cool, don't be all uncool

My fiancée is obsessed with real housewives – and I’m obsessed with internet marketing. With her help, I’ve combined some interesting moments from Real Housewives to explain some of the interesting moments in the life of internet marketers – without further ado, “Real Housewives gifs explain internet marketing.”


Web Design and Web Marketing as explained by Gifs - Real Housewives



1. How web designers and marketers look at IE8.

Internet Explorer 8 and older versions of browsers have been the bane of designers and internet marketers existence, because they don’t support many features of modern design, and yet still occasionally are used at larger corporations (read: behind the times) for various reasons.

Real Housewives Gifs to Explain Internet Marketing

2. When a pop-up stops you from doing what you wanted to do.

70% are annoyed by them, but pop-ups can double your subscription rate. Entrepreneur.com increased their sales by 162%, subscriptions by 86 % thanks to pop-up and Visual Website Optimizer upped sign-ups by 50% with a pop-up form on the site.



Real Housewives - Internet Marketing , Gifs and memes

3.  How web designers feel when you get back to them with revisions after being out of communication for two weeks.

If you’re working with a designer or an agency, the key is to work on both sides to keep clear expectations and a line of communication as both sides have a queue of work and large gaps in communication flow will throw timelines off – which neither side wants. Always respond with apt answers within a couple days; not just true for clients that goes for designers, and digital marketers as well.




4. When a user interface feels unusable and you’re giving feedback.

Every website visitors opinion should be respected without judgement through User Testing- the best user interface for a website doesn’t make the visitor think. You can get started with User Testing with tools at UserTesting.com (more in-depth,) UsabilityHub.com (5 Second bulk tests,) commissioning a user test on Fiverr.com, or enhance your website with absolutely easy to set up A/B tests – Optimizely.



Be Cool, Don't be all Uncool - Housewives gifs explain internet marketing

5. When someone jumps on a new-to-them social media platform and starts self-promoting right away.

When posting on a new-to-you social network, soak up the ambience – interact, encourage and repost others before going into human spam mode. In the situation above, the countess is frustrated with the another real housewife because she made it seem like having a couple guys over threatened her well-being. The internet equivalent of this kind of uncoolness might be more along the lines of simply acting in one social network, like it was the other social network.. i.e. acting on Reddit like you did on Twitter or vice versa. Each social network is a rich source of new information, and potentially a place where you could share your amazingness but not without a ton of soaking up the vibes and conventions first. In short, “Be cool. Don’t be all like uncool.”

6. The vibe that seasoned web developers give off.

Well, how does it feel to be able to create the internet out of thin air and have everyone come to you looking for your expertise? The more these wwwizards are confident in their ability to do whatever task is thrown at them, some do start to scoff a little bit at people that don’t fully understand what they are able to do. If you’re a web developer, avoid this pitfall – as it’s socially and emotionally unintelligent.


Pretty buttoned up and stuff - funny internet marketing real housewives gifs

7. How most people perceive your overly formal corporate website.

Just consider websites and tools like ‘Corporate Ipsum‘ dedicated to mocking the self-aggrandizing verbiage many corporate websites put out. The best of the best companies however have learned and do their best to bring the concepts down to earth and communicate in a clear and unassuming way.


Bethenny - Real Housewives - Can We not


8. When you explain your product or service in a way that only makes sense to your internal team.

People have short attention spans, move on to why it matters to them. Tell the story of your product or service in a way that keys in on the emotional appeal of the key differentiation and why it really matters to the core demographic. Your mission statement from 3 years ago? Seriously, who cares.


Ramona - Wine Gif

9. When it’s been a long week. 

This one speaks for itself. #agencylife


Kim Richards - Internet Marketing Meme - Real Housewives

10. When I scroll to the end of the page, but there’s no next clear action.

Internet marketing 101 – always make the next obvious step clear with a big call-to-action button or section. Ideally there is alot of clues to clickability (or affordance,) and you’ve thought through the user-flow of the site to know where the visitor would ideally go after each type of page. This seems simple, but so many websites I consult on don’t clearly display a next step at the bottom of each page.

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