Best PPC Ad Extensions for Roofing Contractors

Have you ever felt frustrated searching for answers on Google and not finding what you’re looking for? Believe it or not, that’s not what Google wants!

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Have you ever felt frustrated searching for answers on Google and not finding what you’re looking for? Believe it or not, that’s not what Google wants! Google aims to provide relevant ads and search results for its users.  In order to keep users from having a bad experience, Google offers advertisers ppc ad extensions to help businesses create relevant ad campaigns for users. As roofing PPC specialists, we have noticed that some of these extensions are incredibly helpful to use when running ads for roofing contractors.

Roofing contractors have many options for getting leads, but when it comes to high quality, qualified leads, Google is best. For fast leads, Google Ads is a great option. The only problem is knowing how to get good leads and a solid ROI with Google Ads, how do you get results? 

Before you pull your hair out, let me give you a quick tip: Google’s primary focus is intent. When setting up Google ads, you need to keep this in mind. One thing you can do to improve your intent and, in turn, your account performance is create extensions relating to your roofing service(s). Creating ad extensions is a great way to match intent and improve campaign performance. 

Today we’re going to cover what ad extensions are, the best ppc ad extensions for roofers, and how to set them up in your account.

What are Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions allow advertisers to add extra information to their PPC ads. It gives your ads some extra flair and because it provides more information, customers typically have more options to pick from your services. This increases your chance of converting that prospect. 

For example: if you were to run ads on roofing repair, Google ads allow you to add additional services like gutter restoration or any other services you offer as an extension of that ad campaign. 

At Hook Agency we love using ads extensions for our roofing clients because we have noticed that it increases campaign performance. Here are the top three ad extensions we recommend for all roofers.

3 of the Best PPC Ad Extensions for Roofing Contractors

#1 Call Extension 

Call ad extensions allow you to add and display your phone number to your Google advertising campaigns. It gives your ads extra flair and improves the click through rate.

call extensions google ppc ads

Why are call extensions one of the best PPC ad extensions for roofing contractors? 

On average, we notice 30 or more additional clicks each month from call ad extensions alone for our roofing clients. In addition, Google will assign you a custom phone number when you enable the call metrics but reroute the call to your phone. We like this option because it allows you to track your results. 

Call ad extensions work great for just about any campaign, but you are likely to get the best result using call ad extensions when it comes to local services. Any roofing company would benefit from adding call extensions to their PPC advertising. As experts that have helped many roofing businesses, we recommend adding this extension to your ad campaigns.

#2 Sitelink Extension

Sitelink extensions are extremely effective! They allow you to create links to other related services below your ad. With sitelink extensions, you can promote multiple services that relate to the service you are creating the advertisement for. We recommend linking pages that closely relate to the page for which you are writing the advertisement.

sitelink extension ppc ads

Once you start using sitelink extensions,  you’ll notice that a significant amount of your ad campaign traffic comes from them. Sitelink extensions are known for helping with an increase in CTR (click through rate). If you saw a diamond in the street, you probably would pick it up. Sitelinks extensions are your chance to do so. Use it to increase the number of calls and conversions your ad campaign receives.

Sitelink extensions are one of the best PPC ad extensions for roofing contractors, if you want to get a boost in your monthly leads, try them out! 

#3 Image Extensions 

Image extensions allow you to add rich images that compliment your text ads. There is not a lot of information on this extension as it is pretty new. We have been using image extensions and have seen a lot of clicks directly from them. Image extensions are one of the best extensions because they complement your ads very nicely. If pictures are worth a thousand words, image extensions are worth a thousand clicks. If you are looking to boost your CTR and traffic, try image extensions. 

image extension ppc ads

How to set up an extension:

  1. Navigate to Google AdWords
  2. Sign in, then head to the campaign or ad group you wish to create the extension
  3. Click ads and ad extensions
  4. Click ad extensions
  5. There will be a blue plus button that can be click
  6. Pick the extension you want from the extension options
  7. Fill up the information. Two headlines with 30 characters limit each and two descriptions of 90 characters.
  8. Save your extension

If you own or manage ads for a roofing company, be sure to use these extensions. Call ad extensions, site link extensions, and image extensions are some of the best PPC ad extensions for roofing contractors. Adding these extensions to your campaign will boost your performance and get you more qualified leads. If you need professional and knowledgeable Google Adwords management, call Hook Agency.

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