Is Pay Per Click Worth it for Roofing Companies?

Are you a talented roofer in need of hassle-free roofing leads? PPC is the solution you need. When Set-up and manage right, you can expect high-quality and quantity leads. All of your…

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ppc for roofers

Are you a talented roofer in need of hassle-free roofing leads? PPC is the solution you need. When Set-up and manage right, you can expect high-quality and quantity leads. All of your competitors are using this method of marketing, which lets you see their data. It also gives you the ability to customize your campaigns, and because most online users use Google, Google Adwords PPC is great to target your ideal roofing leads

If you are searching for great quality leads but wonder if Pay Per Click is worthwhile, we have listed four reasons pay per click is worth it for your roofing company. 

What is PPC?

PPC is short for Pay Per Click, which is a paid marketing strategy that allows you to reach interested customers looking for your service. PPC lets you pay each time a customer clicks your ads and visits your Website. It’s a recommended method for those looking for fast, great-quality leads, sales, or traffic. 

4 Reasons PPC is Worth it

#1 High quality and quantity leads

Higher quality leads

Achieving higher-quality leads will require figuring out the best keywords, landing pages, and ad copy for your roofing business. Getting your campaign to this point usually takes a bit of testing, but you will get relevant prospects that require less qualification if you achieve this goal.

PPC is an excellent idea for roofers because it allows you to adjust your campaign as you go—giving you the chance to learn from the data and constantly improve your account. It gets better: the more you learn, the more you can optimize, making your account better with time and resulting in high-quality leads.

Higher quantity leads

Getting the volume of leads you want from Google Ads requires A/B Testing, and testing takes time. However, once you get your ads to this stage, expect higher quantity leads from your campaign. Google Ads are great during this stage because you get more leads, which is your main goal. The reason is that all you have to do is increase your budget and adjust your ads based on your data if you wish for more leads. On average, we see about 8-10 forms filled for our PPC roofing clients with a budget between $500 – $1000. The more they increase their budget, the more leads they achieve. To be transparent, the industry you are running ads for and the location influence your result. However, with the right Google specialize team, you will reach your desire ROI and Conquer your competitors.

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 # 3 Your Competitors are Using PPC

Regardless of what industry you are in, the bigger platforms like Google has your audience. For that reason, your competitors, especially the bigger players in your industry are using Google Ads to drive customers to their website. This is especially true for roofers.

 Do not let the competition earn the trust of your potential clients. Google ads are the way to go because not only does it allow you to compete with your competitors, the platform itself lets you conduct research and find out some of the things your competitors are doing to succeed with search marketing. Your business should take advantage of it to get more roofing leads, or else your competitors will keep using it to out-compete you. 

#4 You Can Customize Your Campaigns. 

Google AdWords (and PPC platforms), allows you to customize your account based on whatever goals are unique to you. Google gives you complete control over your account setups, budget, and more. 

Our favorite thing about Google Adwords is that you can test and track all aspects of your account. Google ads are great because even your failures are learning opportunities.

If you work at or own a roofing company and manage Google ads accounts, start paying close attention to your metrics and testing. These actions are the most guaranteed way to see results with PPC.

#5 Customers use Google to search for contractors 

Google uses intent to deliver results. They are great at doing so. Many people who require roofing services are searching on Google because it does the best job showing the results we intend to find. Your next roofing client is doing the same. Will you be there to meet them?

More than Ninety percent of internet searches happen through Google. With Google being the king of search engines, most of your potential customers are looking for your services on Google. You could pay Angi to get you leads off Google (which they do), or you could earn your leads at a cheaper cost by using PPC via Google AdWords.

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How to Get started with Google Ads 

  1. To get started, we recommend going to
  2. Click start now to the upper right corner
  3. Click the setup with the WordPress option (unless the second option make more sense)
  4. Install the codes
  5. The rest is pretty straightforward or you can refer to this Google support page

However, we recommend hiring a Google PPC specialist because of how much experience they have. The right expert will deliver the number of leads you could get in months by yourself within a month or less. Hiring a PPC expert is a faster and more secure way to succeed with Google Ads and get you more leads, while you focus on your business. Now that you understand a bit about PPC, do you think it is worth it for your roofing business? If you need assistance with Google ads, Call Hook Agency and speak with a Google specialized team member if you need help creating and managing your ads campaign.

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