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If you’ve read any of my blogs here, then you’ve probably noticed that I tend to reference “breaking through the clutter.” While at times this phrase is overused by marketers — me…

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If you’ve read any of my blogs here, then you’ve probably noticed that I tend to reference “breaking through the clutter.”

While at times this phrase is overused by marketers — me being one of them — it rings more accurate today than ever before.

Your consumers, no matter your industry, are inundated with thousands of marketing messages every day.

The key to making sure your messages find the right audience is to place your marketing efforts.

If you’re a handyman, roofer, remodeler, or any contractor for that matter, one of the top mediums you can use to reach your target market is the Nextdoor App.

Specifically, this app is excellent for increasing your local presence and awareness — which is just as important as connecting with a broader audience, especially for smaller businesses.

Let’s break down how to effectively set-up and use a business account on Nextdoor.

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Why You Should Choose Nextdoor For One of Your Marketing Mediums

Adding your business information on Nextdoor makes it extremely easy for people to find your business when they are searching for your service.

In addition to this, once some of your neighbors use your service, they’ll be able to write recommendations which other people will then be able to see. This is crucial, as 90% of consumers will read reviews before they even think about using a business.

Not to mention, you can also see those recommendations, and if you have high marks, you can use them as a marketing tool. If your ratings are lower than you’d like, you can read your reviews for areas to improve.

Reviews on Nextdoor are especially crucial for roofers and other contractors, as people tend to trust their neighbors for recommendations within the home improvement industry.

In addition to this, adding your business information on Nextdoor will mean your neighbors can find your services much more comfortable because they can also search for local business.

How to Get Started on Nextdoor

Local business owners and causal service providers can create profiles on Nextdoor just as easily as those who’d like to create a personal profile on the platform.

To list a business, you first must create or claim your business page — this page will display basic information about your business or services.

To claim your business, follow these steps:

  • Search for your Business Page here.
  • Click ‘Claim’ to the right of your business’s name. If you don’t see your business, visit this page.
  • Choose to claim as a Business.
  • If you don’t have a personal profile on Nextdoor, or you’re not already signed in to Nextdoor, you’ll be asked to enter contact information for your business or service.
  • If you already have a personal profile, and you’d like to use the same email address for your business account, click the link under the words ‘Don’t have an email address for your business?’
  • Confirm the address for your business or change it by clicking inside the address box. Then, click ‘Looks good!’
  • Add a photo and a greeting message and click ‘Continue’.

Promoting Your Business on Nextdoor With a Personal Profile

In addition to your business profile, you can also create and use a personal profile to promote your business.

If you do decide to use a personal profile to help bring in new business, keep in mind that Nextdoor members aren’t there to be inundated by unsolicited marketing offers.

Instead, you should be honest and fair about promoting your business on your personal profile.

Here is how:

  • Take advantage of the biography section of your personal profile by adding your business onto it
  • Many people use Nextdoor to seek out recommendations for local service providers; you can respond to them and suggest your company. BUT, you must be upfront that you are the one who is providing the service and are the owner of the business you are recommending.
  • You may let your neighbors know about job opportunities if the position is of particular relevance to folks in your community.
  • You may add commercial events such as real estate open houses or class schedules to the Events Calendar.

When it comes to promoting your business with your personal profile, here is what you cannot do

  • You may not make unsolicited posts about your business or service in:
    • The main newsfeed
    • Private message
    • Topics
    • For Sale and Free
  • You may not announce commercial events to the main newsfeed.
  • You may not post franchising, investment, or multi-level marketing financial opportunities

Parting Thoughts: Make Sure Your Business is Present on Relevant Platforms

As mentioned, Nextdoor is a fantastic platform for contractors of all kinds to be on when it comes to increasing your brand awareness.

But, it’s not the only platform you should be on. Angie’s List, Houzz, and Facebook are just a few other apps that make sense to be marketing on based on where your consumers are looking for your services.

Another place your business should be visible: Google.

If your business isn’t ranking high on Google for search queries revolved around your services, then it’s time to kick up your SEO strategies.

We offer extensive SEO services here at Hook Agency — which will benefit businesses of all sizes.

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