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Minneapolis Marketing Internships (9 of The Best, Consistent Intern Opportunities)

Finding a good internship before you shoot into your carrier can make all the difference. There are several amazing marketing opportunities within Minneapolis. To help you make a good decision, we’re laying…

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Finding a good internship before you shoot into your carrier can make all the difference. There are several amazing marketing opportunities within Minneapolis.

To help you make a good decision, we’re laying out 9 of the city’s best internship opportunities. These are opportunities that regularly become available depending on the season.

Here are the 9 best marketing internships in Minneapolis.

Strategy & Marketing Development Intern – 3M

3M is a company that’s been built on innovation. You’re not going to find another company that’s as forward-thinking and successful as they’ve been over the years. Working in an internship position at a company as large as this one could lead to more opportunities to work with 3M in the future. Some of the different responsibilities when working in this role would include:

  • Creating plans to market new materials
  • Learning and helping to develop new marketing strategies
  • Working closely with business development
  • Contributing to the growth of 3M

This opportunity is full of many different experiences that will help you gain a further understanding of marketing and market development within a large global corporation. You can find current internship opportunities at 3M here.

Marketing Intern – Polaris Inc.

If you don’t already know of Polaris, then you should take some time to read up on the company. Second to none, Polaris is a full-service autosports company that was founded in Minnesota. They manufacture ATVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, as well as other gas and electric vehicles along with all the accessories and clothing to go along with them. This company has held its own and become a global leader in many industries.

Several of their locations around the Twin Cities regularly offer great internship opportunities that offer great training for anyone looking to learn more or pursue a future in an industry similar to this one.

Some of the marketing roles include:

  • Create and help maintain websites for local partners
  • Manage content and content management systems
  • Craft and send digital communications to keep Polaris partners informed

You can find current Polaris internships by doing a click Google search or clicking this link.

Marketing Intern – St. Thomas University

While you might not think of an internship at a University as a cutting edge, it definitely can be. St. Thomas University has a lot to offer Minneapolis as a school and as a place to work. As a marketing intern for a University such as this one, you’ll get to:

  • Create engaging social media content
  • Edit and adjust the website to correctly display relevant information
  • Help produce graphics for print and digital advertisements

If you’re not a current student at the school, you won’t be able to get this opportunity but be sure to check and see if the University that you’re attending has any relevant internship opportunities for you. You can find this internship on zip recruiter.

IBM Marketing Professional – IBM

IBM is another huge global company like 3M. Except they serve an entirely different industry. IBM is focused entirely on the technology sector and specifically computing. This role, which opens every summer and is filled for 3 months, is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get their feet wet in corporate marketing. Here are the opportunities that this role will have you working on:

  • Creating messaging for global marketing campaigns
  • Manage campaign performance with best-in-class tools
  • Optimize IBM’s digital presence
  • Streamline paid search methods

To find out more information about this opportunity, click this link.

Summer Marketing Intern – Graco

Graco is a high-end fabrication company that serves many different industries. You’ll find that Graco is known throughout the world as a leader in highly engineered products. In a summer marketing role at Graco, you’ll likely be helping to release new products on the market. Here are some of the responsibilities:

  • Assist with the development of systems to track performance from marketing  campaigns
  • Writing and editing content that can go hand in hand with sales and marketing
  • Assist with creating and editing website content
  • Update any existing content to ensure relevancy

For more information, follow this link.

Content + SEO Intern & Web Design Intern – Hook Agency

Hook Agency logo

While you might think that I’m just biased, and I might be to some degree, but Hook Agency is a really amazing place to work and learn more about your craft. Whether you’re in college, a recent grad, or just looking to change things up and learn more about digital marketing, this position would work for you!

We offer two internship opportunities; the first is all about content writing and search engine optimization. The second is all about design for both graphics and website. You’ll get to work alongside Sr. employees that have at least a year or more at Hook and likely many more years within their field.

Check out this link or send us an email to learn more about upcoming opportunities.


Periscope is a leader in the ad agency world with campaigns that stretch across the country and reach into the millions of dollars. When you intern at Periscope, you’ll be able to get your hands dirty and work alongside the Periscope team on real projects. Check out their intern page for more resources and upcoming opportunities.

Media Intern – Space150

Space150 is a global agency with locations in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and New York City. Occasionally they offer media internships in different locations. One of those is the Minneapolis location, and they’re currently looking for a media intern. Through this position, a media intern would develop a good paid media strategy and help develop solid deliverables for the team. While some of this job would be learned on the go, they are looking for someone that has at least one year of relevant experience. Find more information by following this link.

Marketing & Communications Intern – UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Groups works to help create a better world for each individual that needs help within the health care industry. This role is a lot like the others when it comes to the requirements. The majority of the differences within each of these roles are the items that are specifically being marketed. In this case, health care.

  • Assist in the creation of new marketing materials
  • Develop a better web presence and adjust current content
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis of marketing budget

To learn more about this role or to apply, follow this link.


Be sure that you check Google when you’re looking for positions like this. You’ll find a great list of relevant opportunities based on the keywords you input. While this list of opportunities is great, there might be others that get posted after we’ve published this. If you know of a great internship opportunity in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area, comment below! We’d love to hear about it.

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