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Marketing With Memes: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Leads With Laughs

There’s a new marketing strategy in town, and it’s actually been around for many years.  ✨ Memes. ✨ That’s right, memes aren’t dead. In fact, they’re still as relevant and effective as…

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There’s a new marketing strategy in town, and it’s actually been around for many years. 

✨ Memes. ✨

That’s right, memes aren’t dead. In fact, they’re still as relevant and effective as ever. What once started as a funny way to connect with friends on the internet can now be used as a successful marketing tool for your roofing, construction, or other home service business. 

Tim Brown of Hook Agency recently led a Marketing With Memes online training, and we’re sharing all that knowledge right here. 

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Why Do Memes Work for Marketing?

Everyone knows that most businesses have boring marketing. Most company Instagram accounts are more painful to click on than if there wasn’t an account in the first place. If you’re in the trap of only posting uninteresting content that doesn’t get any engagement, you probably need to spice things up.

Humor has always been a fantastic marketing tool. If potential customers find you funny and relatable, they’ll be more open to your product, rather than if they feel like you’re constantly making a cold sales pitch.

And as a business owner, you know how hard it is to grab people’s attention. Marketing can be frustrating if you don’t stay consistent with it, which is why so many business social media accounts look like a barren wasteland.

Memes make you more approachable. Memes help you get engagement. Memes make people want to get to know you and your company better.

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How to Make a Succesful Meme Step-by-Step

Only a chosen few are naturally gifted with creating stellar memes on the first try, every time. For most people, it takes work and a lot of trial and error. Your first high-performing business meme is only four steps away:

Step 1: Get Clear and Specific

Making memes is really a masterclass in getting to know your ideal customer. Remember, the memes you make should be pointed towards your potential customers, not your colleagues. If you want to make memes that your co-workers relate to, go for it! But focus on publicly sharing content that helps convert potential customers into paying customers. 

Also, take a deep dive into what makes your business stand out from your competitors. “Best” is overused and most people gloss over it, so get more creative than just saying you’re “the best HVAC company in Minneapolis.” Here are some brainstorming ideas to help you narrow down your specialty that are different than “the best”:

  • The friendliest
  • The least-pushy
  • The most honest
  • The quickest
  • The highest-rated
  • The most trusted
  • The most referred

Step 2: Gather the Funny Templates

A meme is nothing without a fantastic template. Keep your eyes peeled for up-and-coming meme templates on social media. Some great places to look for meme-able photos are:

  • @literallyeverymeme on Instagram
  • @homeownermemes
  • @shitheadsteve
  • @recruiterkenny
  • @wallstmemes
  • @sales_humor
  • /memeeconomy on Reddit

Step 3: Add Your Text and Logo

Now it’s time to format your meme. You’ve got the template in the form of a photo, now you need to add the words that bring it all together. To inform what you want to write, get in the mindset of your audience. What do they HATE? What do they LOVE? Addressing pain points make for great meme subject matter.

Use an app called Mematic to make the edit. You can upload the meme template or use one they already have and then add your text and company logo over the top. Definitely make a transparent version of your logo and add it to the watermark section of Mematic. You don’t want to lose out on the well-deserved credit if your post has great engagement.

Try out these two common meme formats:

  1. Labeling the different people/objects on a template
  1. “When you… but…” formats

If you’re feeling stuck, reference these meme roundups for inspiration!

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Step 4: Make a Bunch, Even If They’re Bad

Lastly, just go for it! There’s a classic experiment in the design world where you draw the same object (a chair, a cat, a star, etc.) 100 different times and then you pick a favorite. Usually, people’s favorite design occurs much further down the line. Forcing yourself to get creative within limitations will produce some really exciting results.

Don’t give up after your first meme. Or even your first twenty! Set aside some time to make multiple memes, and you’re sure to have a winner within the bunch. Additionally, jot down ideas you have throughout the day so you don’t forget about them!

Round Out Your Marketing Strategy

And there you have it! Give a meme strategy a go at your business and keep practicing to get better and better.

But even with the best memes in the world, your contracting business needs a fully fleshed-out marketing strategy, which includes:

  • Email newsletters
  • SEO strategy
  • Print marketing
  • Before and after photos of your service
  • Social media (Instagram reels, TikTok videos, etc.)
  • Website design
  • Google ads
  • Door-knocking
  • Using your personal page 

Ideally, every piece of marketing passes the DAD test.

  • Differentiate
  • Attract
  • Direct

If you’re already wearing a lot of hats and marketing is taking a back burner, leave your SEO strategy, paid ad management, and website design to the Google specialized team at Hook Agency! 

Now get out there and make your ideal customers laugh!

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