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50 Lead Generation Activities to Get More Leads Now

If you want more leads NOW. You need to get serious about prospecting. Besides just using a digital marketing company like Hook Agency, here are 5o ways you can get more leads now,…

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How to get more leads now

If you want more leads NOW. You need to get serious about prospecting. Besides just using a digital marketing company like Hook Agency, here are 5o ways you can get more leads now, fill your pipeline and get more business.

  1. Publish a blog post about ‘what to look for in a [what you do] provider’ and share it on Facebook and Linkedin.
  2. Reach out to 10 people who are the ideal type of customers for what you do, and try to be useful to them in some way. How to get more leads now
  3. Reach out to someone who serves possible ideal customers, in a manner that’s complementary to what you do, and ask to take them to lunch!
  4. Look through your contact form submissions from 1 year ago, and look into circling back on some people who chose apathy over action.
  5. Try to give out 10 leads to other people in complementary industries, by connecting people who should know each other. (Be a connector.)
  6. Attend a networking event.
  7. Connect with 100 ideal prospects on LinkedIn, not pushing, just letting them know what you do and saying you want to get acquainted for the long-haul.
  8. Ask your best customers to review you on Google, and provide a link to do so. Share the review all over social.
  9. Post an article on LinkedIn, and offer a 15-minute consultation.
  10. Ask current happy clients if they’d be open to setting you up with one or two other people who might be interested in the same level of service.
  11. Answer questions on Quora about your services.
  12. Guest blog on blogs in your industry that hold your ideal customer’s attention.
  13. Take a video of yourself explaining your process on Youtube.
  14. Join the biggest Linkedin group that serves your ideal customers, write a killer piece of content offer it as a download, and collaborate with the owner of the group
  15. Create 3 videos on Instagram stories – explaining a small aspect of your business and asking people to download a free resource.
  16. Create 3 videos on Snapchat – explaining a small aspect of your business and asking people to download a free resource.
  17. Start a live video and explain your key value proposition, showing how you do what you do at a high level and inviting people to work with you.
  18. Create a white paper and offer it on your website’s homepage.
  19. Offer a call to action to your best related free giveaway on the bottom of each of your blog posts.
  20. Tweet that you’re looking for one more customer for the month and are offering a 40% discount to the next qualified prospect to have a meeting with you.
  21. Reach out to the last 10 people that you’ve had an e-mail interaction with and ask them if they know someone who may be in the market for what you do.
  22. Find a trade publication and go after B2B clients in the publication with direct ‘LumpMail’ and follow up with phone calls the next week.
  23. Go comment on 100 people’s tweets and Instagram posts related to what you do, and share a little tidbit of value.
  24. Attend an industry event for your best prospects (not for people in YOUR industry) and offer some kind of free resource to people – try to be the 5-minute speaker and give a ton of value related to what you do.
  25. Go comment on 100 people’s tweets and Instagram posts related to what you do, and share a little tidbit of value.
  26. Set up a drip e-mail campaign with InfusionSoft or G-mail integrating YesWare based on a purchased prospect list from places like Uplead, Email Database Marketing, Leads Deposit, or Cloud Lead.

    Uplead’s user interface (for buying prospect lists)
  27. Set up a booth with giveaways that would be super useful to your ideal client, at an industry event your ideal clients might attend.
  28. Register with Google My Business if you haven’t yet, and fill in your info and add pictures.
  29. Speak at an industry event in YOUR industry to set yourself up as the expert – take a video of it, and share it with your social networks.
  30. Speak at an industry event more specific to your ideal customers and who they pay attention to / what they attend.
  31. Go live on Facebook – with 3-5 bullet points at the ready to entertain/educate on a topic your ideal prospects often ask about in the sales process.
  32. Create a Facebook ad – targeted at people who ‘like’ pages, who your ideal customers would ‘like’ – demonstrating you understand their pain, and helping them imagine themselves in a different future benefitting from your solution.
  33. Promote a P.R. heavy article about a big shift in your industry, that you’re at the center of to a list of journalists on Twitter to drum up positive press mentions.
  34. Create a card that describes your ideal customer, and the price your willing to pay for a referral that results in closed business on the other side of the card – preferably in gold-foil or in something that stands out. Ways to Get More Referrals and Leads
  35. Create a LinkedIn Group – that’s built for your ideal customers.
  36. Create a Facebook Group – dedicated entirely to your ideal customers sharing information with each other, or with a value prop similar to what you solve.
  37. Offer a brief discount that ends on a very specific day and promote it to your e-mail list.
  38. Monitor your mentions on Social Media, and interact back to people talking about you.
  39. Respond to your reviews enthusiastically – whether they are positive or negative.
  40. Reach out to 2 or 3 influencers in the niche you serve, and offer free services or $ for them to share about you – (It’s best if it makes sense for them to experience some of the benefits of what you do before they share so it can be genuine.)
  41. Try newer school lead list tools like Growbots,, and LeadFuze.
  42. Turn random website visitors into leads by using tools that turn IP Addresses into company names – such as Lead Feeder, Lead Boxer or Lead Forensics.
  43.  Set up ‘remarketing’ or ‘retargeting’ on Facebook and Google Ads, so that anyone who comes to your site sees ads on FB, around the web, and YouTube pre-roll.
  44. Follow people who have liked and retweeted content that ideal customers would be liking and retweeting.
  45. Use your personal Facebook, and do the same – be-friending people that are involved in the same type of content ideal customers would be likely to interact with.
  46. Walk into the businesses you want to serve directly, and give them a one-pager about your value, and the problem you could help them solve.
  47. Hire a bad-ass PPC agency, and get serious about targeting ‘high-intent’ searches that hot prospects are searching, and driving them to tightly targeted landing pages. (Click here to have us do it!)
  48. Give your website a serious tune-up, add trust badges, testimonials, and emotionally evocative imagery and headlines that help ideal customers imagine a better future where they’re the hero, and your company is the guide. (or have us do it.)
  49. Get serious about video, and put videos on a regular basis on social and youtube, they don’t have to be super technical – just keep people aware of you and your company!
    YouTube video
  50. Hire an aggressive SEO agency that actually understands your industry and cares about your success. (We’d love to talk through SEO and give you a demonstration!)

Ultimately – your business needs leads to survive.

Ideal customers are hard to find, and to me – the ones you ATTRACT are better than the ones you PURSUE.

That’s why I love SEO – but sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. If you did everything on the list above, that was $50 dollars or less – I think it would be pretty hard not to come up with 100 leads in the next week.

I wish you luck – just remember, always be useful!

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