HVAC Direct Mail Marketing (3 Promotion Examples + 3 Companies to Use)

As of 2020, businesses spend almost $40 billion on direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is a crucial element to broadening brand reach ‒ and that’s no different in the HVAC industry. …

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HVAC Advertising Examples to Inspire You

As of 2020, businesses spend almost $40 billion on direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is a crucial element to broadening brand reach ‒ and that’s no different in the HVAC industry. 

While it might seem like a niche market, HVAC services are essential, and clients flock to HVAC contractors with diligent marketing campaigns.

Below are three promotion examples for your next HVAC direct mail marketing campaign and three companies to try once you decide on a strategy. 

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Promotion Examples

1. HVAC-Inspired Free Products 

People love free stuff. One of the best methods for direct mail marketing is to mail out a product with your advertisement. For HVAC, this is an effective option for the summer months ‒ an eye-catching ad reminding people to get their air conditioning fixed will get you far.

The product you mail out should represent your specialty. Some possible products are: 

  • Refrigerator magnet
  • Mini fans
  • Hand warmers during winter
  • Pens with your information on them

Try to get your company information printed on each product and contact information such as email address, phone number, and physical address. It’s hard to forget a company when you see its name every day!

2. Customization

If you have a loyal customer base, try customization. People respond well to personalized ads, as it makes them feel like you’re speaking directly to them ‒ and not just advertising your company. 

Using this option will also guarantee loyal customers if you have a small clientele. Giving them special discounts on related services or reminding them of touch-up services can make even more of an impression. 

Other options for customization are: 

  • Gift cards printed with customer names
  • VIP or exclusive language
  • Insert with past HVAC services rendered and future service recommendations
  • Model numbers and information about the recipient’s HVAC system

The goal of customization is to make customers feel special and more than a number. Adding information about their past HVAC problems (such as a broken vent or fridge) will remind them to give your business a call for a tuneup. 

Since 70% of consumers agree that customized direct mail is their preferred advertising method, this promotion strategy is proven to work.

3. Make It Interactive

Interactive marketing is not the least complicated option ‒ but if you can make it work, try it. 

An interactive marketing campaign is a terrific option for engaging customers about a service they would not normally view as exciting. 

A few ideas for making your campaign interactive are: 

  • An ad that shows more information when exposed to cold temperatures, such as a fridge
  • Quiz on HVAC systems that results in a discount
  • Cardboard ad with slats like a vent that opens and closes to reveal company information

Engaging with customers through your advertisements means they’ll remember you, and it increases customer loyalty.

Promotional Companies for Your HVAC Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

There are many promotional companies out there, so finding the perfect one for your HVAC business can be an overwhelming task. 

Below are our top three recommendations for direct mail marketing companies. 

1. Spectrum Marketing

Spectrum Marketing offers several different options for direct mail marketing and provides photos of each type. 

Its most popular option is the Monster Mailer, an oversized postcard. The Monster Mailers: 

  • Are 3 inches longer on each side than a normal-sized postcard 
  • Fit enough information to demonstrate all of your HVAC services and capabilities
  • Reportedly increase first-time customers by 15%

If the oversized mailer isn’t your style, Spectrum has options such as scratch-off postcards and official-looking letters. 

Our favorite options for HVAC marketing are the Gatefold and Die-Fold mailers. These fold out to up to 2 feet ‒ a great template for a refrigerator ad or an air conditioning promotion. 

2. Gunderson Direct

If you’re looking for the best in direct mail marketing, Gunderson Direct should be on your radar. As winners of the Clutch Best Direct Mail award, Gunderson has the experience to make your business flourish. 

The firm is a full-service company and has mailed more than a billion advertisements since 2004. Gunderson also has case studies on its website to show its services at work. 

Gunderson is a top pick for us because of its level of experience and quality. If you need a boost in sales or are a newer business looking for customers, Gunderson Direct is the way to go. 

3. Postcard Mania

This company is the ideal direct mail marketing company if you’re on a tight budget. You can create a campaign for free on the company’s website and receive 1,000 free postcards with your first order.

Postcard Mania specializes in working with small businesses and even has HVAC ad templates available. 

While the postcards are slightly more basic than some of the other options above, they’re bold and inexpensive enough for en masse distribution.

Other services offered by Postcard Mania are: 

  • Graphic design from scratch
  • Your postcards are designed, printed, and mailed in-house
  • Three sizes of postcards offered 

Postcard Mania is pragmatic if you need to mail a ton of postcards for a small price, and its HVAC templates make it easy to create your perfect direct mail marketing campaign.


The essential aspect of any marketing campaign is to generate sales and awareness. Through these marketing promotion ideas and companies, your HVAC company will expand its reach and increase revenue.

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