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How Will SEO Benefit My Roofing Business in 2024? (13 Reasons Why)

One of the most common questions we’re asked from roofing contractors in 2022 is, “How will SEO benefit my roofing business?” Although SEO is not an exact science and it usually takes…

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One of the most common questions we’re asked from roofing contractors in 2022 is, “How will SEO benefit my roofing business?”

Although SEO is not an exact science and it usually takes a few months to produce results; if people can’t find your product/services online, you’re guaranteed to miss out on valuable leads.

What Exactly Is SEO?

When it comes to the long term, Search Engine Optimization is one of the smartest investments you can make for your company. In this article, we’ll cover 13 specific reasons how SEO will benefit your roofing business in 2022 and in years to come

1. Bring In More Leads Through Organic Search.

Did you know nearly 93% of all web traffic comes through search engines like Google and Bing?

By creating high-quality content that strategically targets keywords/phrases your ideal customers are searching for, we can increase the amount of organic traffic by ranking higher on google.

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2. Cost-effective Marketing.

SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that allows you to compete with the biggest players in your industry without breaking the bank.

Big companies have massive budgets allowing them to spend more on pay-per-click and other forms of advertising. While a well-planned SEO strategy allows you to go head-to-head against your competitors in search engine results.

Bringing the right traffic to your site will increase ROI tremendously! Once your pages are ranking high on google, you won’t need to continue spending money on paid marketing campaigns. 

Once you’re in the top spots for a search term, you basically have a target on your back from competitors trying to also rank for that term. Maintaining your SEO is a must, but at least you aren’t shelling out money for ad space.

3. Improve Brand Awareness.

When’s the last time you purchased a product online you’ve never seen or heard anything about? Chances are it doesn’t happen very often, if ever at all!

You may have heard the old marketing rule of thumb, stating; “a person must interact with your brand at least 7 times before making a purchase”. Of course, this number isn’t exact, even today there’s still a lot of truth behind it.

Even though people don’t always click through to your website, just showing up on google’s SERP page for specific queries will improve your brand awareness drastically. Your target audience will start associating you with these terms and as a leader in the roofing industry. The more Google trusts your brand, the more people will end up trusting your brand.

4. Outrank Your Competitors Overtime.

In today’s world, ranking higher than your competitors on search engines is essential.

We have an old joke in the marketing industry; “Where is the best place to hide a dead body?…on the second page of google search results, because no one ever looks there!”

According to search engine journal, a newly published study shows the first organic result has an average click-through rate of 28.5%. The second result with 15% CTR and third place with an even lower average of 11%. This one is pretty simple, the higher you rank on Google, the more traffic you’ll receive and the more trust you gain from online visitors.

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5. Increased Conversion Rates.

Have you ever had a difficult time purchasing an item online? Or maybe you click on a link only to find it won’t load on your computer, leaving you frustrated and still without the answer you’re looking for.

With a fully SEO-optimized website, your pages will load faster and display correctly across different devices. Designing your landing pages so they are easy to read and navigate will also increase your conversion rates and create returning visitors, subscribers, and loyal customers.

6. Hyper-Targeted Traffic. (aka Warm Leads)

Did you know we can target specific people online who are already interested in your type of product or service?

Let’s say you have a roofing company in Phoenix, AZ. We can specifically target people in your local area that are searching for terms like “Roofing contractors in Phoenix, AZ” or “Best Roofing Services in AZ.”

As you could imagine, having the ability to really focus on and market to your ideal customers will generate higher conversion rates.

7. Find Customers In The “Discovery Phase”.

One of the most difficult things for roofing contractors today is finding new clients. It doesn’t matter how good your services are, if people can’t find your brand online through organic searches you’ll fall way behind the competition.

People on google searching for answers to questions like “what type of roof shingles are best” or “how to find the perfect roofing contractor” are in what’s called the “discovery phase“.

This is a prime opportunity as a roofing contractor to come in and save the day by providing the best possible answer for these types of questions through high-quality content. Targeting people in this phase and providing a solution for their queries will help them remember your brand and trust you for future questions and services.

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8. Overall Improved User Expieriance.

Using SEO to create a more user-friendly website will improve conversion rates and bounce rates significantly.

After a recent update from Google, they started to consider what they call “user experience” as a determining factor in where you rank. The easier it is for people to navigate your webpage and find the information they desire; the longer they will stay on your site. The longer people stay on your site the more Google trusts you.

9. Longlasting “Evergreen” Results.

Creating fresh content is super important for good SEO and helps you stay relevant.

“Evergreen content” is a post or page that readers can reference over time because the information will remain relevant and valuable for years to come. Like an evergreen tree that always has leaves, evergreen content always has a use.

10. Increased Site Speed. (This Is Good For Everyone)

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for a landing page to won’t load on your screen.

Longer load times tend to increase bounce rate and average time on page for users; ultimately decreasing conversions over time.

Optimizing your images, using file compression software, and reducing redirects are several ways to improve site speed when building out your pages to improve your site’s overall performance.

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11. Track Your Results! (From Conversions)

Unlike other forms of paid advertising that can’t always produce data-driven results. SEO gives you the ability to track important information using online conversions set up on your site.

Google search? Using a free software called google analytics we’re able to track all this information and more through online conversions.

12. Increase Your Domain Authority Score.

The domain score metric was introduced by Google back in 2012, but few websites have any idea what it is. A higher domain authority score improves your search engine optimization for a variety of reasons and should be a goal for all website owners to pursue.

Your domain score is a numerical value that indicates how well your site fits in with the keywords you’re trying to rank for – when your domain score is higher, it means that Google expects more relevant content and traffic from your website.

Having a higher domain score than your competitors will tell google you’re more trustworthy and relevant. The more Google trusts your site the faster you climb to the top of SERP pages.

13. SEO Is A Wise Investment For Your Brand.

Instead of spending insane amounts of money on methods that don’t always generate results, consider spending a portion of your marketing budget to invest in a well-planned SEO strategy.

Whether you hire a team of professionals that specialize in search engine optimization or you decide to take on the task yourself. SEO is a long-term wise investment for your roofing company.

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