7 Best Engaging Hook Formulas for Roofing Content + Examples

What if the current way you’re writing or creating video content is causing marketing LEAKS? It’s time to RIP off the old way, and install better ‘leak free’ content hook formulas.  You…

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Hook Content Formulas

What if the current way you’re writing or creating video content is causing marketing LEAKS?

It’s time to RIP off the old way, and install better ‘leak free’ content hook formulas. 

You will get your engagement from writing exciting content—seven advanced, proven content formulas just for roofers.

I’ve borrowed concepts from master copywriters like Joseph Sugarman and the psychological triggers as listed by Jim Edwards. These examples will make your content come alive and connect more powerfully with your audience.

1. HLD – Hook, Lead, Deliver

Example: Facebook Ad

  • Tagline: “Can’t stand that your living room becomes a swimming pool whenever it rains?”
  • Lead: “Our state-of-the-art roofing solutions ensure a leak-free home for the next 20 years.”
  • Present: “Click for a free inspection now and receive 20% off your first repair!”
  • Why It Works: The formula begins with a vivid, relatable problem to capture attention. It then offers a compelling, long-term solution before ending with an exciting call to action.

2. PAS – Pain, Agitate, Solution

Example: TikTok

  • Pain: “Is your ceiling leaking more than your coffee pot?”
  • Agitate: “Just imagine how the mold would be creeping in, repairs that never end, and sleepless nights after every rain.”
  • Solution: “Switch to our storm-proof roofing and sleep easy. Request your free estimate now!”
  • Why It Works: The problem gains urgency when readers have it impressed upon them how much emotional and financial stress the issue is causing.

3. BAB – Before, After, Bridge

Example: Blog Post

  • Before: “Their roof had been a disaster before we provided services, full of leaks, expensive repairs, and constant worry.”
  • After: “Now they have the assurance of a 20-year, watertight home and peace of mind.”
  • Bridge: “Our professional team delivered them a new roof quickly and economically, so they no longer have to worry about leakage.”
  • Why It Works: Everyone loves a tremendous before-and-after, and right here, it’s easy for the prospect to visualize what the benefits will be and what the transformation is.

4. SOA —Story, Offer, Action

Example: Website Homepage with Newsjacking

  • Story: “Thousands of roofs were damaged when Hurricane Ida hit. Yet, not a single house of our clients leaked.”
  • Offer: “Add yourself to the list of protected homeowners. Call today and receive a free storm-proof assessment.”
  • Action: “Book your free inspection to ensure that your home is safe for the next storm.”
  • Why It Works: Builds trust and urgency by leveraging a recent, high-impact event; firm offer and explicit call-to-action drive engagement.

5. PASTOR – Problem, Amplify, Solution, Testimony, Offer, Response

Example: Email Campaign

  • Problem: “Is your old roof barely holding up against the weather?”
  • Amplify: “Every storm threatens your home and can result in extremely costly work.”
  • Solution: “Upgrade to our hurricane-resistant roof for the best storm protection available.”
  • Testimony: “The Martins said, ‘Our new roof withstood the last hurricane without a scratch, saving us thousands.'”
  • Offer: “Get a free quote and 15% off your first service.”
  • Response: “Secure your home today – contact us now!”
  • Why It Works: A holistic approach, in dealing with all concerns, gives assurance and thus provokes immediate action.

6. Problem

Example: Instagram Ad

  • Catchphrase: “Leaky Roof Keeping You Up at Night?”
  • Lead: “Our expert repair services fix leaks fast and effectively.”
  • Call to Action: “Call now for a free leak check and enjoy a carefree roof.”
  • Why It Works: The solution is aimed squarely at the problem, so the message, being appropriate and compelling, provokes an automatic response.

7. Outcome-Oriented

Example: YouTube Video

  • Hook: “Dreaming of a maintenance-free roof?”
  • Lead: “Our roofing systems offer long-term durability and minimal upkeep.”
  • Deliver: “Book an appointment today and find out how to make your roof worry-free.”
  • Why It Works: Concentration on what’s wanted as a result appeals to the aspirations of the audience and encourages them to go for the solution.

Use these formula’s for real to grow!

These formulas are tailor-made for any roofing company, combining the very best principles in main copywriting to work out engaging and interesting messages. It addresses many of the industry-specific challenges and lays out some specific solutions that relate to them. Make sure the content actually goes over the top and touches them in a way that drives engagement and conversions. Use these proven techniques to increase the results for your roofing business.

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