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High-Converting Landing Pages Tactics and Copy Examples

A high-quality landing page can make a massive difference for your business. A good landing page represents via design what your company is all about and directs site visitors to the products…

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woman designing a high-converting landing page

A high-quality landing page can make a massive difference for your business. A good landing page represents via design what your company is all about and directs site visitors to the products or services with which you can help make their lives easier. Here are some of our top high-converting landing page tips and examples.

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My number one piece of advice for creating a landing page that with a high level of conversion is to simplify. I am regularly overwhelmed by the number of companies with extremely cluttered landing pages. It makes sense, right? You have a lot to offer, and you want to show your customers everything, all at once. Trust me, simple is better. If you don’t trust me, trust Steve Jobs.

Use your landing page to magnify one thing that you do very well, around which all your other products / services resolve.

Take Google as an example. You and I both know how many products and services Apple has to offer. When you go to, however, what do you see? The simplest thing of all: Google’s search bar and their world-famous logo. If someone wants something else from google, besides a search, Google lists their important services below. 


The strategy of giving customers an incentive is probably as old as marketing itself. We see incentive marketing all over shopping malls, grocery stores, and just about anywhere that’s selling anything. Incentive marketing is any marketing strategy that aims to give customers a reason to buy the product today. “50% off”, “BOGO”, “Limited time only”: all these are examples of customer incentives. 

Target is a company that takes advantage of this strategy. At the time of writing this article, I opened up Target’s landing page, and this is what I saw: 

“Summer Sale: Ends Today!” Just above that, it read, “Spend $50, get free Same Day Delivery . . . Ends 7/5”. From the landing, Target is using incentive tactics to convince us to not wait, but buy now.

Make Your CTA Pop

This idea goes along with simplicity, but making your CTA (call to action) pop amongst the other elements can increase your conversion dramatically. On the landing page of Uber, for example, the CTA is very clear: they’re looking for drivers.

The page itself is white, and in large, black text we can read “Get in the driver’s page and get paid.” Beneath that, a large black button says “Sign up to drive.” These two black elements in stark contrast to the white background make the CTA pop and immediately make us ask ourselves, “do I want to make money in this way?” 

Keep What’s Important On Top

In newspapers they say to keep the best info above the fold. When a newspaper is sitting on a shelf, what do we see? The main headline, which in theory may convince us to buy the newspaper. Your landing page is no different. Keep what matters most above the point at which users will have to scroll. 

Using Your Landing Page to Adapt

No landing page is ever done (nor is any website, for that matter). Even in all the examples we’ve examined here, you’ll notice that the companies in question are constantly adapting to the data and optimizing their landing page to fit an ever-changing customer base. How do you adapt your landing page to fit your customers? Analyze the data.

Using Data to Optimize Your Landing Page

There are plenty of data-gathering techniques that you can use to design your website to make a high converting landing page.

Google analytics has many options available for website owners. 

  • Heat map: Using a heat map, you can track where the most clicks and mouse hovers are for your landing page. Is there a lot of heat on some irrelevant image? This can massively influence your design.
  • Scroll map: Using a scroll map will help you track what sections of the site your visitors lingered, and which sections had them scrolling. Your CTA should be the darkest section on the scroll map.


Having a good landing page is unbelievably important for your business’s commerce, and making a good one is easy with a little bit of work. Using the data and following our strategies, you can use your landing page to bring in new customers and show them why they need you today.

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