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Smart Ways to Grow Your Construction Business

Even though the construction industry is a booming one, not all businesses in it survive. Some fail at the outset and move on, while others struggle to break through for years. Nonetheless,…

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Even though the construction industry is a booming one, not all businesses in it survive. Some fail at the outset and move on, while others struggle to break through for years. Nonetheless, success isn’t far-fetched if you do your homework well.

Generally, there are two ways to grow a successful construction business. Either take on more projects or give preference to the few large ones. To help you on your quest to expand your construction company, we put together ten ways we’ve found from experience to be effective. 

They are:

  • Build a Strong Team
  • Offer an excellent customer service
  • Market and advertise your business
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Provide social proof 
  • Build a strong network
  • Keep up with industry trends
  • Create a website and social media
  • Diversify your supply chain
  • Be assertive and not reactive

Like what you see? Then read this article to the end! You’ll learn the basis for each factor in growing your construction business.

1. Build a Sound Team

Without a reliable and skilled team, you can’t grow a great construction business. So be highly selective on recruitment; factor in every trait you’ll need in your employees. Afterward, ensure you don’t lose your hard-earned talents to poor management and compensation. 

Hardworking and talented employees deserve consistent compensation, especially when you know they have competing options. Also, because each team member serves as the face of your company wherever they go, you need to make them feel special and connected to you. 

2. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service will earn your construction business a good reputation, which is a superb advertisement strategy. Never underestimate the power of satisfied customers; they can be your company’s next evangelist. Good customer service should include:

  • Top-notch Communication Skills:

You want to make a habit of transparent communication with your clients. Be open with your customers and let them know what you stand for, as you also pay attention to their needs. This way, both parties will play their part in making calculated decisions, an essential key for the growth of your construction business.

  • Openness to Feedback:

It’s best to always request reviews from your customers. You’ll be able to track your customer service’s growth and improve where needed.

3. Go All-out on Marketing

Marketing and advertising your construction business let prospective clients know about you—why you should give it your best shot. Nonetheless, note that your marketing strategy is as vital as the passion with which you do it.

People will naturally shift to defense mode when you try to sell your products or services to them; no one likes to be robbed. So, help them see your genuine concern for them; prove that you’re here for more than the money.

Good marketing in today’s digital world can’t exclude maximizing online platforms, which means you’ll need a website and social media accounts. Afterward, you can then leverage your online presence using various digital strategies, some of which are:

  • Boost the search ranking for your websites by implementing SEO strategies.
  • Post edifying written and video content constantly on your website and social media accounts. With exciting and catchy content, you’ll catch the attention of appropriate customers in little time.
  • Use online Ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to advertise your business.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Generally, quality delivery in business is crucial, especially in the construction world. No doubt, getting many customers would rake in more cash for you. But you might lose most of them if you use cheaper materials and inexperienced workers. The excuse of doing shoddy work to meet customer targets or deadlines isn’t permissible. 

Customers appreciate quality work over quantity. It’s scary but confirmed that one mediocre service experience could tarnish a business’ name. To avoid that, never back down on quality.

5. Provide Social Proof 

Every company can toot its horn about how good its services are. However, it might be difficult for them to patronize if potential customers can’t see any social proof showing previous customers’ satisfaction.

Additionally, many people have their fair share of disappointment with different brands. So on meeting your company for the first time, it’s normal for them to look with some skepticism. 

For this reason, you must build their trust in your company by providing social proof such as reviews, testimonials, project galleries, and case studies. Let’s take a brief look into each of these:

  • Reviews: Always ask your clients to drop a review. You can direct them to main review sites such as Google, Facebook, and yelp. 
  • Testimonials: Not all customers love leaving an online review. In this case, you can ask for a testimonial on your website.
  • Project Gallery: The project gallery is one main proof that significantly benefits the growth of construction businesses. It not only consists of pictures but also includes the problems you’ve solved, the solutions, and the resulting experience of your past customers.
  • Case Study: Adding a case study or story category to your construction website is always beautiful to any eye. It’s almost the same as the project gallery, but it includes direct information (like quotes) from the customer.

6. Build a Strong Network

This is probably the hundredth time you’ll hear about networking; still, it’s not enough! Networking with partners opens up opportunity doors like you never imagined, contributing immensely to growing your construction business. 

You also get to meet different people that will grow with you and share your wins. Tread carefully on this, however. There are plenty of scammers, so you have to be wise when choosing your network.

Attending fundraising events, conferences, lunches, tournaments, and other business gatherings are an easy way to build great networks and establish your business in people’s minds.

7. Keep Up With Construction Industry Trends

Adaptability is one vital factor that can help you succeed in the industry. The world is advancing every day, and any company that fails to keep up with the trend will be at its losing end. 

Keep up with the industry trends and adapt as quickly as possible to grow your construction business. Ensure that every aspect of your construction business evolves as time passes.

8. Maximize Your Website and Social Media

With a website, it is easier for people worldwide to see your company and what it offers, and they can also contact you without any stress. And this includes big construction companies.

Social media functions like a website but with more benefits. You can publicize your services informally, build a strong network, and strengthen your online presence. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube can help grow a small construction business to a larger scale. It also provides you with a growing target audience in your niche.

9. Diversify Your Supply Chain

A growing construction business comes with lots of setbacks — from larger and more expensive projects to delays by the supply chain. Sometimes your customer must wait another week before their metal roofing or flooring orders reach them. These problems can be very annoying to both customers and business owners. 

Thankfully, you can avoid this type of problem by having many options. Various supply chains will reduce the downtime waiting on materials, and you will offer your customer perfect and satisfactory service🤝.

10. Be Assertive, not Reactive

Finally, being excessively reactive and emotional is a NO if you want your construction business to grow. Business is about wins and losses. So it’s best to accept what the company offers back. 

However, assertiveness in business means you don’t just sit in a place and expect work to walk in and meet you. Instead, seek more opportunities to retain your business and grow it. Reach out to architects and contractors to know what they have and what you can offer in return.


Growing a construction business has many peculiar problems that other companies do not experience. But if you don’t give up, success knocks at your door. Be flexible and adaptable, and never stop moving forward. 

Before making a decision, weigh the pros and cons and do your utmost best for your company’s success. You’ll be glad you did! Are you interested in learning more about the construction industry and its marketing?

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