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When Should You Start Google Ads? (For Contractors)

Many Contractors want to know if and when they should use Google Ads. There are so many things we can discuss on this topic. So how about we spend some time doing…

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Many Contractors want to know if and when they should use Google Ads. There are so many things we can discuss on this topic. So how about we spend some time doing a demo on it — are you ready to make room for growth?

Consistency is key when it comes to developing prospective clients. Google Ads provides an outlet for Contractors to get better leads without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

So with that said, there has to be a right time to do paid Google Ads, right? Of course there is! We’ll start by discussing why correct timing is crucial for successful Google Ads campaigns. 

Timing Google Ads to Build Better Business

What benefits can a Google Ads campaign give Contractors when timed correctly? 

  • Maximize opportunities during slow seasons.
  • Optimize marketing when they don’t have the time.
  • Gain dominance and representation in their competitive market.

Long story short, there is not a universal bad time to start Google Ads. To answer if it’s the right time — we need to look at each business: what particular needs do they have and what stage are they at as a whole?

Therefore realistically the question should be “When should you start paid Google Ads as a Contractor?”. 

So here we go — let us dive into this a little deeper. Here are three different timings that Contractors can benefit from paid Google Ads. 

When the Slow Season Hits

The slow season comes every year, it’s not something new.

The business may be flowing right now and you are doing all you can to keep up with incoming calls and voicemails — however, you can see in the near distance that the slow season is getting closer. What’s your game plan, or do you not have one?

Google Ads can place you in a great spot for booking business you’d never expect — especially if you struggle to keep jobs booked throughout the slow season. It will boost the range of potential prospects you need by placing Ads in front of them!

Trying to run that winter promo?  Do at the same time with Google Ads and watch the leads come rolling in. 

  • Choosing the right keywords will multiply the amount of prospects who see your Ads
  • Using the strategy “Maximize Clicks” is very useful for getting Ads in front of as many people as possible

When Your Short on Time

Most of the time Contractors are primarily focused on managing jobs and crews. It can be really challenging for them to put in the time and effort needed in order to find new leads and expand the business.

Google Ads can magnify your business — if done right. It does take time and knowledge to do it correctly. We recommend getting a PPC Specialist involved during the process. They have the skillset and market knowledge to bridge the gap between you and more leads

  • Focus on your current jobs and maintaining job quality
  • Google Ads will maintain the flow of prospective leads
  • Hire a PPC Specialist to ensure proper management of your Google Ads
  • Don’t forget to make time for all the new leads that will come in

To make it simple — it’s a good indicator that a Contractor should start to use Google Ads when they don’t have the time required for expanding business via advertising. Starting an effective Google Adwords campaign can help Contractors prioritize their time where it is needed. 

When the Market is Competitive

This aspect is particularly important for Contractors who are in highly competitive markets.

For example, let’s say it’s summertime and everyone is interested in getting exterior painting done to fix any spots that flaked off during the winter. A Painter may run into two potential issues here: 

  1. Many prospects are just price shopping because of how many painters there are
  2. The Painter cannot draw in enough business because they don’t have enough Ads showing their competitive edge

It would be very helpful to start a Google Ads campaign that displays their general pricing and skillsets. This strategically places them in a better position to show prospects immediately what they bring to the table. They increase the chances of their business being the first many people see — that is huge during chaotic seasons!

It is especially important for a Contractor to display their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) when the market is competitive; any opportunity to advertise what makes them different from the rest is valuable. 

As stated above in the section: Timing Google Ads Builds Better Business — there is not a universal bad time to start Google Ads. The question can be answered by looking at the specific Contractor and their needs. 

The time is right to start Google Ads if they need to do any of the following below

  • Maximize opportunities during slow seasons
  • Optimize marketing when they don’t have the time
  • Gain dominance and representation in their competitive market

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