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103+ Flooring Company Names to Inspire You

If you’re planning on starting a flooring company, you’ll need to come up with some ideas for a great name! Maybe you’ve thrown a few names around or even landed on one…

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If you’re planning on starting a flooring company, you’ll need to come up with some ideas for a great name!

Maybe you’ve thrown a few names around or even landed on one but it just doesn’t seem to fit? The process can feel tedious. It’s easy to run into a creative block or even feel like you just don’t have it in you.

What you need is some inspiration! We’re here to help you bust through that creative block and come up with your own kick-ass flooring company name. We’ve put together a list of names from top-rated flooring companies around the country, and even created a few of our own, to give you some ideas for your own business.

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The name of your business can make all the difference, especially when you’re working in the construction and contracting industry. There’s a lot that can go into naming your business, and it’s an intimidating process. I mean, if this company is going to be your legacy, then it better have a great name!

Tim Brown gives some great insights in the video below. We’ll do our best to break down some of them and then give you some of our favorite flooring company name ideas.

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7 Principals for a Great Flooring Company Name

Don’t go into the naming process of your company in a blind fashion. We already established that a lot is riding on a great name for your business. So here are 7 principles for a great flooring company name.


First off, the name needs to be memorable. If people can’t remember the name after they meet you, it will hurt your business. You want to pick a name that someone can remember with ease.

Rolls Off the Tongue

Don’t name your company anything crazy or too fancy. Let’s keep it simple and make it easy to say to be even more memorable to those you meet and talk about your business with.

Can Be Expressed in a Symbol

The name needs to be able to be easily expressed or represented. If you can come up with a name that can be represented by some sort of physical element, people will more easily be able to remember your company and you’ll be able to brand it better. Think something like Green Grass Lawncare.

Ideally, You Can Get the URL or Domain (.com)

Getting the URL or domain for is very important for a great name. Sure there are tons of businesses out there and only a limited number of domains and URLs available, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a creative name for your company that’s still available.

Avoid Generic and Forgettable Names

Generic and forgettable names will only hurt you in the long run. Try to embody these principles and still keep the name creative in some way.

Flooring or Construction in Your Name

It’s common practice and recommended by many industry experts to make sure that you leave the “what you do” in your name. For example, Green Grass Lawncare is a lawn care company and Rocky Mountain Flooring is a flooring company.

Consult with Your Smartest Friends

After you come up with a bunch of ideas, run them by some of your smart and trusted friends. Ask them to vote on the names and be sure to offer them in an unbiased way.

Flooring Company Name Ideas

I was going to make a floor joke, but then I realized it was beneath me. Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. Now that I have all the dads laughing;


  1. The Floor Fathers
  2. Floors of Distinction Inc.
  3. Hands Down Flooring & Tile
  4. Carpet Kings
  5. Delux Carpet Company
  6. Completely Floored
  7. No Frills Carpet and Flooring
  8. Magi-Touch Carpet and Flooring
  9. Floors to Doors
  10. Floors by Design
  11. Imperial Flooring
  12. Dave’s Modern Flooring
  13. The Flooring Palace
  14. All American Flooring
  15. Village Floor & Wall
  16. Floors & More
  17. Suburban Floor Covering
  18. Red River Floor Company
  19. Lakeside Flooring
  20. Affordable Flooring LLC
  21. Four Seasons Flooring
  22. Big Foot Flooring
  23. Floor Factors 
  24. Design Time and Tile
  25. Fashion Floors
  26. Wood Brothers Flooring
  27. Flooring Solutions of Reno
  28. Five Star Tile and Floor
  29. All in One Flooring
  30. Desert Design Floors and Carpets
  31. Custom Flooring Specialist 
  32. The Floor Guys
  33. Piles of Tile Flooring
  34. Jade Floors, Inc.
  35. All About Floors
  36. The Sustainable Flooring Company
  37. Family Carpet and Hardwood
  38. Carpet Masters of Colorado
  39. Floor It!
  40. Lumber Lads Hardwood Flooring
  41. Floorcrafters Inc.
  42. Heritage Floors and Interiors
  43. Damn Good Flooring
  44. Ideal Floors
  45. Agile Tile Floors and Carpet
  46. South Side Surfaces
  47. The Carpet Ladies
  48. Fine Grain Flooring
  49. Flooring Pros
  50. Renaissance Floor and Carpet
  51. Absolute Flooring
  52. Your Floors, Inc.
  53. A to Z Flooring
  54. Gemini Floor Services
  55. Your New Flooring Company
  56. Full-Service Flooring
  57. Cherry Carpet and Flooring
  58. Convenient Coverings and Flooring
  59. AAA Flooring Company
  60. Pride and Joy Flooring Co
  61. Hardwood Specialists
  62. Expressive Flooring
  63. Southern Flooring and Design
  64. The Floor of Your Life
  65. Fantastic Floors and More!
  66. Boot Stompin’ Flooring
  67. Noble Floors
  68. Ability Wood Flooring
  69. Floors for Less
  70. Nothing But the Best Flooring
  71. Carpet Connection
  72. Homewood Floors and Carpet
  73. Top to Bottom Flooring
  74. FloorTech
  75. The Proud Flooring Company
  76. B2B floors Inc.
  77. Roaring Flooring
  78. Squeaky Clean Hardwood Flooring
  79. Superior Wood Flooring
  80. Thousand Woods Flooring
  81. The One Day Flooring Company
  82. Mill Creek Carpet & Tile
  83. Tile by Tile Flooring
  84. A-1 Floors and Carpet
  85. United Tile and Floor Co
  86. Floorscapes
  87. 1st Choice Flooring & Interiors
  88. Anything But Carpet Flooring
  89. The Flooring Guy
  90. La Casa Hardwood Flooring
  91. Hardcore Hardwood
  92. Do It For Less Flooring
  93. Level 1 Flooring Solutions
  94. Carpetime
  95. Desert Design Carpet and Tile
  96. Fine Floorz
  97. Diablo Flooring, Inc
  98. Full Circle Flooring
  99. That Fresh Carpet Feel
  100. Socks and Hardwood
  101. Halo Flooring and Design
  102. Tile With A Smile
  103. Pitstop Tile and Floors
  104. Well Floored
  105. Door-To-Door Floors
  106. Minneapolis Flooring Experts
  107. Hardwood Helpers Flooring
  108. Floored By Design
  109. Fantastic Flooring MN
  110. Flooring Unlimited
  111. Focused Flooring
  112. Between The Doors Floors
  113. Tim’s Tile Team
  114. Pro Floors
  115. Flooring Professionals MN
  116. Fresh Start Floors
  117. Facelift Floors Flooring
  118. Blank Canvas Flooring
  119. Better Builders Flooring
  120. Against The Grain Flooring
  121. Tree To Me Flooring
  122. Step Onto Success
  123. Floors And Doors
  124. Floors, Doors, And More
  125. Floor to Ceiling Construction
  126. The Flooring People
  127. High-Quality Flooring
  128. New Age Flooring
  129. Innovative Flooring Solutions
  130. Oak Flooring
  131. Custom Tile Creations
  132. Rosewood Flooring
  133. The Hardwood People
  134. Hardwood For The Home
  135. Carpet Lovers
  136. Creative Carpet
  137. Flooring For The Home
  138. Family Flooring
  139. Neighborhood Flooring
  140. The Local Flooring Expert
  141. Bayside Flooring
  142. Fancy Flooring
  143. In Style Flooring
  144. Old Time Flooring
  145. Century Flooring
  146. Centennial Flooring
  147. Millennial Flooring
  148. Flow Flooring
  149. Envy Flooring
  150. The Green Flooring Co.
  151. Sustainable Flooring Solutions
  152. Good People Flooring
  153. Exotic Flooring Co.
  154. Floor Basics of MN
  155. YellowWave Flooring
  156. Brown Mayer Floors
  157. Stable Flooring
  158. ArdorTree Floor
  159. Quake Flooring
  160. GreenHexa Floor
  161. GripZip Flooring
  162. Ernest Floors
  163. GiftWing Flooring
  164. Total Plus Floors
  165. Great Fusion
  166. Floorable Floors
  167. Fliphop Flooring
  168. UPswing Floor
  169. Moxy Flooring
  170. 3Great Flooring
  171. Dynamite Floor
  172. 1Wood Flooring
  173. Zed X Flooring
  174. Clear Trail Flooring
  175. Swissline Flooring
  176. Relove Floors
  177. Livinn Floors
  178. Spiked Flooring
  179. Safeway Floors
  180. Homepoint Floor


As we mentioned earlier, it’s ideal if you can get .com domain for your flooring company name. You’ll also want to use the tips above to customize the name. Things like your city or state will ideally be included in your name and might help you get the .com URL for your company name.

If you have any great flooring company names that you think we missed in this list, add them in a comment below! And if you need help marketing your flooring company, reach out to us at Hook Agency today! We’d love to help you take your company to the next level!


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