Flooring Marketing: How to Get More Flooring Leads From Marketing (2024)

Unless you’re the only flooring company in your area, chances are you’ve got a lot of competition. Some flooring businesses might get more sales than you even though they offer sub-par service.…

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Unless you’re the only flooring company in your area, chances are you’ve got a lot of competition. Some flooring businesses might get more sales than you even though they offer sub-par service. Frustrating, right?

When you know you have the best flooring business in your area, you deserve to win leads and customers accordingly. But without a thorough flooring marketing plan, you might as well kiss your potential customers goodbye and into the waiting arms of your competition.

As a flooring company owner, it’s your job to make your brand:

  • Visible
  • Approachable
  • Trustworthy

You can accomplish this with digital and traditional marketing strategies alike.

As a marketing agency that solely helps home service providers win more and better leads, we know a thing or two about a thing or two. Check out this guide for establishing a flooring marketing plan that actually works.

Go Where People Are Looking

What do you do when you want to find a good restaurant in the city you’re visiting? Or when your car needs repairs and you have to find a trustworthy auto repair shop?

You Google it.

While in some cases you get word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family members, almost everyone’s immediate instinct is to search for the service they need on Google.

How often do you click on the second or third page of Google results when you’re looking for a local service?

That’s what we thought.

If you want to get a steady flow of leads for your flooring company (of course you do), you need to show up where people are looking for you. The three marketing strategies that help you accomplish this are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay-Per-Click Ads
  3. Website Design

1) SEO: Let Google Know Your Expertise

Did you know that up to 92% of all search traffic clicks occur on the first page of search results? And of that, more than 67% of clicks go to the first five search results.

It clearly pays to show up high on Google search results. And there’s an entire marketing strategy dedicated to helping you accomplish that.

SEO is the strategy of demonstrating to Google that your website has authority. If Google sees that you are an expert in flooring, you are almost guaranteed to show up higher in location-based searches.

But it’s not enough to just say, “Hey Google, trust me on this. I’m good at my job.” You have to walk Google through it in a way it understands. This involves:

  • Website speed
  • Location-based keywords
  • Backlinking
  • Image tags
  • Site indexing
  • Relevant URL slugs
  • Optimized meta titles
  • Content on blogs, service pages, and landing pages that demonstrates authority

It takes time for SEO strategies to pay off, but when they do, it’s invaluable for your flooring business. So don’t wait to get started on flooring SEO because your competitors are already one step ahead of you.

2) Pay-Per-Click Ads: Quick Leads on Relevant Searches

Another fantastic way to show up where potential customers are looking for you is by investing in Google Ads. Google Ads work as a “pay-per-click (PPC)” setup, meaning you bid money on search terms and only pay Google if people actually click on your ad.

You will need a good understanding of PPC strategy to ensure you aren’t throwing away money on irrelevant keywords. The best way to leverage a successful Google Ads campaign for your target market is to work with a PPC team that has seen what works and what doesn’t for flooring contractors just like you.

3) Website Design: Offer a Great User Experience

Website design, SEO, and PPC ads are the trifecta of a successful digital marketing strategy. SEO and PPC won’t go as far if you have an ugly, clunky, or slow website.

Website speed, design, and functionality all play a huge role in Google recognizing the credibility of your flooring business. Your website should be formulated to not only bring in better business leads but also to attract high-performing employees and potential referral partners.

We know that designing a successful website takes a lot of time and specialized knowledge that can get complicated. Instead of pitching your website to a designer who doesn’t understand the business model of a flooring contractor, trust web design experts who work exclusively with contractors like you.

Stay Visual and Social

Flooring is inherently a very visual service. Home and business owners want to be able to visualize how different flooring options will work in their space. A great way to keep your flooring marketing visual is by honing a social media presence.

Neglected business social media pages are cringey, but if you take the time to share consistent, high-quality content on your social media pages, it can only help your flooring business. Effective pieces of content to include on social platforms like Instagram include:

  • Photos of completed projects
  • Videos of customer testimonials
  • Videos showcasing new flooring products
  • Photos of interior design inspiration
  • Before and after photos
  • Photos or videos of your flooring company’s community involvement

Take Advantage of Offering Promotions

Some people claim that email marketing is dead, but marketing statistics would disagree. Email marketing is a tried-and-true strategy that is especially effective with returning customers.

You can use email marketing to:

  • Share new information about your company
  • Offer promotions and special offers to your email list
  • Advertise an upcoming sale
  • Collaborate with referral partners
  • Showcase new flooring products in stock

You can provide a sign-up form on your (now impeccably designed) website to direct visitors to sign up for email newsletters and special offers.

Prioritize a Physical and Virtual Showroom

Old-school, traditional marketing still has a lot of value in today’s day and age. And one of the most practical strategies for flooring contractors is the classic showroom.

You need to create a beautiful and inviting flooring showroom that displays your flooring products in a way that customers can imagine how different materials would work in their homes. Take the IKEA method for inspiration and layout sections of your showroom like a real, fully-designed home. You can highlight hardwood flooring in living room settings and tile products in bathroom displays.

Going back to showing up where people are looking for you— it’s also vital to have a virtual showroom in addition to a physical one. Since so many people browse online for information and inspiration, you should equip potential paying customers with 3D walkthroughs of different home projects you’ve completed.

Secure More Customers With an Effective Flooring Marketing Plan

At the end of the day, good marketing will help you build relationships, create content that speaks to new and existing customers, and, most importantly, generate leads that turn into sales. While the digital marketing trifecta is SEO, PPC, and website design, it’s important to give attention and effort to all other marketing efforts as well.

If you’re ready to watch your flooring business grow and stop losing out on valuable leads to subpar competitors, work with a Google specialized team like Hook Agency. We exclusively help contractors just like you win more and better leads. Contact us today to set up a free, brief introductory call!

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