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What Works on Facebook Now for Roofers

Facebook is inarguably the world’s largest and most utilized social media platform! And will probably sustain its dominance. If you own or market for a roofing company, it’s a marketing strategy you…

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Facebook for roofers

Facebook is inarguably the world’s largest and most utilized social media platform! And will probably sustain its dominance. If you own or market for a roofing company, it’s a marketing strategy you don’t want to overlook. 

However, here’s the most beautiful thing about Zuckerberg’s blue platform for you as a roofing business owner – You can dig deeper to identify those checking your news feed daily and, consequently, target your content to a segmented audience.

Furthermore, Facebook’s algorithm promotes your content to your immediate community and works to your advantage in different ways, some of which we discuss below.

Assuredly, if you’d commit to learning effective ways to engage your prospects on the platform, you will never run out of business. 

Without much ado, let’s see some proven ways to make the most of roofing Facebook ads as a business owner.

YouTube video

1. Host Facebook Live 

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your prospects. It’s also an excellent way to deliver roofing Facebook ads to the public.

In setting up your video, ensure you shoot the video from the location of your business or a completed job, especially if you are a sales rep or a business owner. It’ll help put your brand in the glaring view of your audience.

Using your personal Facebook page or brand to do this is even better. This way, your friends and contacts will see what you do and will likely become a valuable referral network for you. The next time they need a roofing service or know someone who needs it, they will remember to call or refer you. 

Don’t worry if you have a few people join your live broadcast initially. Facebook’s algorithm promotes live broadcasts for those not in attendance to see it on their feed whenever they come online. 

The best way to make the most of this is to start your live broadcast with a hook. It always helps to clarify your broadcast’s purpose from the onset and hit the ground running with a strong hook.

Some Key Points to Note About your Facebook Live

  • Don’t sound too salesy (asking for business every time) on these posts; instead, focus on making the post serve the needs of your prospects. Talk about the services you can help them with – metal roofs, shingle roofs, etc. 
  • Do not start your videos with generic and bland statements like: Hi, It’s John.’ They know your name already! Plus, it takes longer to get to the hook with name intros. 

Instead, be creative and start with an attention-grabbing line like “Another fun fact for you; Cool story for you; Hey, a unique thing I found today. Let me show you something,” etc. Remember to also be creative with your conclusions.

  • Always use your Live broadcasts to address problems. Your prospects have pain points, and they need solutions. You want to position your page as the go-to solution page for their pain points. 

If you make it a duty to be available and relevant in their times of confusion, you stand a better chance of bagging great deals when they need your service.

2. Use Short Form Videos 

Using short-form videos for roofing Facebook ads is a great strategy for roofing business owners. Your audience sees them – both established and future clients (including younger folks).

Hence, you must explore the short-form video approach to be part of their buying decision. 

Also, maximizing other social media platforms that are currently thriving would be an excellent supplementation to roofing Facebook ads.

Everything comes back to the goal of advertisement: getting your brand in front of your market’s eyes. Whether on Facebook, Tiktok, or any other social platform, you should learn to leverage on them as a roofer looking to sell.

You might get a few hateful comments online. It comes with the social media terrain. But generally, the potential gains of getting clients outweigh the pains. 

3. Focus on your Ideal Customer.

Create your customer avatar before creating your content, and putting out an ad. Ask yourself. Do you want your content to speak to business owners, roofers, or construction companies? Or do you want to speak directly to homeowners? 

Once sorted, you can shoot your roofing Facebook ad in their direction.

4. Variety Matters: Mix Videos and Photos.

A mix of still-shoot content with captions and videos is excellent for your page. It helps shut out the possibility of your audience being bored by tons of videos. Audiences love a mixture of creativity. So, ensure to serve it just how they like it.

5. Leverage Facebook Groups

Join as many local Facebook groups as possible and commit to being involved in these groups. Facebook groups are goldmines in getting clients when adequately utilized. 

Good practice in such groups is to be apt in referring other services people might need and making comments on subjects you are aware of in these groups. If you do this consistently, you won’t look self-serving when you post your services too.

6. Consistency is Key!!

Consistency is important for roofing Facebook ads. It shows you prioritize what you do on the platform and passes a message to the audience that they can always count on you to show up. 

You don’t need to upload 4 to 5 content daily; that will be too much. The focus is average but consistent frequency. You can work on releasing unique content every week for a start. It will work wonders for your business. 

Another idea that works is creating a section to showcase your creativity and engage prospects. Imagine having a dedicated section for answering questions and giving expert opinions on roofing matters. 

In no time, you’ll have leads queuing to hear from you, which translates into good business!

Facebook Posts – Ideas to Inspire You

Facebook is a social media platform with over two billion monthly active users and one of the most popular websites in the world. The reason for its popularity is that Facebook provides a way to stay connected with all your contacts and friends, share information, promote your business or products, and so much more. 

It’s an invaluable tool for marketing these days, so it’s important for companies to post on the site regularly. Keep reading to learn about some easy roofing Facebook post ideas for your business.

Employee Highlights

Give one of your employees a shoutout for their hard work, which led to an outstanding result. Let all of your Facebook followers know who the employee is and how they helped out through this highlight. Then, link them back to the full story on your website or blog so that people can learn more about it.


Your roofing company has achieved many milestones over the years. It makes sense to let all of your followers know what these achievements are by writing posts about each one of them.

You could show pictures or videos that depict what went into achieving those milestones, making it enjoyable for everyone to read about or watch. There is no limit to what you can highlight, so make sure you use all of your past achievements.

Free Advice

Everyone loves free advice, which is why you should consider writing a post about one way they can improve their own home or business with something you have learned in the past.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should contain valuable information that they wouldn’t otherwise know without doing some research themselves. You could also use this opportunity to promote your products and services while providing great information at the same time.

Business Tips

One of the best ways to get more customers for your roofing company is by helping out other small businesses in the area. Think about it; if you help enough companies grow through articles that provide great insight, you will start to see them bring in business for your company. 

You can even advertise this through your posts by telling people how they can sign up for a newsletter or RSS feed to get the latest tips and insights sent straight to their inbox.

Community Events

Another great way to diversify your Facebook content is by writing about local community events. If you want more customers, it’s essential to connect with the community at large. Participating in these events shows that you are willing to invest yourself in the community outside of your company, allowing people to know who you are better.

Let all of your followers know when one of these events is happening and then post pictures or videos on Facebook afterward. This will show that you are a part of the community and give people an idea about what type of person you are.

Case Studies

When roofing customers have issues with their own homes or businesses, they might not know where to turn for help. For these types of customers, it is best to write a post about a case study so that they can see how one customer solved a problem similar to theirs.

Provide all the necessary information to get your point across without going overboard on content. If you can solve someone’s problem using this method, they will be more likely to reach out to you if they need your services in the future because they trust your judgment already.

Management Tips

Your roofing company has experienced management working behind the scenes, so why not write posts about these people and their skills? If you want to increase your customer base, it only makes sense to point out what type of management is working behind the scenes. This way, people know who they will be dealing with should they use your services in the future.


Write polls on Facebook that can help show which products or services your roofing company offers are most popular among customers. You can encourage participation by providing a free eBook for anyone who votes in the poll, ensuring that you receive a variety of opinions from all walks of life.

When readers have a voice, they will feel better about being part of your community by sharing their thoughts and ideas. This helps improve brand loyalty in the process.


Facebook’s algorithm is set to assist anyone that’s consistent and intentional with live broadcasts, short-form videos, and a targeted audience segment. If you want to see good results, don’t joke about using creative content for your roofing Facebook ads and groups. 

It may not happen suddenly like magic, but trust us when we say you’re building a massive client base and a wide lead generation window for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! 

If you need help with maximizing Facebook for your roofing business, hit us up today! Hook Agency hosts a team of digital marketing experts, and we’d be glad to serve your needs.

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