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Dominate One Social Channel! (Stop Trying to Win All)

Unlike traditional print and TV ads, social media marketing magically helps you reach a wider and more targeted audience; meaning less costs and more brand awareness for you…

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With about 59% of the world’s population spending a larger chunk of their day on social media, you might want to maximize profits from these users’ habits to stay in line with where customer interactions and engagements are happening most often. 

One beauty of social media marketing is how you can optimize built-in data analytic tools to track the progress, success, and engagement of your content. Through social media success stories, comments, likes, and other metrics, you can monitor how far-reaching and impactful your content is from a very basic level, but can also hire a team or specialist to decipher what IS and what IS NOT necessarily working with your current strategy.

We highlighted a few social media hacks from our own marketing experience. Enjoy!

1. Spend Time Where Your Customers Are 

Many roofing business owners get distracted and overwhelmed by trying to win on multiple social media platforms. However, you might only be getting yourself stuck.

Interestingly, with the aid of social media insights, identifying where your customers are should be a walk in the park. Always ask yourself these questions: 

  • Where are my ideal customers? — In rural areas or cities?
  • Who are my ideal customers? — Business owners or homeowners?

After you’ve answered these questions, think carefully about what social media platforms you see these folks using the most. Even better, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pigeonhole them a little bit. 

Make an educated decision over time and focus all of your efforts there. That’s the most important part. Here at Hook Agency, we always say the most important question in marketing is “WHO IS IT FOR?”

When you know the answer, you can make much better decisions and everything will be much easier. Get on that channel, and stick to it with some obsession!

most popular social media platforms compared

2. Try Different Formats 

When it comes down to your activity on social media platforms or channels, it’s wise to set up several social media milestones or metrics. It will help you determine if you’re progressing or regressing with your roofing audience over time. 

Here are some tips you can use:

Social Media Reels

Reels are a good format to push on, as they are catchy and concise. You can sound dub, edit, and post short clips to create brand awareness. In the long run, it’s really about your situation and the category of customers you’re communicating with. Be creative and get on roofs or outside to create more reels and short form videos for your audience.

Engage Other People’s Content 

Never forget to like, comment, and share other people’s content regularly. Be genuine and interactive, no need to force anything. Overall, this will be one of the easiest and least cost effective ways to get noticed by more like accounts and people searching for your content. It helps gain attention with the social channels algorithms. 

3. Create Content for Customers NOT Peers

Creating content for your peers can be very distracting. Generally, your peers are not gonna patronize you. Create content for customers and potential leads instead. If you can reach folks that are the final purchasers of your item, that’s a good thing. 

A lot of roofers and other contractors keep making content to entertain each other or as some sort of competition. It can be very distracting and wasteful for your marketing. Then folks wonder why they’re not making money off of social media, or getting any leads

It all boils down to how you address your target audience. You’re gonna get more leads if you pass every piece of content you put out through the filter of “How would this be the most useful to my actual ideal customer?” Talk to your customers one on one and focus on them. 

Ask yourself,” Who are my ideal customers?” Are they…. you know, the 38 or 48-year-old housewives that don’t care what the price is and just want the highest quality? Think of ways you could make each piece of content serve them and not your peers. 

4. Pay Zero Attention to Hate Comments 

Everyone knows that haters will always comment on Facebook posts. Our advice is that you try not to think about those people because honestly, they aren’t worth a second of your thoughts!

Having said all that, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’m not saying you shouldn’t touch other marketing methods, the main point is – to spend about 80% of your time on one social media platform, and then you can repost to the other channels and engage as needed.

You’ll notice this in people that have mastered social media marketing and are good, just like Dimitri Lipinski on YouTube or TJ McCormack on TikTok. 

Not to say they aren’t good on other channels, it’s just that they’re really pushing on this one channel and then you’ll see them mildly engage these secondary channels. 

Just like Beth Comstock said, “Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” Here at Hook Agency, we’re constantly developing ways and formats to identify and engage these social media channels through social media insights. 

5. Add Belief to Your Marketing 

At Hook, we get at least one lead per day from Facebook. If you’re headed towards lead generation regularly and rhythmically, you need to add some belief to it! You can say to yourself “I believe this is good for my business.” 

There’s a lot of “Dark Social” when it comes to online marketing — many folks watching your stuff but aren’t liking or commenting. If you don’t let that disturb you, we’re promising that your efforts are going to yield good returns.

6. Respond Quickly to Leads and Customers 

Give complete attention to your ideal customers, share their social media success stories and you will get business. Respond to all comments and involve your team since social media is better as a team sport. When everyone is working towards the same goal, and your team is also showing they are bought in, it leads to a rising tide raises all ships mentality. 

7. Set your Shame Aside!

Tim Brown, Hook Agency’s CEO, has been doing this for 15+ years now. He worked at a restaurant and became the social media guy there. He took complete ownership over their social channels, and would have “No Shame” feelings by asking his team and coworkers to help grow their companies social media presence by simply engaging with the content as they can. Don’t force people, but the least you can do is ask for their help because if the company continues to succeed, it will only benefit everyone working for that team. 

Again, to nail it all home HAVE NO SHAME, and tell your team to engage when possible. Of course, you’re not asking your customers to engage your content every single time. Just tell them that every time they’re on your feed and they see a post from your company, it really does help to have them like, comment and interact genuinely. 

8. Show What You Want To Grow 

On your social media page, you want to display projects that are well thought out for your customers and not your peers. For instance, roofing companies should highlight some of their best completed jobs, and the most happy customers they have worked with. Showcase how easy it is for your team to get the right job done, and how satisfied your customers are at the end of the job. Grow your your target audience and social media community by always being innovative with the content you generate. Just like we say here at Hook Agency, “You want to show what you want to grow.” Hyper-focus on what works best for you and your marketing strategy, and rinse and repeat the success. 


Social media marketing is about identifying and understanding your target audience’s needs and empathetically stepping into those shoes. Only then will you understand those needs from their perspective, and thus, the product or service that satisfies those needs. 

At this point, your product or service might as well sell itself. However, to ensure positive returns on your investment, your activity on your chosen social media channel should be continuous. By spending time where your customers are and trying out different formats, you’ll make the most out of your advertising efforts. 

If you need more time to focus on these efforts to continue to push your social media content across all channels, let our teams at Hook Agency help alleviate some of your marketing bandwidth, and we can optimize your website, SEO, and set up PPC campaigns to generate more business for you. Schedule a call with our team HERE!

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