5 Quick Construction SEO Tips to Save You Time

SEO is insanely important for construction companies who want to get more business online, but the only problem is it takes a lot of time. Here are some ways to tackle SEO…

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Construction SEO Tips

SEO is insanely important for construction companies who want to get more business online, but the only problem is it takes a lot of time. Here are some ways to tackle SEO without losing 8 hours a week.

When it comes down to it – you may need a construction SEO company to help you, but first, try these things and see if you can get it rolling on your own. Truth be told, I don’t suggest hiring a professional SEO company until you pass 500K in revenue, first it will important to put in ‘sweat equity’ and understand the basic components to get more leads online through Google.

Construction SEO Tips

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1. Use video + then get the video transcribed/written out for you.

This way you get ‘subject matter expertise’ content (Google loves it!) and you just talk about the stuff people ask you – specific aspects of the sales process. 

  • Video is super powerful for getting people to stay on your site longer if it’s paired with a blog post + it’s great for social media engagement.
  • You can just have someone turn your post into a blog post – and it’s a lot easier for them to write if you’re sharing REAL VALUE in the post itself.
  • Turning one piece of content into 7 is magical, and once you figure out how to do it – you’ll never one to create one-off content again.

2. Batch your most important Google-visibility tasks in a 3-hour clump on Saturday

One bad-ass post a week could be just what the doctor ordered for your construction website’s visibility. 

  • Write one 1000+ word post about stuff people are looking for: use questions you get in sales – and crank out the content. First outline all of the key points, and second get bullet-pointing/describing in detail. If you write about things you are actually an expert for and people care about, it will come naturally to you, just watch!
  • Links are super important for visibility: If you are getting links back to your site, do any outreach or purchases this day.
  • Work on your meta-titles and descriptions

3. Turn your team into a content machine, particularly in slow times

What’s a slow-down worth, if you don’t double down on your marketing in the process?

  • Once you understand the power of content, at least something positive can come out of if your team has fewer jobs for a bit.
  • Give them the basics with our ‘how to write a great blog post’ infographic.
  • Just have them write about things they are learning about, or things that they know that they find interesting – hacks, construction tips, DIY stuff that you can then share all over social, and will help your website stay fresh in Google’s algorithm
  • Make sure a post doesn’t take longer than a half-day, and if you get a huge backlog – schedule them to publish 3 days apart from each other. Google loves a steady content drip, and it will help your other pages rank – particularly if there’s topical relevance to your money-making keywords.

4. Steal keywords from your competitor’s and look at bigger markets for clues

Take a fresh look at your meta-titles on all of your key service pages by looking at competitors and bigger cities.

  • Ahrefs and SEMRush are both tools you can steal your competitor’s keywords on, just pop in their website and see what they are ranking for that will make you money.
  • Look at Chicago, New York, LA, and Dallas – look at bigger cities to see what the companies there are using for their meta titles (the blue text in Google search) consider the keyword volume might be higher if they are targeting different verbiage, and use that as a jumping-off point.
  • Change your meta-titles and descriptions to match things are searching more based on your research.

5. Hire an agency that does all of the work for you.

“These Construction SEO tips are great Tim, but I literally have no time!”

  • If you find a niched agency (like ours – feel free to check out our services) that is VIGOROUS about the work they do, a construction SEO company could 10X your leads.
  • Make sure they do content AND linking efforts every single month, and get it in writing – in your contract.
  • Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t have clear deliverables, is aggressive, and has a track record in your industry.

Thank you for reading these ‘5 Quick Construction SEO Tips to Save You Time’ and let us know if we can be of service!

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