52 Construction SEO Keywords + Contractor SEO Keywords

Construction SEO Keywords + Contractor SEO keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic is brought to you courtesy of my in-depth research using SEMRush, Ahrefs, and multiple other SEO tools. The crucial piece…

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Construction SEO Keywords, Roofing SEO Keywords

Construction SEO Keywords + Contractor SEO keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic is brought to you courtesy of my in-depth research using SEMRush, Ahrefs, and multiple other SEO tools. The crucial piece to understand is that each of these also has varying degrees of difficulty to rank for – because each will have different amounts of competition.

The key to finding construction keywords + roofing SEO keywords that will make your company money is to first understand your ideal customers – and what your niche is within the market.

By understanding ideal customers – and your niche very tightly, you can then know how to prioritize keywords you want to rank for – often mixing your city / or cities around you, and their names with the service names. People often search for these keywords plus a location or “near me.” If these construction SEO keywords are interesting to you, check out some insights at the end of the list to get the most out of them!

    • Keyword Phrase Estimated Monthly U.S. Search Volume
    • Metal Roofing  68k
    • Vinyl Siding  61k
    • Roofing  41k
    • Siding  37k
    • Certainteed  35k
    • Roofing contractors  22k
    • Roofing companies  21k
    • Renovation  21k
    • Stone Veneer  21k
    • Fiber Cement siding  18k
    • Certainteed Shingles  17k
    • Board and batten siding  16k
    • Wood siding  15k
    • Metal siding  13k
    • Remodeling  15k
    • How to build a house  13k
    • Building a house  13k
    • Cedar siding  12k
    • Aluminum siding  12k
    • Shiplap siding  11k
    • House siding  11k
    • Hardie siding  10k
    • Certainteed siding  10k
    • James hardie siding  10k
    • Types of houses  9.9k
    • Home Remodeling  9.1k
    • Can you paint vinyl siding  7.7k
    • How to install vinyl siding  6.6k
    • Home Renovation  6.5k
    • Siding Repair  6.2k
    • New Home Construction 4.6k
    • Home Construction Loans2.1k
    • New Home Construction Near Me2k
    • Home Construction  3.8k
    • How to clean vinyl siding 3.2k
    • Home Remodeling Ideas  1.8k
    • Home Renovations  1.6k
    • Home Renovation Loan  2.5k
    • Best roofing  1.4k
    • How to paint aluminum siding 1.9k
    • How to cut vinyl siding 1.7k
    • How to paint vinyl siding 1.7k
    • Home Renovation Shows  1.5k
    • Home Renovation Costs 900
    • Home Construction Companies 900
    • Home Renovation Ideas  800
    • Home Remodeling Ideas  1.8k
    • Home Renovation Shows  1.5k
    • Question to ask when buying new construction home 150
    • How to buy new construction home  100

Keys to finding the best keywords for your construction industry niche

The tighter you make your niche, the easier it is to find the keywords you need to rank for, and the more ranking for those keywords means to your bottom line. For instance, because we are a construction SEO company, and serve roofing SEO clients – we can spend a lot more time creating content for these types of customers, and you can do the same for your niche in construction. If you do ‘Remodeling for Mid-Century Modern’ it’s much easier to rank for that, than remodeling + big city your closest too.

Not to say you shouldn’t go after your city name + just going after these niche items you’re great at will lead to quicker results since those long-term keywords are often less competitive.

Building out guides and deep resources for the more competitive terms

Some people don’t understand why you want to go after roofing SEO keywords, or construction SEO keywords that wouldn’t lead directly to a sale – for instance, perhaps you can rank for ‘home remodeling budgeting tips’ all over the country – you then get associated in Google’s algorithm for topical relevance. You’re also likely to rank higher for ‘home remodeling + your area’ as well.

Creating guides and resources pushes you up on Google maps

If you do create a guide for ’10 Best Home Remodeling companies in your area’ and have decent ‘domain authority’, you can strangely get into the maps for ‘Best home remodeling companies in your area – which is NUTS! People don’t seem to realize this yet, so there is a massive opportunity to utilize this technique, more than you might think.

Google maps is where it’s at!

We help companies get higher on Google maps, and in Google in general for their money-making keywords – let us know if you need any help, we’d love to give you and your company a free SEO demonstration of our methods.

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