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Construction Industry Magazines: 4 of The Best

When it comes to construction industry magazines, getting the most informative sources can be the difference between a clean job or a real headache. If you’re planning on doing some home renovations,…

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When it comes to construction industry magazines, getting the most informative sources can be the difference between a clean job or a real headache. If you’re planning on doing some home renovations, or just looking to improve your business, you should find the best magazines at your disposal. 

In this list, I’ll give you the best four construction industry magazines I researched. Whether you’re looking for information regarding building a deck or installing crown molding, these magazines have you covered. 

Read on to find the most informative magazine for you.

Builder Magazine

As a magazine you can find online, Builder Magazine is among the most accessible magazines on this list. You can find information and read articles online without a subscription. As far as construction industry magazines go, Builder is one of the most viewed each month.

Some of the most popular articles on their website revolve around new technology in the building field. Some of these new technologies include 3D-printed homes, net-zero carbon homes, and modular homes. 

Builder Magazine also has useful information regarding polling and other interest stories, such as the supply chain crunch in the lumber industry in early 2021. There are plenty of articles to find on their website. If you have a question about the construction industry, you can find the answer with Builders Magazine. 

Constructech Magazine

Constructech prints four issues of its acclaimed magazine each year. You can also find useful information on their website’s blog. Constructech focuses its resources on how the technology and building industries combine to create new, innovative building practices. 

By issuing four periodicals throughout the year, Constructech can keep up to date with all the changes in the construction industry. From solar panels to sustainable construction methods, Constructech always has up-to-date information about the new practices evolving in the construction industry. 

Aside from the new technological advances they focus on, Constructech also gives their readers information on long-term trends in the industry. These can be helpful for design purposes, reducing costs, or finding the perfect time to start your project. 

Constructor Magazine

Produced by the Association of General Contractors (AGC), Constructor Magazine is a construction industry magazine issued bi-monthly. You must be a member of the AGC to receive a copy of the magazine, but aside from the membership costs, the magazine is free. 

Constructor Magazine is a data-driven publication. They produce work such as the impact of fire season on home building, how rising building costs affect contractors, and how to prevent equipment theft on job sites. These are just a few of the articles you can find if you become a member of the AGC.

Constructor Magazine doesn’t only focus on trends in the market. They also spend time trying to help prepare their subscribers for events out of their control. Some of these events include hurricane season on the east coast and fire season in the west. 

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Equipment World Magazine

Equipment World is a construction industry magazine that focuses on the equipment side of things. Instead of writing articles about how to incorporate new technology into your worksite, Equipment World focuses on getting you the best piece of equipment for your task.

If you’re in the USA, you can receive print editions of Equipment World for free or you can find their digital edition on their website. In their magazine, Equipment World tends to write about new tools and how to properly use them. Often, Equipment World also highlights the achievements of its members, such as rebuilding old tractor models. 

Equipment World will give you an overview of the costs associated with renting and buying tools, too. Whether you’re in the market for an electric drill or an excavator, Equipment World has all the reviews you’ll ever need. 


If you’re a contractor or even just a homeowner looking to do some renovations, you can always learn something new with a solid construction industry magazine. Not only are they packed with useful information and tips, but you might find a new project to dive into. 

These are the four most useful construction industry magazines I’ve ever read. With them, you can find information relating to every part of the construction sector. So what are you waiting for, get a subscription to these magazines today and start learning new tips and tricks today! 

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