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Best Construction Company Logos (15 Contractor Branding Examples)

There are way too many cheesy and overly simple contractor logos. Your brand is more than your logo – it’s your name, it’s your colors, it’s your reputation and it’s the way…

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Construction Contractor Logo - Roofing Exterior Example

There are way too many cheesy and overly simple contractor logos.

Your brand is more than your logo – it’s your name, it’s your colors, it’s your reputation and it’s the way you make your customers feel.

But first – it’s the name and logo, as a beacon of what your company represents – read on for:

  • What makes a stand out brand (the 3 most important principles.)
  • 18 examples of fresh and inspired logos.
  • 5 Characteristics of a professional logo, and options for companies/services to get it made.

3 Quick Examples of Construction Contractor Logos to Inspire You

1. Carboni – Not every construction contractor logo needs to hit people over the head with a construction symbol. In particular, commercial construction companies often make simpler logos and “wordmarks” (just a well-crafted word version with no symbol) that have a sophisticated but simple style.  (Found on Behance – by Vinicius Liberal)

Carboni Commercial Construction Contractor Logo

2. Vanguard Exteriors (Roofing company logo) – One of the most important principles to remember is that you want the logo to work in full color, and in one solid company (like white) for shirts and other simplified uses. (Found on Dribbble by Shelby Mitchell)

Construction Contractor Logo - Roofing Exterior Example

3. The General Contractors Association – this brilliant mark by Carlos Fernandez demonstrates a bold uniqueness, that utilizes negative space and a silhouette to grab attention. (Found on Dribbble)

General Contractor Logo Design

5 Principles that make a great construction contractor logo

The principles that make a construction company logo effective are:

  1. It’s ability to convey the ‘unique competitive advantage’ of the business (a feeling or symbol that represents what they do that’s special)
  2. It’s ability to retain its shape and overall feel when presented only in grayscale and in 1-color print (like on hats and shirts)
  3. It’s ability to look good at any size. If it can look good in one color only, and at large and tiny sizes – it’s more likely to have an “icon” style shape that can withstand any application – and still be “iconic.”
  4. Its ability to have its icon that sticks out (even without the name being present.)
  5. Great colors that enhance the feeling the company wants to convey, when it’s in a full color format.

Here’s a few tips for naming too (before we get back to logo examples):

YouTube video


Examples of our construction contractor logo design

We love working with construction companies and have the privilege to make some very cool construction company logos – and logos for blue-collar companies in general. To stay inspired in our work, and to help inspire your next project – I thought we could curate 21+ examples of amazing construction company logos and a short paragraph about what they do well.

So without further ado – here are the contenders:

Construction Company Name Ideas


1. Blue Ladder Construction Logo – Simple in it’s symbol, I think of the ladder both as a tool for the job to get done – but also as the custom home the clients are about to build (or the renovations they are about to do) are a “step up,” as well as a commercial construction logo idea – the new office space or commercial space could be a “step up”, as well. Design by us! Check out our other work Hook Agency – Custom logo design

Restore Renovations / Construction Company


2. Restore Renovations – Remodeling Company Logo – This design was intended to work two ways as well – first as the two R’s combined, and also the structure created by the legs of the R’s. Not every logo has to have two meanings – I just find it fun when they do. Design by us! Check out our other work Hook Agency – Custom logo design

Minneapolis Logo Design - Construction Logo Design / General Contractor

3. Treasured Spaces – Luxury Home Builder Logo Design – working with the client on this logo design was both super fun, but also came with its unique challenges. We wanted something that had never been done before – which means no roofs, or hammers. After sorting through 100 variations, and whittling it down to a few key symbols, we settled on this key into a window design that we felt appeals to the prime demographic, older woman who want both romance and security. Design by us! Check out our other work Hook Agency – Custom logo design


Examples of other Construction Contractor Logo Designs from around the web


Blue Collar logo Design

4. Linha Mestra Construction Logo Design – Taking a bit more of a traditional stance on the approach here, 3 simple lines convey a clean modern and sleek company – potentially great for commercial construction. Design by Frederico Graca.

Interior Design - Home Experts Logo Design


5. ArtHome – Construction or Interior Design Logo – A bit more free flowing and organic feeling log design, potentially for an interior designer / remodeler with an expressive style.  Design by LogoWave



Ascent Commercial Construction Logo Design Company


6. Ascent – Commercial Construction Logo – Sometimes a logo design is so simple it’s actually more powerful than the most complicated of designs. This is definitely the case with this Ascent logo. It feels iconic, it feels like it’s been around a long time – and so likely lends an air of this ‘established’ persona to the company it represents. I really, really love this logo. Design by Nathanial Goto on Behance


Alian Con Construction Logo

7. AlianCon – Construction Branding – Not sure if I’m as in love with the logo itself, or if I’m in love with the color scheme here. I will say overall, this branding package just really strikes me as well thought out, and powerful in the way it’s portraying the company. Modern, fresh, and trustworthy design. Design by OvenDesign


Branding Logo Design for General Contractors

8. GeoOffice – Commercial Construction Branding – For a more ‘Bauhaus’ / Flat design, this GeoOffice concept both encapsulates the kinds of clients this company wants to go after, and the geometric feel that makes one think of blueprints and commercial construction plans. Design by Ramin Nasibov


R Logo Design

9. “R” Construction Company Logo Design – A simple letter design, that is nonetheless bold and iconic can make a statement without using a symbol necessarilly. In this example the designer also opted for bold color, and strong contrast to draw more attention, for a very well put together composition.  Design by Jeff Wheeler


GCox Construction Identity Design


10. GCox Construction Logo Design –  For a little bit more playful, but nonetheless professional approach, this design seems to take an element of hipster design – the line art style, and apply it in an unconventional place – the cosntruction industry. Design by Mubien Studio



Centre Point Home Construction Branding


11. CentrePoint Construction Logo Design – Simple, bold direct – I think sometimes this mixture of the clean typography and a super simple symbol can really put a logo design into a category above all the rest – great work. Design by Jekin Gala



Construction Company Logo Design inspiration

12. Averox Construction Logo Design – This is an example of a logo design that incorporates the appearance of 3-dimensionality into it. I definitely appreciate the outside the box thinking, although I would need to some application of one-color/ greyscale – and how the shadow would play out in that scenario. Included here as an example of a nice-looking design that may have trouble translating into greyscale or black and white. Designer Unknown.

Overall, a great set of construction company logos!

I certainly love taking a look at construction company logo inspiration regularly, and of course Pinterest is also a great place to peruse to get ideas, as well as Dribbble. I hope you find the style you’re looking for – and let us know if you’d ever like to go through a branding design process and we’d love to help.

Commonly asked questions about construction logos

How do you design a logo?

Open a design program – like Photoshop, or Canva (free version online) and start combining shapes and text. You can use a tool like to find a solid icon to accompany the name if you’re in a rush. The ideal is to start on paper and come up with a solid, but bold structure for your logo – a symbol that is representative of your company and that can serve as a ‘beacon’ for the value your company provides. I’ve created many logos by combining two icons into one. For example – I didn’t create the wordmark used below, but I did create the hammer + bow for my friends ‘Construction 2 Style’ – simply by combining a hammer and a bow. Below that, I combined a window with a keyhole for Treasured Spaces. Consider combining two iconic shapes for a bold, but simple design.


Treasured Spaces

What are the five characteristics of a good logo?

1. It should be super easy to at a glance, understand what that company does. This is why I love including the services the company provides in the full logo so that anywhere you go around their website – there is clarity of what kind of company it is. 2. It should look good at a tiny size… and it should look good at a gigantic size. (It should retain its shape and recognizability – basically, it should be ICONIC. 3. It should look good in color OR black and white. 4. It shouldn’t rely on gradients or shadows to convey meaning. 5. It should be able to be stitched into clothing easily and retain it’s look – also relates back to being ‘iconic.’

Why should I hire a professional to create my logo?

A great logo can serve as a beacon for your business and draw the right kind of attention. A bad logo can lose you business, and convey your company in an unprofessional light. Invest in a professional designer to create your construction logo, and you’ll be pleased that you did. Give us a call if your ready to invest in a professional branding system – or look at, or DesignCrowd if you’re looking for construction logos on the cheap.

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