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Color Palette Generators | 7 Best of 2024

ed in making your designs, such as logos, web pages, and images in general, appear more vibrant or harmonious, using a color palette generator will get the job done. A beautiful and…

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Color Palette Generator AI - Colormind

ed in making your designs, such as logos, web pages, and images in general, appear more vibrant or harmonious, using a color palette generator will get the job done. A beautiful and eye-catching color scheme is essential in affecting how your audience feels upon seeing your brand.

Warmer colors like yellow, orange and red provoke feelings of energy, passion, and happiness; colors like gray, blue, and black feel more on the professional and calm side of the spectrum. Using a color palette generator, free and available online, makes it easy to create beautiful designs.

One of the coolest Web Design Color Palette Generators I’ve seen in 2022 – Happy Hues!

Color Trends 2022 - Color Tools and Palette generators - Happy Hues

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Features of a Color Palette Generator

We’ve taken the liberty to research the best products to compile a list of 7 excellent color palette generators distinguished by various factors.

Quality of color palettes, ease-of-use, export formats, and automatic effects are all considerations when selecting which generator is best for your needs.

7 Best Color Palette Generators of 2022

Color Palette Generator AI - Colormind

1. Colormind

Colormind is an AI-powered color palette generator that creates color schemes that are sleek and harmonious with the clock of a button. You can generate both customized and random color schemes automatically.

With Colormind, you can upload any image and extract the color from it. Lastly, Colormind has a unique color-generating feature for websites, perfect for web designers.


  • Features a random color palette generator
  • You can generate a color scheme automatically
  • Features vibrant intermediary color shades
  • You can lock more than one color every time you use the generator


  • You can’t download the color scheme that’s generated

Polarite - Color Scheme Generator Iphone

2. Polarite

This color palette generator comes in the form of an app, and it generates harmonious color designs.

After the learning program from Polarite, you can view the recommended color schemes within 2-3 minutes. This color tool can also export the designs to Adobe tools.


  • Color palette generator app that’s easy-to-use
  • Color palettes generated with one click
  • Color schemes can be exported to Adobe products for designing
  • You can use social media accounts to share your AI paint colors


  • It’s time-consuming to train all of the algorithms

Design AI Web Design Color Web Design Generator

 3. Design AI

Design AI color palette generator features thousands of color schemes that are generated using AI- technology.

This color tool is similar to Adobe Color, as it has a color wheel with a lot of options to choose from. You can extract colors from images with this generator as well, but there’s a limit to the file size.


  • This color palette tool is comprehensive and easy to use
  • You can use the color checker to
  • You can use the image color extractor to extract colors from any image with size restraints
  • Utilize various color harmony rules and experiment with the color wheel


  • There’s a file size limit of a height and width of less than 2000

Eva Design System - Color palette Generator

 4. Eva Design System

The Eva Design System is good for those who have their primary color already selected but may need inspiration for the combinations.

The deep learning tool on this web-based app enables you to choose a semantic color alongside the primary color. You can lock these colors in and copy the generated color palette for later use.


  • You’re able to export your color scheme as a JSON, JPEG, SVG, and other formats as well
  • You can generate a color palette automatically and while using deep learning
  • You can lock in semantic colors


  • Not able to generate a 5-color palette
  • This tool doesn’t have a color wheel
  • There are limited functions

5. Paletton

The Paletton website color scheme generator is excellent for creating a customized color palette. Using the color wheel allows you to make 3 or 4 color palettes easily.

Twenty-four preset options can make the colors darker or brighter. There are also several formats that this color palette generator has for export options (HTML, CSS, XML, etc.)


  • This is a random color palette generator
  • There’s a set value for the palette hues
  • You can choose between different modes, such as adjacent, triad, monochromatic, and more


  • It doesn’t have an intuitive interface

muzli color scheme palette generator 2021

 6. Muzli Colors

With Muzli Colors, you can download up to 5 color palettes at no additional cost by simply entering the color code or name. Another unique feature of this color tool is that you can not only upload an image to extract the colors, but you can also see how it’s used in other designs.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Random color palette generator
  • You can generate up to 5 color palettes at no cost


  • Only downloads in SVG format

Adobe Color Scheme Generator 2021

7. Adobe Color Palette Generator

The Adobe is perfect for professionals that are searching for high-quality color designs. One of the best features of this color generator is that it guarantees a balance of the colors based on harmony rules.

This is a convenient option for professional designers and beginners alike. You also have the opportunity to use this tool to generate color themes and gradients from your own images.


  • Full tutorials provided
  • Efficient tool to extract color from images
  • Gradient and theme extraction
  • You can choose multiple color harmony rules


  • Numerous options can be overwhelming


Producing a beautiful color palette can assist designers and color enthusiasts alike with mobile app, banner, logo, and website design.

Online color palette generators powered by AI technology allow you access to beautiful palettes and schemes for inspiration. With our suggestions, you can find the perfect color palette generator to simplify the process and take your design to the next level.

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