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Home Builder CRM’s: 7 Options & The Best

For homebuilders, CRMs provide a crucial competitive advantage. When vying for business, the success of marketing campaigns, sales funnels, bid processes, and referral marketing makes the difference between mediocre builders and those…

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For homebuilders, CRMs provide a crucial competitive advantage. When vying for business, the success of marketing campaigns, sales funnels, bid processes, and referral marketing makes the difference between mediocre builders and those with all the business they can handle.

Finding the right CRM requires identifying a match between your company’s needs and a high-functioning software package. Below, we detail the seven top design-build CRM programs.

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Home Builder Specific CRMs

Before choosing a home builder CRM, consider those specific to the industry. As with all businesses, home builders have special sales and customer service processes. The following three earn high marks for design-build specific sales funnels and follow-up process implementation:  

Lasso CRM

Lasso’s design automatically captures new sales leads from your website and other sources. It reminds salespeople to respond to leads and follow up regularly. Since home builders often face a long sales cycle, the Lasso CRM system provides invaluable organizational tools that prevent strong prospects from falling through the cracks.

Builders who subscribe to Lasso report the product provides a system that enhances cooperation between departments, including sales, marketing, scheduling, and management.

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TopBuilder Solutions

Automation of rote tasks helps businesses increase efficiency while sparing employees for work that directly increases revenue. For example, by automating prospect data collection, sales teams remain free to search for new opportunities and meet clients more often.

TopBuilder Solutions’ design focuses on assisting home builders with new home sales. Core features include prospective customer management, individualized follow-up processes, and automated email capabilities.

Bid processes are fundamental to home builders. Without a CRM, it’s easy to lose track of details and fall behind the competition. TopBuilder Solutions offers bid tracking capabilities that keep all the information consolidated in one area from start to finish. Management can use the software to gain a bird’s-eye view of all bids and analyze successes and failures.

If your employees remain trapped in the previous era of manual data entry, consider a CRM such as TopBuilder Solutions.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems hits the mark for automated sales pipeline management, customer contact management, and business building via referrals. Sales reps and customer service managers can easily record activity and document quotations, conversations, contracts, billing, and all critical customer relations data. The system also helps sales managers create referral programs.

Integration with existing IT infrastructure is another plus. The platform connects seamlessly with Homebuilders’ Enterprise Resource Planning systems. In addition, the automation of financial calculations gives management an edge in business planning, such as cash flow forecasting. Many home builders need CRMs that assist with long-term planning, and Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is a star in this area.

Excellent Construction CRMs

The following CRMs are great options for the construction industry, including remodelers, contractors, and builders. Though they are not designed exclusively for home builders, they offer many of the same capabilities as the previous three CRMs. As a result, they are an excellent choice for construction companies engaged in multiple lines of business.

Market Sharp

Market Sharp earned a solid reputation for helping construction companies build their brands and instill customer loyalty. The CRM provides valuable automation for sales funnels and marketing campaigns. It also offers project management capabilities such as job scheduling.

Improveit 360

Improveit 360 designed its CRM to improve operations by providing management with a 360-degree view of the business. The software uses automation capabilities to combine data points from all business areas into one visually friendly screen from which managers can generate reports that help guide decisions.

The software contains the following valuable features:

  • CRM.
  • Scheduling tools.
  • Sales quotation program.
  •  Project management tools.
  •  Advanced reporting features. 

UDA ConstructionOnline

The UDA ConstructionOnline CRM works specifically for construction companies, ranging from builders to general contractors to remodelers. The technology offers inbound sales tools, marketing campaign generators, construction management, file storage, scheduling, prospect follow-up, and change order management. UDA’s CRM works best for companies trying to increase lead generation via inbound marketing campaigns.


Cosential designed its CRM for commercial construction and remodeling, so design-builders in that space might find its capabilities a great match. Cosential includes the following features:

  • Lead management.
  •  Email marketing and follow-up systems.        
  •  Quotation generation.
  •  Subcontractor management software.

For business-to-business projects, Cosential provides essential tools.

Choosing the right design-build CRM comes down to finding the best match for your company’s goals. All of the above CRMs provide the functionality needed to enhance efficiencies and increase revenue. By selecting the one that best fits your business, you take another step ahead of the competition.

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