How To Attract + Retain Talent (From Top Roofing Leaders)

The job market is red hot. Attracting & retaining talent is harder than its ever been. But after reading these serious tips from top roofing industry leaders – you’ll come away w/ powerful advice to bring in and keep great people.

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Recruiting and Retaining in Roofing:

“In the roofing industry – we need to really start putting employees first.”

“A lot of roofing business owners, we have this idea, this dream that we’re trying to sell them – opportunities are endless, you can do anything you want. I don’t believe that. Not everyone wants to run a business, not everyone wants to take risk, and liability.

  • Your employees should not be thinking about RISK.
  • The should have a guaranteed steady job.
  • Think about being at a corporation – why do people take low-paying jobs for $15 an hour at McDonalds. Because it’s STEADY.

Yeah it’s low-paying job with low risk – you’d be surprised how many people will take little job like that because they know the stability and paycheck will be there every Friday. Of course, it’s not for everyone but at least there’s some kind of benefits, specific hours.

We’ve declared war in the roofing industry on 8-5 jobs, and I don’t agree with it. I think a lot of people need it. I think a lot of people would rather work 8-5, and unplug their brains for the weekend and maybe it comes with a pay cut.

But what we want everyone to do instead – we want everyone to make 200k a year with all the stress and 24/7 hustle. Not many people want it. 

You’d be surprised how many people would rather work for $70,000 a year – 8 to 5.”

Dmitry Lipinskiy

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“When your current team is killing it, they tell their friends.”

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, it’s greener where you water it. The great people we all want to attract are attracted to success. Make sure you have developed a system and environment where the folks you already have in your organization are experiencing success.

  • When your current team is killing it, they tell their friends.
  • Their social circle will see this and come to the opportunity.
  • Also, your recruiting efforts are much more effective when they are crossing their fingers they get a job offer vs you crossing your fingers they come aboard.

Hack: ensure your company has the ability to efficiently onboard, train, and coach even those that have no former experience in our industry. Otherwise you are severely limiting who can experience success with you. Those outside the industry are a much larger pool to pull from. ”

Dustan Biegler

“Do the dirty work.. If you care enough to help them achieve those goals, they’ll care enough to help you achieve yours”

Do the dirty work to create a path to success for each new hire and then keep your word and do it. Not just a crappy job description, a literal journey of what it takes to be successful with you company.

  • Setup milestones, communicate clear expectations and goals, encourage and create healthy tension that allows people to achieve their potential.
  • Most of all – ask them know what their goals are – if you care enough to help them achieve those goals, they’ll care enough to help you achieve yours.

Jim Johnson

“Who do you need to become to get the best applicants?”

“Darren Hardy – tells this story, he started writing out 100 attributes he wanted in a woman. He said he wanted her to be tall, sexy, smart, good mother, nurturing, etc.

He realized ‘who do I have to become to attract a woman like this’ – ‘here I am writing about the kind of woman I’d want, but I’m not the kind of guy that would attract a woman like this.’

So then he wrote down 100 things he wanted to become. Same thing goes for a company. You want the best employees that will give blood, sweat / die for you, they’ll do anything – they want to be part of a family…

Who do you need to become?

Instead of writing down what you want from an employee. Write down what you need to become to attract those employees.”

Tommy Mello

“Let your sales people sell, give them great support”

Me being a salesman. You attract and retain great employees – with great backend support. Because when you’re on the frontline, knocking on doors, dealing with home owners – and then you’re the person that has to put the fire out, schedule the gutters, schedule the siding clean up – you’re the person that has to SCHEDULE EVERYTHING… 

If you’re the only person the home owner is talking to, after awhile that starts to weigh on you. Certain salesmen – I had a guy that actually quit, because he had too much. 

  • Having great backend support.The company being actually compartmentalized.
  • Where you have someone to deal with if there’s an issue with production, or if there’s an issue with accounting.
  • Maybe collecting a check or two or smoothing out a situation.
  • Being the face of the company
  • But – having someone on the backend to really support them so they don’t feel by themselves.

Because I’ve seen sales guys not want to go out there and close deals. I talk to sales guys all around the nation – I’ve heard guys leaving their company due to production not being up to par. I’ve heard of guys leaving a company because they’ve got to go run and get materials.

You want your sales guys to actually focus, so if there is a ‘fire’, he’s got a great team of people behind him, to support him and back him up. Because then you can sell at a higher level.”

Dashaun Bryant

“Champions stay where they are appreciated and celebrated.”

“When recruiting, you first need to decide on the AVATAR you see in that position. Don’t focus on the results you want from them.  Focus on the character, behavior, and emotional build as well as the drive and ego of the person you’re looking for.  Best way to attract great talent is through the company’s reputation for building champions.  This isn’t done overnight and it take EVERYONE in the company. 

  • Make a recruiting video that shows the strength of the company and the success of those that decided to come onboard.
  • Have the culture of interior growth which is when everyone brings in likeminded people they know.  For those that are less known, start talking to recruiters until your company is to the point people simply come to you.

When we discuss retention, simply understand that champions stay where they are appreciated and celebrated.  Be careful not to put anyone on a pedestal, however, show them appreciation and compensate them ‘fairly’.”

Chuck Thokey

“Define culture strategy & hire based on that”

“It all starts with a culture strategy. You need to know your own culture and identify what that means to your company. Once you do that, then you can make sure you are making effective hiring decisions based on the people who will resonate with your company culture and values.

There is nothing worse for revenue, culture and overall success than a cancer in your culture.

This will keep your current employees happy, attract more quality candidates and make your business a leader locally.”

Josh Swisher

“Top performers want to be surrounded by infectious “LFG” energy”

“Lead with your culture, provide solid backend support, and offer a competitive opportunity with an incentivized income ladder. Top performers want to be surrounded by infectious “LFG” energy and know that they will be celebrated for their performance in a team environment. They also want to know they can focus solely on their role as salesmen and not worry about administrative or busy work, so ensuring your office takes care of anything that’s not sales-related will allow them to do their job and do it well.”

Becca Switzer

“Social media + video are for hiring too”

“2020 showed us the power of social media. In 2021 we have to harness that and use it not just for advertising for homeowners, but for likeminded sales people too.

  • Make videos, post content, TELL people that you’re looking for x, y, or z.
  • Then hire based on your core values.
  • Retain them by supporting them in their journey with fair pay, assistance when needed, and a solid process system.”

David Taggart

“Clearly define your core values”

“To attract and retain the best talent you have to start with clearly defined core values.

Then you can hire people that fit those core values which will create a great culture in your business.

People are attracted to companies with great cultures.”

Randy Brothers

“Provide them ongoing training and career development opportunities. Be sure to show recognition”

“One of the biggest struggles for roofing companies is to attract and retain top talent for their organization. This is because they’re not creating an appealing work environment for
potential high performers. Top talent is looking for a place that offers opportunities and
resources to maximize those opportunities.

Roofing Companies should focus more on creating an attractive brand and culture, rather
than complaining about their inability to build a successful team. Be sure to equip your sales people with five-star Google Reviews, a modern website, marketing materials, a CRM, and other tools that make them more successful at their job.

  • The best talent is looking for a company that will provide them ongoing training and career development opportunities.
  • Be sure to show recognition.
  • Increase their responsibility, and make them involved in company decisions.

Lastly, I would recommend hiring within your network, helping them hit their goals, and do
what you promise! Be sure to create a fun and supportive culture as well!”

Nick Peret

“Run the right ads, ask the right questions.”

“Step 1) Run hiring ads that read like a personal letter *not a job description!* Step 2) Ask the right interview questions to spot the 5 essential talents to succeed: Hustler, Thick Skinned, Persuasive, Persistent, and Confident. Step 3) Do everything you can to help your sales’s reps SMASH their personal income goals.”

Adam Bensman

“Encourage your team to invite their friends”

Treat your current team amazingly well, and encourage them to invite their friends to have a conversation about joining the team.

If your current team members aren’t excited to tell their friends about the opportunities at your company, then you have work to do.

Joseph Hughes

“It all depends on how they feel about their manager – so invest time into your employees”

“One thing that I have never regretted is investing in culture. I use the terms “investing” and “culture” loosely here. Typically, we associate “investing” with money and “culture” with an organization-wide experience.

How an individual experiences culture is often associated with how they feel about their manager.

  • And the investment that a manager makes in an employee often has less to do with money and more with time.
  • Show you care by investing time into your employees and you will retain (and attract) talent that will fight with you through any challenge that your business faces. ”

Ryan Shantz

“Have video that shows evidence that the people in your company are growing consistently”

“Create a culture of growth that makes it evident that someone’s going to become better not only as a person, but as a professional. 

Invest in training, systems, technology and process.

That will mean a talented person will come in, and they know they’re going to grow. 

What they need to feel is – “wow, I didn’t know that a roofing company could be such a bad-ass organization, to grow, make great money, and feel like I’m having a lot of fulfillment, and being challenged.”

So you need to reflect that in your recruiting videos, which should be footage of your culture, customer experience and success, core values, and hearing success stories from employees directly.”

Ryan Groth

“Help them feel part of something bigger than themselves.”

“Be different than a typical roofing company. Most reputable companies can offer you the same things. Good money, a wrapped truck, fancy watches, etc.

We try to implement feel good tactics at work to differentiate ourselves.

Ex. Dog friendly workplace, a giving pledge each month, or pay for a financial advisor to help your employees invest their earnings.

Anything to make people feel welcomed, given an edge, or feel part of something bigger than themselves.”

Charlie Anderson

“What else does your company stand for? Your mission statement and purpose?”

“Figure out your businesses identity. I know that sounds a little unconventional, but hear me out… Today’s work force is not just looking for a place that they can make money, they are looking for a place to work and be a part of something.

  • Besides being a roofing company, what are you?
  • What else does your company stand for?
  • What is your mission statement?
  • What is your purpose for existing as a business?

Answering those questions and developing the culture for your business will not only attract people, but it will attract the right people.

Those that share the same mission, visions and passion that your business does.

The businesses that I see exploding are doing this, and communicating their vision clearly. They’re attracting more reps than they can handle, because it’s a culture that wants to succeed and breeds success in others.”

John Dye

“The culture, the mission, and the process”

“I think the one thing that gets overlooked the most is understanding what the talent you hire is looking for. Most contractors hire with the idea that money is the only thing that a new hire is looking at.

While money is important, it also something that can be very easily matched by other companies. Think about things that will make the talent feel at home and love going to work.

The three things that have been vital to helping our team enjoy what they do are the culture, the mission, and our process! These things give them perspective and the ability to understand what their role is in the company. Every day they have something to work for other than a paycheck!”

Derik Kline

“Your brand is what makes your company DOPE.”

“Get your brand in front of potential hires using cross channel marketing. What is cross channel marketing? A combo of digital and traditional advertising. A facebook video combined with a direct mail campaign is a perfect example. The trick is that the facebook ads and postcards need to look EXACTLY the same!”

David Carroll

We want everybody to make 200 K a year with all the stress and 24 7 hustle, not many people. what’s your one best tip to help roofing companies attract and retain the best talent. I think in the roofing industry, we’re actually, we’ve been talking a lot on the last few weeks about it is. Really start putting employees first. I feel like a lot of roofing business owners, we have this idea, this dream that we’re trying to sell them, that opportunities are endless. You can do anything you want. I don’t believe that. Not everybody wants to run a business. Not everybody wants to take risk and take liability. Your employees should not be thinking about risk. They should have guaranteed stated. Yes. Think about them put, think about you being as a corporate and like why people take low paying jobs said, McDonald’s and stuff for 15 bucks stated, yeah, it’s low paying job. There’s no risk, but people, you will be amazed how many people will take little jobs like that. Because. They know the stability is their paycheck there every Friday. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but at least there’s some kind of benefits. There’s, it’s eight to five that we declared in the roofing industry. On eight to five jobs. And I don’t agree with it. I think a lot of people need it. I think many people would rather work eight to five. Plugged their phones away and their brains away for the weekend. And maybe it comes with a pay cut. What we want to do instead. We want everybody to make 200 K a year with all the stress and 24 7 hustle. Not many people want it. You’ll be amazed. How many. Are willing to work for $70,000 a year, eight to five. So if you can create a job, show it to people and say, Hey, this is not bad, yeah. You’re not gonna make a lawyers money, but you’ll make, way above average. What’s medium income in the United States and most serious, like 50, 60 grand, you give someone $75,000 in a roofing industry, by the way it’s still a lot of money. And that, that’s what I would be focused on thinking about what’s there for employee less risk Reward, and just create a job that ordinary their person can do without, doing something super crazy. We’re so crazy about this idea. It’s no, they have to possibly have, they don’t have to their employees, they come to you to work. That would be my advice. Like the number one thing. Is can do to retain guys in 2021, but me being a salesman. So I, I would say great back end support. Cause when you on the front line and you’re going out there, you’re knocking on doors, you’re dealing with homeowners. And then you’re the person that got to put the fire out. You’re the person that got us scheduled gutters. You’re the person that gotta schedule siding clean up like you, the person that got to schedule everything. And you’re the only person that a homeowner is talking to after a while that starts to weigh on, certain salesman. I had a guy to actually quit because he had to do too much. Having great backend support your company, being compartmentalized to where you’ve got somebody to deal with. If it’s an issue with the roofing, they go to the production guy. And if there’s an issue with the money to go to the accountant people, if the issue with this, they go to these people to where your sales guy can actually focus and know if this is a fire. He got a great team of people behind him that could support him and vacuum up because then you could sell that at a high level. Cause I’ve seen sales guys not want to go out there and close deals. I talked to a sales guys all around the nation. I’ve heard guys leaving their company due to the production, not being up to par, I’ve had. guys leave cause they got to go run and get materials. So I think having great backend support with the company being compartmentalized and compartmentalizing, having your sales guys focus on sales, being the face and maybe collecting a check or two or, smoothing out a situation, but having somebody on the back end to really support these guys. So they don’t feel like they by themselves. I think that right there will, retain a lot of guys, even if they got to do a little bit more leg work, but just knowing that they got a lot of support. ♬ ♬

“Fire 4 people in the next 7 days.”

“If you have ever gone through a breakup and looked back knowing that it was over weeks, months, or even years ago but you were just too weak or scared to pull the trigger… then you have already learned this lesson.

You just haven’t applied it to your business yet.

After the initial shock and discomfort faded you probably felt more happy and fulfilled. My number is 4 people because it’s 10% of my company. I am always looking to either fire the bottom 10%, or create an atmosphere where the bottom 10% is the trash that takes itself out.

How do you do that? Core Values. You need to know what your company stands for, it will create clarity that you simply can not believe.

Get it done in 2 hours this week. How:

  • Set a time off-site to meet with the top 10% or the leadership team, for 2 hours.
  • Write a list of the 3 people who are not in the room, that if you could clone them – the business would be easy to run and more successful. As a group write down the qualities that made you name those people. 
  • Ask each other the following 5 questions and alternate who goes first answering:
  1. What is most important to us
  2. What motivates us
  3. Values that are worth striving
  4. What gives us guidance and security
  5. What are our characteristics

Discuss the similarities in your answers, to the characteristics of the people you would clone.Summarize them into 3-5 CORE VALUES that make your company culture.

Hire, Fire and discipline around these core values.

Think of them as bullets in a gun that you shoot people with when they do not embody your core values. Every reward, raise, promotion, discipline and corrective action focuses around how it related to the core values.


Adam Sand

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