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Amazon Home Services for Roofers and Contractors | 10 Powerful Tips

Are you a roofer or a contractor who wants more paying clients? Or maybe you experience downtime now and then and wish to fill the gaps in your schedule? If you need…

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Amazon Home Services for Contractors

Are you a roofer or a contractor who wants more paying clients? Or maybe you experience downtime now and then and wish to fill the gaps in your schedule? If you need more paying customers, then Amazon Home Services offers a fantastic opportunity to promote your services.

The best part about listing your service for sale on Amazon Home Services is that Amazon sends you real paying customers. You don’t have to fuss with lead generation anymore if you don’t want to.

Another fantastic feature of Amazon Home Services is that it’s very straightforward to use. Once approved as a seller, sales come to you automatically, which is a dream come true.

Before you register to Amazon Home Services, read this guide! You’ll discover ten powerful tips to make getting started much easier. Here are the top ten tips so you can get started selling roofing and contracting gigs on Amazon Home Services.

Amazon Home Services for Contractors

# 1 – Have Your Business Licensing Ready

One of the most critical things when applying for Amazon Home Services is that you probably need a proper professional license. Amazon doesn’t work with any roofer or contractor. Amazon strives to provide the best service to their customers as possible.

For that reason, they ensure that all electricians, HVAC experts, contractors, and plumbers have applicable certifications or licenses according to laws and regulations. During the registration process, you may have to show licensure or certification to prove that your business is above board.

# 2 – Contact Your Customers Promptly

After a roofing client purchases your roofing service (or any service) on Amazon, you will get an email. That email usually contains three different potential timeslots that work for the client.

Your job is to contact the client as soon as possible (within 24 hours) and let them know if those proposed availabilities work for you.
Promptness provides an excellent opportunity to make a great first impression, so followup with your client as soon as you can.# 3 – Bring Your “A Game” Every Time

Service begins with a smile and concludes with a happy customer. Since Amazon handpicks the best providers, you must offer fantastic service and maintain a reputation of excellence.
As a roofer, that may entail doing an excellent job, cleaning up after yourself, being on time, and thanking the client for their business.

# 4 – Put the Amazon Customer First

Remember that Amazon doesn’t allow just any company to sell services on Amazon Home Services.
Selling your services on Amazon Home Services is a privilege. Therefore, you should be extra careful to put your roofing client first.
Always treat any roofing or contracting clients honorably and with the utmost respect. That way, you can enjoy the fantastic marketing and sales potential that Amazon Home Services offers to you over the long-haul.

# 5 – Here’s A No-Pressure Way to Follow Up Without Stress

Only one thing feels better than a job well done. That one thing is knowing that your roofing client feels the same and is happy!
So, after you finish the job, it might be a great idea to communicate with the client to ensure that they’re totally and utterly satisfied.
All clients are different, and some are shyer than others. The last thing you want is to overlook the concerns of a client because you forgot to ask if they were happy.
Make the satisfaction of your roofing and contracting clients a priority. You can then build your business on the best foot possible, and with total confidence.

# 6 – Invite Your Customer to Provide Honest Feedback

We live in a society that cherishes social proof. Like it or not, reviews can easily influence how other prospects view your business.
That’s why it might be a smart move to politely ask your clients if they would be kind enough to provide honest feedback.
Never ask your client for a “five-star” review because that would be egregiously unethical. Instead, request honest feedback so you can try to make your business better.

# 7 – Get and Stay Insured

Amazon Home Services requires you to carry $1,000,000 (one million USD) general liability insurance. During the registration process, you are required to prove that your business carries insurance.

# 8 – Offer Superior Customer Support

How fast does it take you to reply to emails or phone calls? If your customer is frustrated about their roofing problems, it’s always a great idea to get back to them promptly and succinctly.

That way, your client knows that you genuinely care about their roofing dilemma. By offering fantastic support, you can slowly build a unique brand one job, and one client at a time.

# 9 – Download the App for Amazon Service Sellers

The Amazon Home Services app makes it super simple for you to choose the perfect roofing client. You can use the Selling Services on Amazon app to browse local jobs available in your area. The Selling Services app also allows you to select only the tasks that are of interest to you and fit your schedule.

If you want the ultimate freedom and flexibility in your roofing or contracting business, then the app is a must.

# 10 – Diversify Your Marketing

In the world of marketing, it’s a foolhardy endeavor to put all of your eggs in one basket. Even though Amazon Home Services can quickly provide you a constant stream of new customers, why not consider other options?

While Amazon Home Services rocks, remember that the world of home services keeps getting more exciting all the time.

In other words, Amazon Home Services isn’t the only player in town.

Consider checking out these fantastic services to help promote your roofing or contracting business:

Amazon Home Services Conclusion

If you offer terrific roofing or contracting gigs, then you’re in a fantastic position. That’s because you’ve never had this many phenomenal opportunities to promote your roofing and contracting services.

More services marketplaces are popping up all the time, making it easier for you to list and promote your service. According to Inc.com, Amazon and Google are eagerly chomping at the bit to invest in the home services market. That’s precisely why the home services market has never been so exciting for you, as a roofer or contractor.

Take action on the steps in this guide, so you can compete and share your services with the world.

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