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How to Have Two Phone Numbers on One Line: Alternate Phone Number

You’re a busy person. There are countless things you need to tackle in a day between your work and your personal life. Most of our lives are now operated and managed from…

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You’re a busy person. There are countless things you need to tackle in a day between your work and your personal life. Most of our lives are now operated and managed from our phones, and, sometimes, trying to navigate, charge, and keep track of multiple devices is just too much.

There are several simple ways you can streamline the phones in your life. Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, you can have two phone numbers on one line at budget-flexible prices. You can set up a number for your small business or create a work-specific line to contact coworkers. You can keep your personal life and work-life separate, all from the convenience of your preferred device.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to launch an alternate phone number, or multiple numbers, from the convenience of your device.

Adding Numbers Through an App

Smartphone owners can take advantage of several different apps to create their accessible, alternate numbers. Most of the services are straightforward and budget-flexible.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free phone service for people looking for unlimited calling and texting through multiple numbers. You get to select your new phone numbers and choose which device you’d like to forward the calls and messages to and from. Every time someone calls your alternate numbers, your selected phone will notify you.

For your added phone number, you can create a personalized voicemail message and screen incoming calls. Suppose you’re using an Android or iOS device. In that case, whenever you make outgoing calls, you can personally select whether you’d like to call from your original number or your alternate Google Voice number.

International calls are available through the Google Voice service, but it will cost you a bit extra. You do need to create a Google account to access this free service. You can manage this service through the Google Voice app or online.

GoDaddy SmartLine App

You can add a business or a toll-free line to your smartphone device through GoDaddy’s SmartLine app for a monthly fee. With either number, GoDaddy offers a one-month free trial for you to test out the service.

With SmartLine, you get to choose your U.S.-based phone number and customize a voicemail message. You can set business hours for the alternate number, so you don’t receive work calls on your personal device outside of work hours. GoDaddy offers unlimited call minutes and unlimited texts each month. Simply download the app to get started.

Your added basic business number is less than $10 per month.


The Line2 app allows you to add a business number to your device with unlimited texts and inbound calls for less than $15 per month. The system is easy to operate— your alternate number can be up and running in just minutes.

Line2 is compatible with any iOS, Android, or Windows device, as long as it’s connected to WiFi. One interesting “pro” for this service is that you can call and text other Line2 members for free. Through the monthly subscription, you can contact non-Line2 members without issue, though.

Depending on whether you would like call recordings or voicemail transcriptions, several service plans are available for an additional fee every month. Line2 does offer a 30-day refund guarantee if you find that their service doesn’t quite match your needs.

Adding Numbers Through your Mobile Carrier

Several wireless carriers have their own specific apps for adding phone numbers to an operating line. If you’d prefer to keep your phone number services tied to your mobile carrier, there are options available.

Verizon My Numbers

Verizon’s My Numbers program allows customers to add up to four numbers to their Android or 4G iOS device. The numbers have unlimited texting and calling, and you can organize these separate messages into specific inboxes so that you won’t mix up texts or voicemails.

My Numbers will cost you $15 per month per phone number. Still, it is an extremely easy-to-use service. It takes seconds to pick out an area code and new phone number, and the My Numbers inbox organization is simple to follow. You can tap between your labeled tabs to find the different messages between your varying numbers.


T-Mobile offers a free phone number service for T-Mobile customers. You can add up to five phone numbers through their DIGITS app to send and receive calls and texts.

The DIGITS app is compatible with most internet-connected devices. If you download the app to your cell phone, tablet, or computer, you can make calls or send texts from alternate numbers on any of those devices.

If you need additional lines beyond the provided five phone numbers, you can buy more for about $10 per month. The DIGITS app will also pair with smartwatches for an additional fee every month.

Sprint Multiline

The Sprint Multiline service is a business-focused application that is best used by companies for their employees. This service allows for employees to operate a business line from their cell device.

This app is available on any Android or iOS device, “regardless of carrier.” If your employees use Verizon, T-Mobile, or other carriers, this service will still be accessible.

Multiline does require a monthly subscription payment to activate the service.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, having only one single phone number doesn’t get the job done. You may need to open a second phone number to help manage your job’s responsibilities, or it’s possible you’ve started a new business and don’t want to mix your company calls with your personal number.

Getting a second number doesn’t have to come with the annoyance of carrying two phones around. Whether you’d like to opt for a mobile carrier’s alternate number service or a third-party app with potentially cheaper subscriptions, it’s easy to open two phone numbers from one line.

Set your business up for success with optimized content, stellar web design, and a designated, professional phone number. Whether you’re just starting as a small business or contractor or are hoping to streamline your current operations, Hook Agency can help.

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