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How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Web Design

The continuous evolution of technology and the Internet has brought us to the discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Derived from computer science, the goal of AI is to create intelligent machines to…

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Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Web Design

The continuous evolution of technology and the Internet has brought us to the discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Derived from computer science, the goal of AI is to create intelligent machines to improve a work process, ultimately, performing the work better than humans. Major companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Telsa are researching how AI can help problem solve, process natural language and knowledge; handle motion and manipulation, to name a few.

The Role of AI in Reshaping Web Design

Role of AI in Reshaping Web Design

At some point, without knowing, you may have visited a website powered by AI. If not, you will as AI will power a growing number of websites in the near future. AI has impacted the web design industry in a way that is helping automated web design, content and image development, and design layouts. AI offers real-time feedback based on the analysis of existing websites simplifying the process for web designers.

Building websites in the past was quite complex; you needed a firm understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Coding was required for each and every page, single changes to the website were required for each and every page. Currently, not all web designers are developers, and not all developers are designers. AI helps developers who are not as well versed in web design, create basic templates and layouts that allow for a single change to all pages across the website. AI also covers other design aspects like basic photo editing skills. Web developers can train their machine to think like a designer.

Using AI for Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is common practice before launching a website. The creation of AI algorithms has automated the tedious and repetitive tasks of QA. AI algorithms can also be used for adding and updating database records, using code snippets to help identify and solve problems with the website. Automating these tasks allows web developers to focus on improving website security to protect the privacy of consumer data.

Using AI to Analyze Consumer Behavior

Using AI to Analyze Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is evolving parallel with technology. Web designers are implementing AI to analyze consumer behavior to create websites that return optimum results. Virtual shopping, AI assistants, and image recognition are a few examples of web designers are relying on AI to analyze consumer behavior.

Improving Customer Experience using AI

Simple chatbot interactions with customers are limited to predefined commands and responses. Implementing an AI chatbot delivers a better user experience. Every conversation the chatbot is learning, adapting its responses, and will eventually spark real-time conversations with customers. Fast-forward, your AI chatbot has the ability to adapt to the customer responses and develop new actions accordingly, thus increasing customer engagement.

AI Content Creation

Working in the web design industry, I hear it all the time, “quality content is king.” AI systems have been developed to automate the tedious tasks of collecting and analyzing data from existing websites to create better websites. This development has allowed for the creation of more content-based websites that leave a great impression on consumers.

Gathering User Requirements with AI

Typically, the process of gathering user requirements is long and complex. Insert an AI-powered chatbot with voice assistance to the process. It will provide a detailed description of the collected data, which can be extracted with various tools enhancing and automating the process.

AI Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Search engine optimization and web design are often used in the same sentence. There are a number of tools to analyze your metrics that involve human interaction. This process can also be handled by AI and will maximize the utilization of website and user metadata and identify website architecture issues. Content issues that pose a threat from an SEO perspective can be identified as well.


In today’s competitive market place, companies are reinventing themselves by deploying AI as the first point of consumer contact and web design functions. Companies must evolve to keep pace with the competition. Adopting AI allows companies to create an evolving environment for web designers to deploy AI and machine learning. These programs assist in creating smart websites that serve as a multi-purpose tool to gain consumer traction, handle and leverage large amounts of data to grow their business. Do you think AI can make perfect websites and eventually replace humans in the web design industry? Leave your comment below.

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