How to Use A.I. in Marketing a Roofing Business

So many of you are using A.I. already – but besides avoiding the obvious pitfalls: Posting purely A.I. content that is uninspiring and lacks a human touch. Not understanding the fundamental marketing…

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Evolve your marketing with A.I.

So many of you are using A.I. already – but besides avoiding the obvious pitfalls:

  • Posting purely A.I. content that is uninspiring and lacks a human touch.
  • Not understanding the fundamental marketing principles so whatever tools you leverage are used as effectively as possible.

Avoiding A.I. entirely could be a complete waste of resources:

  • Especially when you can use A.I. to re-utilize content from videos while scaling out subject matter expertise.
  • Can cut down on the busy work of research, and repetitive tasks!

Let’s dive into 4 ways to utilize A.I. now for your Google marketing for a roofing company, or any home service business!

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1. Extract Unique Selling Propositions from Google Reviews with AI

Unlock the Power of Customer Feedback

Transform your Google reviews into marketing gold! Dive into the sea of customer feedback and fish out those nuggets that make your business stand out. It’s not just about what you think makes you special; it’s about what your customers are raving about. Are they constantly praising your punctuality, your expertise in navigating insurance, or your professional demeanor? These are the gems you need to polish and showcase in your marketing strategy.

How to Do It:

  • Gather Your Reviews: Start with a rich source of customer insights – your Google reviews.
  • Use AI to Distill Insights: Let AI tools sift through the reviews and identify unique selling points that truly set you apart.
  • Reflect Customer Voices in Your Marketing: Mirror these insights in your marketing, ensuring that what you say resonates deeply with your audience’s experiences and expectations.

2. Effortlessly Create Blogs from Videos

Transform Video Content into Engaging Blogs

Got video content? Turn it into engaging blog posts with minimal effort! By converting your video transcripts into blog articles, you’re not just repurposing content; you’re expanding your reach to different audience segments.

Steps to Follow:

  • Transcribe Your Video: Use tools to convert your video speech into text.
  • Enlist AI for Copywriting: Feed the transcript to an AI, directing it to craft a blog post with novel ideas and a fresh perspective.
  • Edit and Enhance: Don’t just post AI-generated content raw. Add your personal touch with edits, bullet points, images, and videos for that extra flair.

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3. Utilize Negative Keywords for Cost-Effective Leads

Smart Keyword Exclusion for Better ROI

Negative keywords are your secret weapon in the Google Ads battlefield. By identifying what you don’t want, you ensure your ads don’t show up for irrelevant searches, saving you money and enhancing lead quality.

Implementing Negative Keywords:

  • List Down Irrelevant Searches: Identify terms and phrases that are not aligned with your business goals.
  • Use AI for Suggestions: Let AI help you create a comprehensive list of negative keywords tailored to your specific needs.
  • Apply to Google Ads: Integrate this list into your Google Ads campaigns for more focused and effective advertising.

4. Block Bots and Competitors to Optimize Ad Spend

Shield Your Ads from Unwanted Clicks

Your Google Ads budget should be for potential customers, not bots or snoopy competitors. Protect your investment by using AI tools to block unwanted IP addresses, ensuring every penny goes towards reaching genuine leads.

How to Implement:

  • Identify Unwanted Traffic: Use tools to detect repetitive or suspicious clicks on your ads.
  • Automate IP Blocking: Employ AI-driven solutions to automatically block these IP addresses, saving you time and money.
  • Focus on Real Customers: Redirect your ad spend towards genuine interactions, maximizing ROI.

Don’t forget to enhance everything you do with human elements

A.I. makes a better brainstorming tool than a final product creator.

Partly because people can tell when it’s just A.I.

We utilize it all the time, but modify the work so that if something is in-accurate we can fix it, and to give it that extra human touch so that humans can fully enjoy the work.

Don’t let this stop you from using A.I., but do make sure you’re not publishing pure A.I. content without giving it the human touch! 

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