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10 Examples of Hand-lettering I want to Inspire my work

I love sifting through Pinterest, Instagram, Dribbble and Behance for great design. These are 10 of my favorite hand-lettering pieces I’ve found in the last couple years, and so I thought I’d…

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Brandika on Instagram

I love sifting through Pinterest, Instagram, Dribbble and Behance for great design. These are 10 of my favorite hand-lettering pieces I’ve found in the last couple years, and so I thought I’d share them with ya’all. Enjoy!

10 Examples of Amazing Hand-lettering:

Chezmeka - Everything happens for a reason

I guess I’m just a huge fan of Chezmeka

I love everything about this scene. There are examples of several different types of excellent hand-lettered pieces here. The “Hard Work” piece on the right has this fun serif that shows how you can reuse a letter. The skull lettering gives a bit of that psychedelic feel mixed with a biker vibe. The letters create a shape and bend to the will of the artist. The main poster here has a mildly tattoo-esque vibe, each letter taking their place in the overall composition fitting into a unique space. The feel of which leaves you with a super-intentional overall composition, complementing the meaning of the poster. Chezmeka’s Website

Adam Trageser - Dribbble - Hand lettering


Old Timey Style


I think what pulls in my interest here on this hand-lettered piece is the classic feel, and some of the ligatures that I have not seen a ton of great examples of. The initial ligature on the N, and the sweeping swash on the B are both creative uses of design element that could  inspire a bit of reckless abandon on some of my pieces. When it’s a more classic composition like this, the contrast of the big sweeping swash provides a way to offset the conservative historic feel. Adam Trageser, Two Left’s Website


Great hand-lettering instagram goodtype


Simple but Gorgeous


The way that this one was put together from the beginning is just with a simple idea, done so tastefully and intentionally that it grabs you. I like the way the letters thin out on the twists, and are broader when going straight side to side or up and down. I love the basic type treatment of the accompanying serif and the letter spacing that allows the composition to breathe. Isaac Westurland, Remnant Studios’ website


Brandika on Instagram



Holy Mother of God


I think why this piece is extremely inspiring is fairly self-explanatory, but I will try to write a bit about it. These letters are so purposefully and painstakingly put together and each ligature masterfully woven together that it makes me feel mildly in awe. Let me wax philosophical for a moment. This design makes me feel like all is right with the universe; there is order, and it is good. I think part of what makes this awesome is that the designer started off with a gorgeous concept, or meaning, and allowed that to speak into the design. Brandika Sengco on Instagram

Coffees for Closers


More of a sketch


This one may not be to pen stage yet in this picture, but there are some things that it is doing rather well. Using the steam from the coffee to grow the word “Coffee’s” out of gives the composition a nice little gesture. The lines under that create a nice opportunity for the fresh but simple “for” and the word “Closers” has a really nice tall san-serif look to it that contrasts starkly with the previous script, but is a delightful change-up from the serif “for” as well. Over-all extremely intentional, albeit still in the sketch stage.


Zachary Smith - Hand Lettering Water Color


Water color, hand-lettering, and sentiment


Well I’m going to say this piece has it’s origins in some kind of love story. But, that’s ok we’ll let it slide. Alongside it’s somewhat sappy message, the water-color, or watery ink feel gives an ephemeral ambiance that draws the viewer in. The little branches around the edges could easily throw the piece off but work, making me wonder how much planning went into this, and how many versions there were before this final one. From planning my own compositions I know that you don’t arrive at this perfectly spaced out letters without anything going way off to one side without a ton of preparation. Tons of different kinds of type treatments here, but they compliment each other very well. Zachary Smith’s excellent work on Dribbble


Hand Lettering - Sean Wes


Weird, Sean Wes Showed up on Here.

Obviously, I follow this designer pretty closely. His work obviously speaks for itself, but I actually like that he leaves a bit of his pencil lines on this one, and I really appreciate how the swash from the L completes the h, and how it tucks into the O below. These subtle pieces make hand-lettering fun, and give it a quality that it would be hard to replicate with a font. Sean Wes’ Website


El Diablo Run- A different style of hand-lettering


And now, for something a little different

Another Chezmeka piece, this one slips you the tongue with a rawkus departure from some of these other more elegant compositions. I don’t know how to place the tone of this piece. It just reminds me of something that would be on a really bad-ass dirtbiker’s helmet who does crazy flips. The type itself has this broad chunkiness to it that allows each piece to fit nicely within the other pieces. It’s not easy to articulate exactly why this one is so successful or unique, but I think it’s one I will come back to for inspiration, when I want a departure from some more basic hand-lettering styles. Chezmeka’s Site
Follow Truth - Dribbble Hand Lettering


Slip a little illustration in there

I think I love the almost wood-carved feel of this one. The accompanying symbols serve to enhance the overall meaning of the type. The animal, and the arrow give the type some other elements to start telling a story. Simple type, overall, very well done. Joshua Schubert’s Work

Yeaaah Studio Hand-drawn type


Several distinct styles represented


The letters on the first line here draw me in, because they have those weird forked tongue type pieces. Can’t think of the fonts I’ve seen this on before, maybe Woodshop. Yes… woodshop.  Get it for free here.  That style is not something I’ve attempted before in hand-lettering, but I bet it would be a fun challenge. Yeaaah Studio


Scott Biersack - Having fun, doing it wrong

Bonus – Agency Wall edition – Scott Biersack

Love seeing these design agencies gorgeous wall art. This wonderful example from Zion and Zion by Scott Biersack is a prime example.

Hope some of this has been inspiring for you, thanks for coming along for the ride!

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