Video Marketing

Tell your companies story in a customer-focused brand video

Drive engagement through the roof
Increase your referrals
Build your community, and existing clients

We are not a traditional video production company – but we know what drives leads.

The problem with your average video production company is the 3-month turnaround, the bloated price-tag, and the lack of 'go with the flow.' We work with you to batch video filming time into quick and useful chunks, and then we turn those videos with you and ideal customers sharing their experience into a cohesive story.

We Only Do Video Marketing For Highly Vetted Clients

First, we'll engage you for an SEO retainer, Paid ads management, or web design and determine if there's a good fit. Because of the highly intimate nature of video content marketing - we're selective so expectations on both side are tight.

Good Rapport First, Allows to Work Somewhat Spontaneously

We've found the most productive way to work is without scripts – we just work with a charismatic subject matter expert and genuine customers sharing their experience. If you understand this - we can lay out the structure of the engagement, sign a video marketing proposal and get started.

When We Do Video Marketing, It's the Best ROI You Can Get

There's no doubt in our mind, video marketing is the #1 best way to capture attention and create content people actually care about. Make your SEO, PPC, and social media marketing budgets go further with compelling video.
Roofing Video Marketing, Minnesota
Video Marketing La Crosse Wisconsin, Rochester, St. Cloud
Josh Swisher - Northface Construction
"[Hook] took a deep interest in understanding what my business was about and our vision for the future. The whole process went very smooth."
Josh Swisher
"We appreciate Hook Agency’s expertise, flexibility & how easy they are to work with. I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it."
Dallas Werner

For Smart Entrepreneurs

4-6 total hours of your time, and we can do the rest.

Minneapolis Web Design

Get more for your time & money

Combine video with social media and SEO to get better results

1. We utilize the video we capture to create a compelling story
2. We help work with your customers to share their authentic voices
3. We can show you how to wield video for the best ROI on marketing spend

Robust marketing systems for smart entreprenuers

After you film we do the rest
After you film we do the rest
We edit the video, and create a strong cohesive marketing video, after we give you a chance to give any feedback. All in all, besides the time spent filming, we keep your time low.
We can also help you improve your website traffic
We can also help you improve your website traffic
We know video is great for Google visibility, as well as increasing referrals from social media. We do what it takes on the SEO side as well if you need - we love helping companies with ongoing marketing efforts not just one-off projects.
Help you convert more customers
Help you convert more customers
Our specialty is where visual design and SEO combine – so we'll help you improve your website's conversions with our skills designing and working on 100's of websites and making changes based on analytics, A/B tests and user tests.

Some Quick Questions & Answers About Video Marketing

We know that people are about 10X more likely to engage with content, whether it be on your website or on social – if there is a video. Video is how you get and capture greater amounts of attention, and it also helps significantly with building organic traffic and leads that last – so in our minds, it's a match made in heaven and there are a ton of efficiencies in doing video marketing + SEO with the same group of marketing experts.
We help you create a couple of key videos for your business – often as an addition to SEO, or web design – we will do the video aspect for a project rate of $7,497 - often with an employee/recruiting focused video, and a 'brand-story' / ideal customer-focused video. We are very selective with the clients we work with because we want there to be trust and autonomy to work vigorously on your behalf, and we want there to be clear expectations on both sides about the work to be done, and the approach to these services (4-6 hours filming - somewhat spontaneous scripting), editing, writing. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our marketing services more effective, and video content marketing is certainly on the cutting edge of that effectiveness.

Video Marketing Articles

Get in the mood with these video marketing articles

Did you know that over 90% of 18-44-year-old American internet users watch videos on YouTube? If you'd been following our blog you would have! Keep on the cutting edge with us.

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