Increase time on site with compelling video content that informs customers while gaining their trust. Video content marketing is a valuable asset that, when utilized properly, can help boost your business on many fronts. This case study lays out the benefits of boosting video content on both on-site content and social media pages. La Crosse, WI roofer, First American Roofing has learned to grasp viewers with captivating content that helps them become thought leaders in the industry.

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In 2019, First American Roofing’s Facebook page utilized video content to the fullest.
In the last year alone, their video content had 33.8k minutes viewed, a 368% increase from the previous year. Facebook has a metric called 3-second video views, which is the number of times a video was viewed for at least 3 seconds and that number is even greater. 91.7k videos were watched for at least 3 seconds, which was an annual increase of 176%!

There are 3 major components to why including video content in their marketing strategy has helped First American Roofing boost engagement and time on site.


First, it builds trust with their customers, which is very important in an industry like roofing and construction.

By putting that personal touch into videos, it shows potential clients that they care and are super knowledgeable of what their company is selling. Not to mention, it injects a bit of personality into the business and can help connect with their new or existing customers.



Second, it solidifies brand presence.

By inserting real business owners and employees into videos, it can be an opportunity to build brand voice and image amongst competitors. Creating series like “Good Neighbors” and “Protecting Your Investment”, First American Roofing has been able to curate their own branded content and stay consistent in every video they do. In addition to the actual subject matter, the videos can be stamped with brand designs or logos using simple editing software. A branded intro and logo can be embedded into video content to ensure it stays in line with company brand materials.


Third, utilizing video content increases time on site, which is a goal all companies should have.

It is said that a good amount of time for a customer to spend on a company site or page is 2-3 minutes. That session is adequate time to get a quick first glance at a company, and be able to contact them via contact form. This means it’s very important to keep videos short, but very frequent.

That sweet spot for video length is between 1:30 and 3:00 minutes, offering plenty of time to share valuable information, engage with customers, and give them just the right amount of content they’re looking for. By posting both original youtube videos on Facebook, then turning them around to create on-site blog content, we get multiple uses for video content. Embed the video near the top of the article, then expand on the video content to write out a more in-depth blog about the topic. Customers choose to watch the video clip, or read the article in its entirety. Both can increase time on-site and placing the contact forms right on that page allows customers to quickly and easily contact First American Roofing for more information.

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