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Creating SEO Packages and SEO pricing packages is only to make it as easy as possible for people to work with us if they know what they want and understand SEO to the point where they can see the clear and obvious value our SEO packages can provide. If you still are curious about what SEO can do for your company, or don’t fully understand how more showing up for more terms in Google might look like for your business – Schedule a 20 minute phone-call and we’ll give you the rundown on how our SEO Packages can create value for you and your company.

Finding the right keywords for your company to go after is the first step to each of the Search Engine Optimization Packages we offer, and we also do a content strategy and technical SEO for each. Beyond that, how aggressively you want to go after 1st-page rankings and how competitive your industry should guide you to which level you should choose. We’re happy to help with any of your questions, and thank you for visiting!

We know what we’re good at – if you have services that cost $5k+ and already have some website leads (not starting from scratch) – we’re more likely to be a better fit.

If your company drives business on your website – and YOU KNOW THERE’S MORE MONEY TO BE MADE… not taking aggressive action on your website’s SEO – is like asking for your company to fail.

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  • Push
  • $2997 / Month
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technical SEO Edits
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Local Directory Links, Press Release Links & Contextual Links
  • 3000 Words Written Monthly
  • Live dashboard with year over year traffic and conversions, next steps and completed items from past month.
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Can be used for blogs or landing pages
  • Get Started
  • Powerful
  • $3997 / Month
  • Quicker, more aggressive results.
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technical SEO Edits
  • Content Strategy
  • Local Directory Links, Press Release Links & Contextual Links
  • Aggressive Link Building
  • 5000 words written monthly
  • Live dashboard with year over year traffic and conversions, next steps and completed items from past month.
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Can be used for blogs or landing pages
  • Get Started
  • Powerful SEO + CRO
  • $5497 / Month
  • Quicker Result for traffic + a more dramatic uptick in LEADS
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technical SEO Edits
  • Content Strategy
  • Local Directory Links, Press Release Links & Contextual Links
  • Enterprise Link building
  • Live dashboard with year over year traffic and conversions, next steps and completed items from past month.
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 5000 Words written monthly
  • Can be used for blogs or landing pages
  • Screen recordings of visitors on site
  • Significant changes to design to increase leads
  • A/B Testing, and User Testing in later months
  • Changes based on real data and insights from testing
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Questions and Answers about SEO Packages

We create content focused on targeting and tone – that actually draws in qualified buyers and creates rapport with clients over time, driving up sales.

You don't have to wait 2 years to see R.O.I. with our SEO packages. Because of our natural looking but aggressive link-building strategies on high authority domains, you'll see movement in as little as a couple months, and start to see undeniable R.O.I in 7-12 months.

Our efforts are 100% focused on increasing your revenue.

You get what you pay for, and that couldn't be truer when it comes to SEO Packages.

When I hear someone was paying 500-700 dollars for an SEO package somewhere else I have to laugh because I SPEND at least that on every one of my clients every month. Through the content creation, brokered backlinks and other things I'm purchasing on behalf of my SEO clients because real SEO takes money.

If your competitors are buying 500-700 dollar SEO packages – and you purchase my SEO packages focused on Professional Level Visibility I can promise you, you'll be the raking in the new clients while their website is collecting dust.

As you can see my SEO plans start at around $2500. Can you get legitimate SEO for less than this? Absolutely you can – but once again, some cheaper providers aren't really putting the amount of sweat into your SEO Packages.

I want to help a select number of clients I believe I can truly benefit. For many – $2500 is going to be peanuts to the amount of revenue we can drive on their website, and so these individuals won't want to spend less to get a less aggressive SEO specialist on their project.

They want the best of the best – and someone who will be relentless in pursuit of higher rankings to drive traffic on Google.

They don't just want SEO. They want PROFESSIONAL VISIBILITY.

Is SEO Worth It?

It's a question I get alot – and the result is going to seriously depend on your business situation at hand – and how quickly you need it to pay you back.

But I will walk you through some exact math I used to determine a recent prospects situation, and why I suggested they DON'T DO SEO with my company right now. 

I will also tell you EXACTLY what I told them to do right now instead. 

I took a look at their recent traffic by source in Google Analytics

Math I did for the ‘Last 30 days’ in analytics conversions:

They’ve had a total of 625 conversions

So if 1 in 8 becomes a customer - this amount will result in 77.5 customers on average

x $300 for the average customer.

This would equal = $23,500 in Revenue from the site (estimated / average)

But for Organic search - Only $6,957 of your revenue is happening their currently based on –>

97 Conversions from Search Traffic for the last 30 days

Which would result in an average of 12.125 customers= $3637 Revenue … if it was 30% profit margin - that means you currently have $1091. Profit on average coming a month from Search.

At 2k investment - I would probably hurt your short term profitability on this avenue. 3 months isn’t enough time to showcase the full extent of SEO’s power. That being said a longer engagement could triple your conversions from search. I think it’s in your best interest to pursue SEO (albeit, perhaps not with us.)

In particular I think I would look into these 3 next steps:

To me if you do at least these 3 things around your top 2-3 locations you’ll have some results that will whet your appetite for SEO in the future, and perhaps I can be of service then.

I think your best bet is to try these things on your own at the moment - and experiment with meta titles and descriptions / writing some 100% unique content for top pages.

So let's say you're looking for a Landscaping SEO Company - If you are considering this in the future - I’d start 2-3 months BEFORE the busy season with an SEO company so they can start to effect rankings more heavily going into spring (there’s a couple month lag on work to see the progress.)


So how do you do this math?

You need 3 things:

  • Some understanding of what an average customer value is to you. I.E. the average customer spends $1700 bucks with us. or in the above case $300. In the end the return will be closer to $90 if your profit margin is 30% of that.
  • How many people that contact you turn into customers on average (the percentage)
  • How many people are currently converting from search (must have conversions tracking, then sort analytics conversions by 'Organic search'


If your current amount of conversions/ from search is low (i.e) and doubling it wouldn't justify hiring an SEO company (1k-3k a month on average) – that doesn't mean you should just hang up your hat.

It means you may need to put in some sweat equity on your digital marketing before engaging an SEO company. Consult the '3 Next Steps' earlier in the article for what you could do in the meantime.


In the end it really comes down to niche:

If it was my company – I would use Ahrefs.com to determined the most searched keywords to find the biggest opportunities – here I've searched movers, and landscaping in my area to see what kind of volume and difficulty there is:

Movers and Landscaping SEO - Is it worth it?


  • Movers has a higher volume at 800 - but it's more difficult to rank for.
  • Landscapers has a lower volume at 300 - but would be much easier to rank for.

Rinse, and repeat with all of the different variations of keywords that would result in sales for you – and then write your meta-titles with the best opportunities at the beginning of them.

Check out my article for 5 steps to writing the perfect meta-description if you'd like :)


Long story short - the answer to 'Is SEO Worth It?' really requires more digging into your business model – the search landscape in your industry AND location. SEO in my experience, is always a good idea – just also have to figure out whether to try to do it yourself, or hire an Agency to do it. That question ideally is answered by looking at the data!

I hope you have a great week - and if nothing else, this article should encourage you to get Search Console, and Analytics installed and get conversion tracking up and running!


SEO is right for every website whose owner wants it to be findable by more people.

Paying for SEO only makes sense for people whose website truly can drive significant R.O.I. for their company.

If your website is responsible for regularly bringing in heavy amounts of leads and sales, it's in your best interest to have a professional SEO Specialist look over your website, find improvements and be incentivized to continually work with you building out targeted content and links.

There is such a wide range of pricing SEO packages, that it almost requires diving in a little bit into what real SEO entails. Recognizing the time and effort it takes for instance to write your own in-depth blog articles and finding ways to target them heavily for a specific keyword or topic can help you recognize the effort needed. For many – single entrepreneurs or small teams, trying this method may be a great way to push on SEO as well for a beginning period.

Many simply don't want to do this kind of in-depth writing and research – not to mention it's not always as simple as reaching out to a few friends to get blog posts on their site and link back to yours. Research and time go into outreach and relationships with brokers for links etc. Thus the SEO pricing packages you look at should likely have these types of 'cost of goods sold' priced into them, and shouldn't be purely based on hours.

SEO specialists who price on hours are likely not going to include the overhead of tools, links, and content and may tend to be less efficient. This is why my approach to SEO Pricing packages is really about the core value you want to accomplish – more leads, more sales, and more revenue. Simply put, that's why I focus on only offering the best service available on the market, rather than trying to get every client that comes to us. We're selective, but it ends up being a better thing for everyone because then our clients that we do sign – know they have our full attention.

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