Lobster Font Free Download – 8 Examples and 9 Alternatives


by on April 4, 2018

Lobster Font free alternatives and examples

Lobster Font Free Download – 8 Examples and 9 Alternatives


Lobster Font Free Download + Examples

Lobster is an expressive Script font – it’s one of my least favorite fonts of all time, but I know from my search engine optimization work, that it’s something that people want and search all the time. (Keyword research)

So to help you fine people that search this god-awful font (I’ll explain more about why I hate it and alternatives later in this post) – I’m providing you with the Lobster font free download here.

Lobster Font Free Download Links:

Download Lobster font for free now

Download Lobster font webfont kit for free now

Why I Hate The Font Lobster:

  • It’s wildly overused – I see this font on everything from Birthday cake candles, to bad brochures.
  • It’s too expressive – When a fonts style is THIS DISTINCT, when it’s overused you can’t help but notice it. It’s not like Helvetica, Gotham, or Brandon Grotesque – who are used quite often (perhaps to often?) but still don’t grate on my nerves because they aren’t so obvious and when used they feel much more inconspicuous because they aren’t so loud! If you love simple, clean whitespace (like you grow to love as a designer) Lobster of the opposite of that. Lobster is the new Comic Sans. 
  • It feels clunky – I am not a font designer, so I could not likely make a better font than Lobster without a ton of practice – but there ARE a lot of great alternatives (I will share shortly) that are expressive script fonts but don’t feel so thick, slabby and kind of awkward like Lobster.


Examples of the Font Lobster in Use:

Little Red Cap – Book Cover Design with Lobster

Poster Design with Lobster Font


Handlettering Using Lobster

Lobster font for handlettering

Bullfinch Design (from ‘Against The Lobster Font Abuse‘)

Bullfinch Design using Lobster Font


Lobster Combination with Body Copy ‘Cabin Font’ 

Lobster Font Pairing Ideas - Cabin Font

A Little ‘On The Nose’ (With Other Problems Too)

Lobster Font Poster Example Download

Lobster Font Example on Website

Lobster Font Example on Website

Lobster is the new Comic Sans

Lobster is the new comic sans

Alternatives to the dreaded Lobster Font:

Thirthy – Script Font on BeFonts (Available for Free)

Thirthy Typeface - Lobster Alternatives


Pacifico – Lobsteresque font on FontSquirrel (Available for Free)

Pacifico - Lobster Font Alternative

Blenda – Inspired by Lobster (Available for Free)

Blenda Font - Alternative to Lobster


Hoodson Font on BeFonts (Free Download)

Hoodson Font - Script, Alternative to Lobster

Wisdom Script – (Free Font Download)

Wisdom Script - Free font download / Alternatives to Lobster

Athenia – Lobster Font Alternative ($16 on Creative Market)

Asthenia Script Fonts



Thirsty Script Font ($49 for full font family)

Thirsty Script font - Lobster Alternative Font


The Pipetton Script Font ($14 Download)

Pipetton - Script Font


The Austten Script Font ($20 Font Download)

Austten Font - Lobster Font Alternatives





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