7 Best Free Hipster Fonts (+11 Best Paid Hipster Fonts)


by on August 16, 2016

Highlands - Best Free Hipster Fonts

7 Best Free Hipster Fonts (+11 Best Paid Hipster Fonts)


You wanted them, and you get them.

I’ve done the curating – so you don’t have to.

Here are my favorite free hipster fonts for your enjoyment and downloading pleasure.

1.Highlands – Free Download on Lost Type 

Highlands - Best Free Hipster Fonts

2. Ostrich Sans – Free Download on League of Moveable Type

Ostrich Sans - Best Free Hipster Fonts

3. Geared – Free Download of Lost Type

Geared - Best Free Hipster Fonts

4. Blackout – Free Download on League of Moveable Type
Blackout - Best Free Hipster Font

5. Homestead – Free Download on Lost Type


6. Carton – Free Download on Lost Type

Carton Font - Hipster Fonts

7. Cubano – Free Download on Lost Type

Cubano Hipster Fonts



Ok with spending a little money? Non-free hipster fonts

There’s nothing wrong with using free fonts, but if you’re a real pro it does make sense to buy fonts when the font fits your needs. Especially since some of the best fonts were poured over with love and care and the creators deserve to be compensated. Check out these excellent although not free hipster fonts. And once again hipster in this scenario simply means stylish – on trend – and usually means something beyond the basic serif and sans-serif and into the expressive side.


1. The Legend Font Trio – $18 on Creative Market

The Legend Font Family

2. Brothers Font – $140 on FontSpring

Brothers Font - Hipster


3. Gin Typeface – $45 on Creative Market

Gin Typeface

4. Nexa Rust – Free Version (5 Fonts), Full Font Family (83 Fonts)

Nexa Rust


5. Old Scotch Typeface – $13 on Creative Market

Old Scotch Font Family - Hipster font

6. Riverhack – $16 on Creative Market

Riverhack - Hipster Fonts


7. The Whisky Font Collection – $15 on Creative Market

The Whiskey Font Collection - Hipster Fonts

8. Thistle Creek – $15 on Creative Market

Thistle Creek - Hipster Fonts

9. Endurest Serif – $12 on Creative Market

Endurest Typeface - Hipster Font

10. Twilight – $13 on Creative Market

Twilight Font - Best Free Hipster Fonts

11. Suargie – $20 on Creative Market

Suargie - Best Hipster Fonts


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