From 1M to 10M+ Revenue With Hook as Marketing Partner

Northface Roofing SEO case study

How did Josh Swisher hit $10M revenue in one year at 32 years old?

To be clear – we’re always just a component of our clients overall strategy. 

That being said – Josh Swisher has often said part of his ‘secret sauce’ is his marketing edge, and Hook Agency is a pretty big part of that cutting edge. 

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  • We designed an initial website, and then designed another one more recently 2-3 years ago – both redesigns gave a more professional appearance to Northface than so many roofers in his area. 
  • We’ve helped Josh go from nearly 0 traffic to 10’s of thousands of visitors monthly, with just organic traffic.
  • We built out a ton of location landing pages, netting 100’s of clicks monthly for ‘near me’ searches, and driving up leads from organic traffic. 
  • We layered on 
  • We’ve helped Josh push his overall lead count into thousands yearly. 

Northface Construction Organic SEO Case Study

$30,000 of organic traffic coming to Northface’s website every month, even if they stopped SEO

We know what we’re doing when it comes to generating a ridiculously high amount of leads for the roofing companies we serve.

  1. Driving down cost per lead. When we took over Google ad management they were getting upwards of $300 – $400 a lead, and we got that down to under $150 and allowed them to get more leads for way less money.
  2. We’ve advised along the way. We know the world of marketing is complex, but now we’re able to share what’s working for 50 roofers around the country, allowing us to provide a network effect for our clients, to make your marketing money go further. 
  3. We’re now driving $30,000 + of ORGANIC traffic monthly. Yes, SEO takes time – but after 3-4 years of Search engine optimization, Northface is getting 30k worth of traffic – as evidenced by Ahrefs ‘Traffic Value’ – which translates what they would have to spend in Google ads, to get the traffic they are getting from SEO. If they stopped SEO – this traffic would continue to drive leads. Instead they’ve chosen to continue investing so the results compound. 

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