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4 Crazy Windows and Doors Marketing Tips for Relentless Results

The right marketing can generate both passive and active leads, encourage brand trust, and help your business to grow. Unfortunately, many people think that marketing is a simple formula to follow instead…

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The right marketing can generate both passive and active leads, encourage brand trust, and help your business to grow. Unfortunately, many people think that marketing is a simple formula to follow instead of an exercise in creativity and brand building. We’ve got some crazy windows and doors marketing tips to set you apart from the pack and get clients to take notice. 

1. Start with Your Website

These days you can’t have a business without a website that works just as hard as you do. The design of your website is what can help to set you apart. You don’t want your site to look like a clone of every other window and door dealer out there. To avoid that, you’ll probably want to avoid cheaping out with a simple WordPress template and instead customize your site

It’s shocking how much a simple change of font or update to your site’s color palette can set you apart. You might think that something so arbitrary doesn’t matter, but it makes a huge difference in how customers perceive your brand. Fonts and color schemes are a part of the consistency you’ll build into your brand through your website and advertisements, and they’re important. 

Consistency is the word we want to emphasize here. Your website should have a consistent message with your advertising, or all of your SEO efforts are in vain. A lack of consistency in your messaging can confuse customers, at best, and make them think you’re unprofessional or unreliable at worst. 

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2. Jump Out of the Box

You don’t want to think within the lines of what everyone else is doing if you’re trying to set yourself apart with your marketing strategy. Look for ways to disrupt the norm like starting an exciting hashtag, creating a secretive contest that earns attention by itself before you reveal your business is behind it, or even utilizing sidewalk chalk advertising on client’s driveways. 

Doing out of the box things can create viral content when people notice, and that’s an excellent way to get your name out there as long as you can keep the message positive. 

You don’t have to go as wild as Wendy’s with their burn campaign on Twitter, but you can utilize the same out of the box thinking to get yourself a second look from potential clients. 

3. Morph the Marketing Budget

Typically a marketing budget takes about 7% of your company’s gross revenue and uses almost half of that on digital marketing. That doesn’t mean that you have to go the traditional route with that marketing. You can be as creative and crazy as you want with your money. Try one of the following for some more excitement: 

  • Video testimonials from happy clients
  • How-to videos that promote your installation process
  • Start a podcast to address common questions and pain points
  • Utilize remarketing with fun and creative campaigns
  • Add a fun section to your weekly email marketing where those on the email list can submit jokes, recipes, or other content to build interaction

If you can utilize more of your digital marketing budget on exciting and edgy content that will set you apart in a positive way, then you’ll have a decent ROI to continue marketing in that way. You can also put some more money into trade shows and local events this year rather than continuing to roll more and more into the digital world if that’s more your style. 

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4. Find the White Space

You know who your ideal clients are, and that’s a big step in the right direction, but do you know where they are? One common mistake in marketing is looking for your clients in the same places your competitors look for them. The local home and garden show, for instance, is probably full of other window and door companies vying for the same clients. 

If you want to find clients that will focus on your business, then you’ll want to look for the white space. The white space is where your competitors aren’t looking. Maybe it’s bus ads when all of your competitors opt for radio. It could be Facebook when your competitors are worried about negative comments. If you can find the white space, you can find untapped client potential which it is why we consider it one of the coolest windows and doors marketing tips.

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