What is the Right Amount of Training for HVAC and Home Services Contractors?

It’s important to supply your CSRs with the right amount of training and support to grow your business. Here’s how. 

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What is the right amount of training for your CSRs? Brigham Dickinson from Power Selling Pros, shares some great tips on striking the right balance between too much and too little training.

According to Brigham, the key is finding that sweet spot where employees are well-equipped without feeling overwhelmed.

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1. Training for Growth: Delegating Responsibilities & Empowering Employees

It’s important to align company duties with employee ambitions. Contractors often create bottlenecks by overworking themselves and not delegating tasks. By sitting down with employees, understanding their ambitions, and delegating responsibilities, contractors can take their business to new heights. This not only empowers employees, but also ensures the company’s long-term success.

2. Mastering the Art of Delegation

After delegating himself out of many responsibilities at Power Selling Pros, Brigham experienced significant growth. His lesson?

  • Balance delegation
  • Personal involvement to
  • Find and create fulfilling activities

Do the three steps above to drive success in your business.

3. The Power of One-on-One Coaching

Power Selling Pros’ unique approach to training involves one-on-one coaching and real-time accountability. By training half the team in the morning and the other half in the afternoon, they minimize productivity loss. Regular coaching sessions ensure employees continuously improve and apply what they learn, making the training highly effective.

4. The Value of Certification and Continuous Improvement

Brigham’s emphasis on certification highlights the importance of structured training programs. Certifications not only validate employees’ skills but also provide them with a sense of achievement and growth. This approach creates a culture of continuous improvement and motivates employees to strive for excellence.

5. Leadership Insights: Creating a Positive Work Environment

Some key leadership insights include:

  • Positivity
  • Confidence
  • Effective Listening   

Which makes employees feel:

  • Understood
  • Cared for
  • Reassured

By mastering these principles, leaders can inspire their teams and drive exceptional performance.

Power Selling Pros’ Pattern for Excellence model.

6. The Role of AI in Call Handling

Brigham’s hot take challenges the idea that AI will replace human call handlers. He argues that the human touch is irreplaceable, especially in creating a positive and empathetic customer experience. While AI can assist, it cannot replicate the genuine care and understanding that human interactions provide.

Key Takeaways for HVAC and Home Services Contractors

  • Balance Training: Find the right balance between heavy and light training to ensure employees are well-equipped without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Delegate Effectively: Align company duties with employee ambitions and delegate responsibilities to break through growth plateaus.
  • Continuous Improvement: Implement structured training programs and certifications to foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Prioritize emotional intelligence in customer interactions to create a positive buying environment.
  • Human Touch in Call Handling: Emphasize the importance of human interactions in call handling, despite the rise of AI.

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