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Why Do Traditional Media Marketing?

Everyone knows we’re in a tech-advanced world, but only some are tech-savvy! It would even surprise you to know that not everyone understands how to use Google independently. A big problem, right? …

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Everyone knows we’re in a tech-advanced world, but only some are tech-savvy! It would even surprise you to know that not everyone understands how to use Google independently. A big problem, right? 

That brings us to ask, “What’s the best way to sell your services to such people?” Our answer — The good, old traditional media marketing.

A combo of traditional and digital media makes you omnipresent — You’re literally “everywhere!” On billboards, trucks, TV, and social media. You become the talk of the town!

We caught up with Benjamin Fischer of Big Fish Contracting Company and Sales Transformation Group. Of course, the discussion was all about traditional media marketing. Stay put till the end of this article to learn every hack about traditional media marketing.

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Two Launch Pads for Traditional Media Marketing

The desperation of today’s business owners is palpable. You find folks running helter-skelter in search of immediate results all because they’ve set a business up. Interestingly, no one can beat the culminating effect time brings to a business’s success. 

What if you’re new to the marketing game and need to launch out forcefully with traditional media? Here are two quick and helpful steps you can take:

1. Build Customer Relationships

A satisfying customer relationship works hand-in-hand with your marketing efforts. Imagine you fought with a customer, then a few days later, he sees your nicely branded truck or short videos on Youtube. 

You can guess his likely response — anger, displeasure, or other negative emotions. The same goes for a positive experience. Your advertisement efforts only strengthen the good name and satisfying experience you’ve established with people by treating them right. 

And when it’s time to buy your services, they run right to you!

2. Engage in Impactful Community Service

Hundreds of parents and coaches struggle to sponsor their kids/teams toward their dreams. A supportive hand from your company will go a long way in changing the lives of these young folks for the better. 

And you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this. One roofing job is enough to sponsor as many as 30 baseball teams! As a busy company, there’s a high chance that you’ll pay less attention to this and keep postponing it. 

That’s why you have online methods. You can get them to fill out a Google form that contains every piece of info you’ll need, verify the legitness of the feedback, then send the money. 

Remember to add your brand logo and contact; you’ll be surprised at the aftereffect of this simple effort on your company!

Can You Measure Success With Traditional Media Marketing?

In a word, traditional media marketing is immeasurable. Like a spread blanket over a city, you want your brand awareness to cover as far and wide as possible. So when anyone thinks of roofing or any service you render, your brand’s name pops up first in their minds.

Which is Preferable? Digital or Traditional Media Marketing?

You only pick one of both if you want quicker and quality results. It’s digital “and” traditional media marketing, not “or.” People love digital marketing because you can track analytics and use its transactional nature. Unlike the traditional, ads are easily trackable — you can run an awareness ad and see how many people viewed it.

Nonetheless, if Zuckerberg shuts down his social media platforms or Google closes today, people will still call Hook agency and Big fish for work. Why? We’ve used both the digital and traditional space to market our business. The same goes for you.

Examples of Traditional Media Marketing Efforts You Can Use

Whatever method you employ for your traditional media marketing must be catchy and far-reaching. Your customers are everywhere — including people in neighboring residential homes, those walking along the roads, and those in their workplaces. Therefore, you have to be ubiquitous as well. 

Here are a few efforts you can use:

  • Radio — You can do something catchy, a jingle, or even a cute song. 
  • A hilarious airplane-flown banner over the city all day. Your brand name won’t leave their minds!
  • A geo-targeted ad that lets your customers know what you do. It works especially at trade shows and public events where many people show up. 
  • Billboards 
  • Print ads
  • Handouts
  • Direct mail
  • Cold-calling

A Few Takes on Profitable Marketing

If you’re new to marketing, you want to load yourself with enough knowledge before diving too deep. Especially if you’re into roofing marketing, Benjamin Fischer and Hook agency can always help you with current business hacks to run a successful roofing business. 

Let’s look at three such tips:

1. Feel Free to Start Small

It’s always best to take your brand in your hands and build it up from scratch. One reason for this is the huge sums you might need to pay to hire big marketing brands. Initially, you might think of spending such amounts as good investing, but you might realize it’s far from the truth. 

Many of these marketing companies can only provide you with generic content — so you get the same content as your competitors. Why not stir up your creative powers and come up with yours?

2. Don’t Engage in Any Golf Course

Don’t ever do any golf courses; they are mostly scams. When someone says, “Hey, we are in charge of setting the golf benches at your local country club,” please don’t believe them as they might be scams. 

You can spend less on digital and still get more brand awareness and leads than you spend on home shows. You need to be more familiar with the environment.

3. One Neighborhood At a Time

Traditional media marketing is the best form of marketing for newbies in the roofing business because it helps them give their best shot to a neighborhood at once.

For example, launching a roofing business in your local community can mean owning the neighborhood by installing yard signs and billboards and sponsoring baseball teams. 

Doing all these allows you to take the money from the neighborhood and channel your efforts towards the next neighborhood. As a result, you’ll watch your business grow bigger than ever imagined!


You’ll only win big if you start small. So it pays you to do something other than going digital to promote your roofing business. Instead, do both digital and traditional media marketing.

  • Advertise on billboards, trucks, and go on the radio
  • Invest in your community
  • Develop a perfect customer relationship
  • Maximize your website, Youtube, and social media

Combining all these efforts will leave long-term effects on your roofing business. They’ll also help you leave the same impact on your present and potential customers. Which of them would you love to implement today?

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