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“They Ask, You Answer” for Roofing Companies

In today’s information-crazy world, homeowners’ minds are already occupied. If you’ll get their attention, then it means you’re putting out relevant content that addresses their specific roofing needs. One excellent way to…

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In today’s information-crazy world, homeowners’ minds are already occupied. If you’ll get their attention, then it means you’re putting out relevant content that addresses their specific roofing needs. One excellent way to do that is to createThey ask, you answer videos. Ever heard of it?

These videos are part of what we call “Hookified elements” or “Hooks” to catch your leads. Without breaking your bank, you can raise your brand’s equity through these videos. They’re:

  • Simple,
  • Engaging,
  • Educative,
  • Empathetic, and 
  • Relevant.

If there was a way you could go about this yourself, you sure don’t want to miss out on learning it! This article will help to explain what “They ask, you answer’ videos are, and some key points to look out for when making them. 

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What are “They Ask, You Answer” Videos?

Using theThey ask, you answer concept in your roofing sales requires you to compile a long list of answers to questions that customers frequently ask in your sales process. He also revealed in his book –They ask, you answer”, that these questions are centered around topics known as “The big five areas“. They include:

  • Cost related topics 
  • Company or material comparisons 
  • Company reviews 
  • Customer problems and objections 
  • “Best of” lists.

Simply put,They ask, you answer videos are aimed at answering questions that stem from the big five areas. It’ll be even more fun if you make these videos in the form of a podcast and post them on your social media or website!

Why Use the “They Ask, You Answer” Concept?

Because homeowners don’t understand all the technical stuff about roofing, it’s marketing-savvy to find the best ways of communicating with them in the simplest ways. Instead of using high sounding roofing-tech language, you can write down FAQs these homeowners might have and provide researched, up-to-date answers. This way, they’ll get more value from you.

Chances are, your average 80-year-old Joe homeowner doesn’t know what a “drip edge” is. And if he doesn’t know what drip edge is, he definitely won’t understand its pricing and quality. 

More reason why you should come up with attention-grabbing videos that’ll answer every single question that homeowners ask about your sales process, product or service.

A DIY Guide to Creating “They Ask, You Answer” Videos

The popular phrase,A pro at every step, means assigning your best hands to each marketing element to ensure nothing goes wrong. To avoid passing wrong information, creating “They ask, you answer” videos requires the touch of at least one of the sales pros of your company. It should either be you (the CEO), your founding partners, or some of your best sales guys.

Also, know that no one will put you through the wringer if your videos are not in the form of a podcast. Any format is okay as long as it perfectly conveys your thoughts to your audience. You can get creative with formats like–

  • Animated lectures 
  • Screencast videos
  • Training videos 
  • Catchy slide presentations, etc.

However, podcasts are commonly used because they’re interactive and they help sales guys exude a feeling of trustworthinessThere are a myriad of topics that stem from the big five areas. The most common ones are on sales objections and roofing components and services pricing. Let’s discuss some of these topics and how to use them to close more deals.

1. Address Your Sales Objections

When you get objections in your sales process, it is usually because the homeowners you approach do not see how your product or service can solve their problems

For instance, visualize yourself marketing roofing shingles to a 90-year-old homeowner with a mouth-watering warranty as your main selling point. He’ll might just tell you – “Son, warranties don’t matter to me, I don’t have much time left.” For objections like this, it’s best to identify other features of your product that suit his needs and make them your main selling point. 

At times, you might even meet homeowners that’ll tell you that they can’t employ your services because you use subcontractors or work too fast. That’s why you must make a compilation that encompasses every single objection and create videos to address every last one of them.

Even better, you can incorporate these videos into your website to boost your click-through rate. Eventually, the leads you get through this method have higher chances of converting.

2. Answer Your Customers’ Painpoint Questions

As explained in the book –They Ask, you answer, about 99% of companies would rather preach marketing stuff to people, even if they continuously get ignored. They bluntly refuse to let go of their outdated marketing ideas. 

In this day and age, they refuse to believe that answering customer questions can also be considered clever marketing. Aside from questions about your pricing, most homeowners prefer to know what the whole sales process will feel like when a sales guy knocks on their door

At this point, you might start getting questions like – “Am I going to sit through three hours with a salesperson?“, “Are those sales guys going to force me through something?” etc. Answering these sorts of questions takes a lot of pressure off of homeowners, making the whole sales process an easy-breezy, feel-good daily routine.

3. Everyone Wants Clarity About Price, Especially Homeowners

Some companies believe that avoiding unsettling questions like “Why is your service so expensive?” is clever marketing. Don’t fall into that category of salespeople!

The main reason why most roofers don’t make videos about the specifics of their prices is based on the fact that they’ll have to explain their pricing in detail. As a salesperson, it’s not like you can go around explaining why you’re expensive to every homeowner you meet. That will be bothersome. 

However, no one wants to make a high-dollar purchase without knowing the exact price beforehand. So why not make a series of videos that explains everything there is to know about your pricing and integrate them into your website? To spice things up, you can even throw in functions like a roof cost calculator!

Is Adding Price On Your Website Business-Savvy?

Sure, adding your pricing to your web content might scare away some leads. However, know that the leads you lose had pretty low chances of converting since you’ll have to disclose your prices at some point anyways.

Simply put, incorporating your pricing in your website will help you generate only quality leads by filtering out folks that aren’t satisfied with your price. Think of this method as some sort of “Lead Filter”.

Once in a while, you can talk about why other companies are cheaper instead of always discussing why you’re expensive. However, make sure you don’t take shots at any company specifically. Doing that could have you and your competitors firing salvos at each other!

4. Use Your Videos to Train Your Team

If you didn’t know, making They ask, you answer videos can be considered a training method since members of your team or employees also watch your videos. 

That’s why you must make these videos as illuminating as possible to your clients and roofers. Even your receptionists and customer support need to have an idea of the questions that might come through calls.


“They ask, you answer” videos speaks to prospective clients because you’re showing empathy when addressing their concerns. You have to make them understand that you’re in touch with their situation and give them enough breathing space while doing so. 

At least enough breathing space to keep them from viewing your company as a company that pressurizes its clients. Even if you don’t close any deals at the end of the day, you should ensure that the roofer they pick is trustworthy and capable. Your secondary goal should be ensuring roofers are again trusted in the industry.

If making these videos will gobble up your time, consider employing our services here at Hook Agency. We have a team of experienced salespeople who can relate to your every need. Reach out today!

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