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3 SparkToro Reviews 2022 | Audience Intelligence Tool for Influencers / SEO

According to SparkToro – SEO’s might use SparkToro’s data to “SparkToro can help you find exactly those sources that reach the link-likely, amplification-primed groups you need to grow visibility, rankings, and traffic.” SparkToro…

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SparkToro Reviews 2020

According to SparkToro – SEO’s might use SparkToro’s data to “SparkToro can help you find exactly those sources that reach the link-likely, amplification-primed groups you need to grow visibility, rankings, and traffic.”

SparkToro Audience Intelligence tools allow you to dig deeper into your audience:

  • Where they spend time online
  • Listen to
  • Watch
  • Talk about

Hook Agency received a “press copy” of SparkToro to give it a spin!

YouTube video

What does the tool claim to do?

The problem with surveys, Sparktoro says is that it can be hard to get data and there’s a selection bias when you’re trying to follow.

  • It follows billions of social accounts and makes it easy to distill data/interest from those profiles at scale.
  • Get insights on competitors’ website visitors.
  • Build a list of websites to get on, podcasts to get on, etc…

Based on these claims I wanted to use it and find what people talking about “roofing” are watching and listening to most if I can.

SparkToro Reviews 2020

Here are the 3 reviews quick (below is how & why it might be used)

Brian Dean‘s Review: “He doesn’t suggest getting it if you’re a solopreneur but said “I Would Recommend SparkToro If… You run a marketing agency that needs to learn about your clients’ industries FAST, SparkToro will really come in handy.”

My Review (niched marketing agency owner): “This tool is super exciting and better than many social listening tools out there. Super fun to use on the user experience side, and I was almost giddy – scribbling down notes, and thinking of ways I could use it to better find our audience and serve them (for instance podcasts to listen to, and try to get on.) At $150 a month I may not be able to swing it long-term, but may use it for research in spurts.”

Denton’s Digital Review: 4.5/5 Stars:  “The ability to define an audience by keyword (and therefore job title), interests and locations offers a goldmine of information for inbound marketers, SEOs and eMarketers.”

So I searched “Roofing” to see what websites + podcasts roofing folks are most interacting with

Spark Toro Search

Gave social accounts, websites, and podcasts very quickly.

Contractors Roofing - Who do they follow?

websites followed by roofing contractors

What to with all this great information:

1. Reach out to be on these podcasts, or slowly get acquainted with them.

2. Look to these sources for competitive analysis, and keyword research.

3. Use these companies, websites, and keywords in your ad targeting on Facebook, Youtube, Google and beyond.

4. Make lists for outreach and/or export to CSV to share with your team.

5. Use the #hashtags, platforms, and language/words that your audience is using – with as much data at your fingertips to back up those decisions as you can possibly get.

Here’s an example of a search for what people who talk about small business are also using:

Searching in SparkToro - a review

And the results from that search….

Small Business Keywords, Hashtags, and Platforms people talking about Small business are using

A final note…

I’ve been following Rand for some time now, and read his book ‘Lost & Founder’ and essentially have traced the emotional journey of leaving Moz and now getting on this new adventure.

After reviewing this tool in detail, I would be betting on the success of his new company – seeing the wide-ranging application of this new tool and imagining all kinds of ways I believe this could help us and others reach our audience.

If you are on the fence about checking out SparkToro, simply put – I strongly suggest at least taking a test run and getting your hands dirty with the tool, as it’s very fun to use and 10 minutes could potentially give you a ton of great ideas and give you information you didn’t have before that could easily be used for revenue-generating marketing opportunities. Have fun!

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