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How to Sell a Roof Online: Roofle Roof Quote Pro Demo

Roofle is one of those brilliant ideas for online roof marketing that also stemmed from the not-so-thrilling 2020 experience we all had. The pandemic brought about many changes in marketing, including the…

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Roofle is one of those brilliant ideas for online roof marketing that also stemmed from the not-so-thrilling 2020 experience we all had. The pandemic brought about many changes in marketing, including the need for people to enjoy more digital and remote buying experiences. So it’s no surprise to see new technological solutions in different industries coming up in this direction. 

The Roofle project started in January 2020 to pioneer a simple online buying solution for roof buyers. Fortunately, it successfully facilitates this mind-blowing system that goes through the roof buying experience from inspection to actual buying. 

We walked through the functions and benefits of Roofle Roof Quote Pro with Matthew Mc Daniel, Chief Marketing Officer at Roofle. Stay put if you’re interested in selling roofs online using Roofle to homeowners.

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What’s Roofle all About?

As for other items, the pandemic has made online shopping for roofs easier. But what’s more? You, as a homeowner, can now get your roofing estimate online. 

Roofle is an online platform service that provides homeowners with different roofing ideas in a simpler way and at their convenience. This innovation successfully helps you as a contractor cut down on inspection costs, make you relevant in your field, and keep you ahead of your competition. It also provides homeowners with easy shopping access. 

How Does the Roofing Online Tool Work?

The Roof Quote Pro gives you two options — a full frame and a slider.

  • The full frame takes over the whole page, so any CTA button will take you to the web page.
  • The slider allows homeowners to browse through the roof visualizer and customization options without allowing any distractions from your business’s website. It sticks to the side of your screen even when you scroll about through your business’s pages.
Roofle Slider CTA
Roofle Slider Customizer

Photo Credits: Hoffman Weber Construction

Seven Awesome Features of Roofle

1. It’s Easily Customizable 

The Roof Quote Pro is customizable and can blend well with your brand, plus you also get to have full control over it. Furthermore, as a contractor, you can customize the prices, sell your specific products, and set your prices. 

This tool recognizes at least 99% of the structures you customize. One distinct feature of this tool is that after the homeowners put in their information, it takes them to the pricing section. This characteristic makes it stand out among its competitors. 

2. It’s Location-based

What’s even more fascinating about Roofle is that you can segment it by location. And all the prices on this tool are very accurate. So with this tool, it’s easier for homeowners to see how much each structure will cost, alongside every other important detail about the roof. This feature saves you from ordering the wrong products and saves time. And the tools are upgraded regularly.

3. You Can Check Customers’ Daily Activities

The Roof Quote Pro has a dashboard where you can see who and what products an individual checked. You can follow up with the homeowner with an email explaining everything they need to know about the roof they requested. Doing so can help you close more deals and boost your customer’s confidence in your brand.

4. Multiple Roof Product Display 

The product catalog section allows you to choose up to eight roofing products. You can display products from your specific manufacturers, and you can also switch between markets.

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5. Easy Pricing 

With a simple address, the Roofle platform can come up with a very accurate price for roof replacement paired with your product catalog. It’s similar to how you shop for products online generally — you get to see different options once you click on the product page. 

6. Transparency

What every buyer looks for in a company is transparency. And you sure don’t want to shop from brands you don’t trust. Hence, this kind of tool that shows the buyer various options will make you relevant and trusted. 

Before anyone patronizes a brand, they’ve done a lot of background research. If your brand fits what the person wants, they will take the next step. With an online tool like Roofle, the homeowner can be at peace with the contractor and can trust your pricing. Your use of technology also shows that your company is advanced and modern.

7. Builds Customer Trust

The convenience a customer finds in your company will also boost their confidence in you. On many occasions, your users (those who comment on your site) won’t be just one-time customers; they’ll be those who are familiar with your brand and feel comfortable with you. Using Roofle is very convenient, helping to make your customers comfortable and satisfied.

How Do You Operate the Tool?

Operating Roofle is not something hard. With the points highlighted below, you will find it easy to sell your roof online.

  • When a roof contractor signs in to the website, we will not just tell you bye; you are on your own. No, we will guide you on how to sell a roof online using Roofle and how to make sure your product stands out. In addition, a kick-off onboarding course will tell you everything about the Roof Quote Pro tool.
  • When you select your products, you must click the “save” button before you can go to the customization side to edit. You can customize the photos, hide the colors, edit the prices, and edit your product to soothe your taste. 
  • All the buttons are embedded in the website and make the website’s user experience a good one. When you click on any button, it will not direct you to another page outside the domain. This feature makes this tool better than other tools out there.
  • Any data you input on the Roof Quote Pro is very much safe. It’s a good tool to handle your service area, and your data is protected and secure. So you and your customers can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Now that you know how to sell your roof online with Roofle, let’s talk about the price of this tool. 

How Much is the Roof Quote Pro?

The tool’s price is just $350 a month with one market between a 40 and 80-mile radius, depending on how saturated your market is. We want our clients to afford this tool and build a turn-up value. Moreover, much more than the price, it’s the value that Roofle offers that really counts.


You don’t have to sell your idea in person; rather, go digital! Homeowners feel at ease shopping for their roofs from an online brand that provides them with all the details they need at the beginning. 

One sure way to give homeowners this experience is to sell a roof online using Roofle. Remember that it’s not only about the website; the value you offer and how you offer it keeps you at the top. So what holds you back? Get Roofle and deliver that premium roofing experience your homeowners deserve.

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