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Why Do SEO in the Winter?

In online marketing today, most business owners only think about the technical aspects of SEO. They worry about their content, links, keywords, and page rankings. But one thing they don’t think about…

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In online marketing today, most business owners only think about the technical aspects of SEO. They worry about their content, links, keywords, and page rankings. But one thing they don’t think about enough is how seasonality can affect search traffic and, ultimately, their SEO strategy.

Interestingly, winter is the best period to start your preparations for summer (the peak season in the industry). Overall, to make better marketing decisions, you must understand the following:

  • Why seasonality is significant in SEO,
  • Why you should pay attention to roofing SEO in winter, and,
  • How to leverage specific strategies to up your winter SEO game.

Cody Warren, our Lead SEO specialist, and I discuss some different ways roofing companies can make the most of winter for roofing SEO. Stick around to find out more!

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Why is Seasonality Important in SEO?

As the seasons change, the demand for roofing services fluctuates. Roofing needs are typically higher in the summer and lesser during the winter and fall months. And this is because warmer and dryer weather conditions are best for roofing activities, especially installations, replacement, or significant repairs.

What’s more? Seasonal demand also directly affects search traffic! It’s the same reason why it’s uncommon to find winter scarves in summer or private beaches in winter. πŸ˜‘

So if you want to reach out to your target customers through SEO, you’ll need to:

  • Factor in the seasonality of search traffic
  • Optimize your content for your ‘high’ (and low) seasons
  • Utilize your ‘low’ seasons to plan for the next high seasons

Factoring in seasonality will help you to know what topics to plan for and execute each month.

Why Do Roofing SEO in Winter?

Seeds don’t become trees the day you plant them, nor does SEO pay off as soon as you start! Starting your roofing SEO in winter means sowing seeds ahead of the following ‘high’ season, especially since SEO takes several months to yield the expected results.

So here are some reasons to start your roofing SEO in winter. ❄️❄️

1. You Get to Plan Toward the Next Peak Season.🌀️

If you hope to rank your site for a particular keyword, it will not happen in a day or even three months from when you start. It typically takes about six months to a year of consistent SEO strategies. And if you’re starting from scratch on a new website, it could even take longer than that.

Investing in SEO during the winter will give you results in a couple of months, typically within spring and summer. And this is something you want since that is when the search traffic for roofers is at its peak. 

2. You Can Hop on Winter Trends🧣

Although the demand for roofers may be relatively low during winter, you can still rev up your SEO engine by hopping on winter trends. For instance, you could answer winter-related roofing questions or do anything that keeps you within your target audience’s radar. 

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3. It’s Key to Building Topical Authority in the Roofing Niche. πŸ“

Winter is also an excellent period to build topical authority β€” your expertise on a particular topic. And as the name implies, your site achieves topical authority when it covers everything there is to a topic. 

To attain topical authority, you must structure your content to answer as many questions on various aspects of your main topic as possible. Of course, this is no easy feat and might require you to write and publish new content consistently. 

But starting in winter gives you the best chance to meet your goals in time for the summer rush. Besides, people generally spend more time on a site that has topical authority because:

  • Such websites provide the most relevant and in-depth answers because they engage the readers 
  • They can get actionable information
  • They can also learn more about your service

For instance, you could discuss each individually instead of having just one article listing the best ten roofing materials. And in each of these articles, you could also talk about the different manufacturers, colors, warranties, and everything people need to know about roofing materials. 

It’s all about training search engines to understand your website’s theme topic, so it becomes the go-to site whenever potential clients search for a particular keyword.

Some steps to develop topical authority:

  • Find out popular search topics and their keywords. 
  • Make a topic cluster of the main topic and subtopics.
  • Produce content that answers your target audience’s questions
  • Add relevant internal and external links to your content. 
  • Also, the internal links should lead to more sub-topics and other related questions about the topic.

Strategies to Implement for Winter SEO

SEO is an ever-evolving rollercoaster. And to get better at it, you need to find out what is working for new businesses and those who have been in the game for years and are getting the right results. Hence, while good content and backlinks are important, there are more tips you can use to get started today. 

1. Start Now! 🌲

Still using our tree analogy, the best time to plant a tree is yesterday, and the second best time is now. If you still need to start, you can use the winter period to build toward your summer demands. Begin maximizing your roofing SEO in winter to up your short and long-term SEO game.

2. Answer Winter-related Questions ❄️

Although the search traffic for the roofing niche is low in winter, you can still answer seasonal-related questions. For instance, people might want to learn about the pros and cons of replacing a roof in winter and other related topics.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to focus on products and services that would benefit your audience in and out of the season.

3. Review your progress Regularly with Analytic Tools.πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Finally, ensure you take stock of your site’s traffic and other related data by regularly using analytic tools like Google Search Console. Google Search Console allows you to click on a particular page and see what it ranks for when searched. With this information, you can build content that better serves those keywords.Β 

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Summarily, the logic behind roofing SEO in winter is that if you want to rank higher in the peak seasons of spring and summer, you have to get started as early as winter. In addition, you must pay attention to your SEO strategy to maximize the results thoroughly.

So don’t hesitate to sow those SEO seeds starting now!

Hook Agency specializes in cutting-edge SEO marketing, so we love talking about this, and we’d love to hear from you! Reach out today or check out other articles on our blog.

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