Dan Walrack’s Secret to $18.3M Roofing Sales Success

Throwing some deals may be permissible if you’re just starting out as a roofing business owner, but if you’d hit it big, then you can’t avoid learning proven secrets to roofing sales…

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Throwing some deals may be permissible if you’re just starting out as a roofing business owner, but if you’d hit it big, then you can’t avoid learning proven secrets to roofing sales success. Whether you’ve been doing okay or not, you can do better!

This article will help to reconstruct your mind and equip you to confront your sales goals head-on! As Dan Walrack taught, hitting millions in roofing sales is about how hard you’re willing to work, being guided on what to do and the right places to look. Let’s dive into Dan Walrack’s secrets to roofing sales success.

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Play Roofing Sales Like a Game

Folks who have worked with Dan Walrack would know that he views roofing sales as a game. Funny, right? One way you can become successful in roofing sales is by getting good at the “game“. 

This means being competitive, knowing how to communicate with your target audience and knowing the suitable methods to dispel homeowners objections. To become a successful roofer, you need to do all the little things that’ll push you to that next level over time📈.

Sacrificial is Crucial to Success!

Suppose you’ve made it a point that you’ll become the best in roofing sales; you must realize that there’ll always be sacrifices to make before you can reach your goal. Even Dan Walrack getting to $18.3M was not a 1-year feat; it was 23 years of sacrifice until he reached where he is today. 

With at least one lousy day included, most roofers work about six days per week. They encounter ups and downs. This is why you must sacrifice some of your habits and cultivate new ones that’ll help you succeed in roofing sales.

Practice Your Pitch Consistently

When conversing with homeowners, being comfortable and knowing exactly what to say is essential to you success in roofing sales. One of the secrets to roofing sales success is that homeowners need to know you can be trusted. 

You might get unsatisfactory responses from homeowners the moment they sense a lack of confidence in you. This is why you need to practice your pitch before you go door-knocking. 

Taking homeowners’ possible objections into consideration, you need to have at least three different pitches because it’s not wise to say the same thing every time you knock on doors.

Invest in Yourself

Your success in the roofing industry also depends on how much you’ve invested in yourself. In the long run, imagine how exhilarating your ROI will be if you continuously make personal investments related to the roofing niche. Don’t just keep to yourself. Like Dan Walrack, you can invest by joining communities like –

  • BNI groups 
  • Booster clubs 
  • Facebook groups 
  • Religious groups

Actively participating and speaking to folks in these groups about your roofing business improves your chances of hearing from them when they need roofing services. Remember that the goal is to acquire positions that’ll allow you to market your business to a wide range of individuals simultaneously.

Don’t just Earn From Clients – Add Value to Them

If you want your roofing business to sell like hotcakes🥞, Insurance and Real Estate agents are two categories of individuals you should stick to. Setting up meetings with them and explaining what you have to offer is one way you can go about this.

The value insurance agents want is that they prefer a roofer they can call to do free property inspections on their roofs. The best part is you can make a claim and do what we call a “free scope assessment” if you find enough damage on the roof.

When knocking on doors in winter, the smart move will be to turn that free scope assessment into an energy assessment and pitch yourself in the process. If you pitch yourself right, the whole conversion should look like this ⬇️

  • Roofer: So, who inspects your roof?
  • Homeowner: What do you mean?
  • Roofer: Well, this area was hit by a hailstorm last year. I just assumed you had your roof inspected.
  • Homeowner: Oh, I never had a look at it.
  • Roofer: Well, it’s funny, as I’m doing an assessment for your energy. Do you mind me taking a look at your roof? I’ll let you know if you’ve got any damage up there.
  • Homeowners: Sure, go ahead.

That conversation went smoothly, right? That’s another way to get yourself on top of a roof. When all is said and done, even your free assessments will all come back to you in the form of positive ROI. 

Build a Core Group

Being a roofing business owner doesn’t mean you have to act as a one-man army; you’re not John Wick! Even if you master all the secrets to roofing sales success, your responsibilities and the stress that comes with them might draw you back.

Suppose you find yourself drowning in the quicksand of stress, excess workload and responsibilities; you’ll need the people around you to pull you out. That’s why you should identify about 25 of the closest people to you and introduce them to roofing and roofing sales basics. 

Build your core group so well that when something happens, it happens for you. When you know you’ve made it is when those 25 people in your core group increase to 50, and then the 50 grows to 100. 

Dan Walrack’s Five Vital C’s in Roofing Sales

In his recent speech, Dan Walrack talked about the five most important C’s he follows in roofing sales. They are:

1. Create Opportunities

There’s no money-making warden that’s going to lock you up if you don’t make money. However, If you’re going to scale your business by becoming a pro in roofing sales, you can’t sit back and wait for people to create opportunities for you. 

Sure, creating opportunities is a challenging task. That’s why there’s a long list of individuals or communities that you should associate yourself with. They include folks like:

  • Insurance agents 
  • Travelling teams 
  • Booster clubs 
  • Adjusters

2. Control Your Schedule

Being able to control your schedule is a must for any business owner or employee. Whether with the help of the good old sheet of paper, a diary or a calendar app like Google Calendar, plan out your day down to the last second. 🕓

The value you add to homeowners is that they can work off your schedule! However, homeowners are always going to call you at their convenience. That’s why you should hire an assistant to set up your meetings.

3. Be Competitive

As we discussed earlier, sales is a game! That’s more than enough reason for you to be competitive. The kind of competition we’re discussing here is not just competing with other roofers but also being competitive with yourself. You’re wondering how that works, right?

To compete with yourself is to set achievable daily, weekly and monthly goals. You can even add extrinsic rewards into the mix if you’re able to achieve those goals, that is. 

If possible, avoid setting yearly goals. Most people only realize they’re far from their yearly goals when they’re already in the last quarter of the year.

4. Consistency is Key

Consistency should be the one word that drives you. Don’t let those numbers intimidate you because, in sales, nothing is impossible if you do it right. 

Imagine this scenario: let’s say you design a 100-job checklist with your name on it and all that. If you’re consistent with filling out that checklist for the complete hundred jobs, you are sure to make at least a quarter million dollars. 

Let’s do the maths: suppose you make $25000 on each job; that’s $2.5M per 100 jobs. When you subtract your capital and other expenses from that $2.5M check, guess how much your profit is –  that’s $250,000💵. If you keep up this kind of sales, you’re sure to catch up with success.

5. Challenge Yourself

If you’re going to make it in sales, avoid unrealistic challenges and take the bull by the horn. You’ve got to put in maximum effort until you reach your goals. 

If you’re not up for the challenge of treating roofing and roofing sales as a 60-hour-a-week job or 40 hours a week at least, there might be better options than the roofing industry for you.

Hold Your Homeowners Dearly

Ultimately, Homeowners Are The Meat Of Roofing Sales. They influence all the secrets to roofing sales success and their roofing needs decide whether you get to make money or not. That’s why you should treat them as friends and not clients. 

Your homeowners might not have any damage on their roofs the moment you meet them. However, when they do have damage, you’d want them to call you. The best way to do this is by building a solid relationship with them. 

You can occasionally send them gifts with your business information printed all over them. Remember that the goal is to make them remember you whenever they need roofing services.

Ready to Push Your Roofing Sales into Full Gear?

Whether it’s homeowners, real estate agents or adjusters, you’d want their favourable impression of you to set like concrete. To do that, you’ve got to Find Your Shtick! Find something that works and resonates with people so they’ll never forget your work.

In addition, you must stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the roofing industry. An excellent way to keep up with these trends is by doing stuff like –

  • Trade shows 
  • Visiting workshops
  • Attending seminars 
  • Setting up collaborations with other roofing companies 
  • Reading roofing blogs.

You’ve got to keep learning because if you’re not constantly learning, you might find yourself struggling. You’ll always find something you can incorporate into your marketing mix when you learn from others.

It’ll be an excellent idea to browse through our blog so you can learn more about roofing sales. Even better, you can always schedule a meeting with us; we’ll be delighted to work with you.

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