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Roofing Sales Leaders: How to Find and Build Them

The renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell rightly said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” As a business owner, what do you do when you don’t necessarily have the vibrant, outgoing personality…

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The renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell rightly said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” As a business owner, what do you do when you don’t necessarily have the vibrant, outgoing personality needed to lead and coach your sales team? 

Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group explains how to transform your sales leaders and team from newbies into complete sales rockstars! Sales Transformation Group is the #1 growth platform, specifically made for construction, trades, and building material professionals. If you’re looking to accelerate your growth, Sales Transformation Group has proven sales and recruiting systems that can help you: 

  • Increase profits and predict revenue by aiding you in closing more sales
  • Hire, develop, and retain a high-performing team
  • Generate more qualified leads while lowering your ad spend

Sales Transformation Group has equipped over 550+ trades and construction companies with everything they need to explode their revenue. Click here to learn more about STG and how they can help you make more money next year, and read on for our tips on how to upgrade your roofing sales leadership efforts.

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What’s The Secret To Finding Competent Sales Leaders?

When searching for talent, the first place to look isn’t in an industry per se but in certain traits in your prospects. A primary requirement of a sales leader is the tremendous energy needed for that role. You can tell such people by their depth of personality, which can come from the many challenges they might’ve overcome before meeting you. It’s a weird requirement for sure, but it’s essential in sales where so much human mastery is needed. Sales leaders also need to have discipline and an insatiable spirit. 

As a Business Owner, Should You Be The Sales Leader?

Many business owners fail to seek out sales leaders because they believe they can just do the work themselves. However, some roofing business owners just aren’t cut out for such a role. A lot of times, it can go two ways when business owners attempt to train their salespeople themselves:

  • They relax and don’t do anything because they don’t feel competent enough to be the sales leader.
  • They go against the grain and try to be the sales leader but do poorly. Then, the salespeople don’t perform well under their leadership, leading to a lack of results.

Whether or not your salespeople would feel comfortable going up on stage in front of 500 people and blowing the crowd away with their pitch depends, to a reasonable extent, on their leader. Therefore, having a competent sales leader is crucial to growing your team and taking your business to the next level.

If you know that’s not who you are as a business owner, it’s best to get someone skilled for that position. That’s better than forcing yourself to fit a role (spotlighting your incompetency) or outrightly discarding the task altogether. 

Charisma and Charm: Necessary For Sales Leaders or Not?

Charisma is important for sales leaders because they’re leading people, who also lead people (buyers) to make decisions. That’s a lot of talent needed there! The question then becomes, “Can people build charisma in themselves?” 

What if you find yourself with a sales leader that’s not necessarily an outgoing, energetic person? Answer: YOU CAN build charisma and a leadership spirit within them and the rest of your team members, but it doesn’t come from thin air. It has to come from somewhere. 

Whether you invite sales coaches to come and motivate your team or attend sales conferences as a team, charisma can increase in your salespeople. You might have the wrong guy(s) if it doesn’t grow over time, but it’s worth investing in who you have rather than firing them to find someone else.

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How Does Coaching Build Top-notch Sales Leaders?

Charisma is great, but we know that growing a sales team doesn’t stop there; it also involves building intentional processes and habits. So after finding a suitable salesperson, what are the weekly habits and processes that can help to build leaders and their teams?

Coaching. There must be a coaching process. Coaching is the most undervalued and under-exercised skill in the roofing industry. People don’t hire coaches or bother to do their own coaching. And you can’t fully automate coaching; you need a skilled coach that teaches an unskilled person how to be better, which takes time. ⏰

In sales, identity comes first; then mindset; before you step into the appointment and sales process. All of these correlate and link up from start to finish, and bringing in a coach to integrate these foundational qualities helps to build each team member into a total rockstar.

Is There a Recommended Duration For Sales Coaching? 

What’s the average weekly schedule required for excellent coaching? There is no set amount of time; You can never do too much coaching. Good companies do weekly sales meetings, training, and coaching sessions. If you’re committed and gunning to be the best, aim to learn (or teach) something new every day.

Final Thoughts 

The question of whether you, as a business owner, are a charismatic sales leader or not is a critical one to answer. It helps you to develop yourself to become such a person; or recruit one as quickly as possible. Check out Sales Transformation Group if you find that you and your team need extra help building a solid sales training process.

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