Roofing Promotions: Ideas for Promos That Get Deals

Most roofing companies struggle to find new clients. They also work to keep their current customers happy and loyal. The roofing industry is highly competitive, so it’s not easy to stay afloat…

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Roofing Promotions That Actually Get Deals

Most roofing companies struggle to find new clients. They also work to keep their current customers happy and loyal. The roofing industry is highly competitive, so it’s not easy to stay afloat in the marketplace with just one or two services that you offer.

You need something more if you want your company to grow and become profitable over time. This article will cover some promotion ideas that could help any roofer get more deals, leading to a healthier bottom line at the end of the day.

Free Roof Inspections

Always looking out for customers’ best interests, this free service might be all they need to make an informed decision about a particular roofing job.

A free inspection means a happy customer, more referrals from them, and possibly even new deals down the line due to their satisfaction with your work. You can also make money by asking the client what they think the problem is and offering some solutions at this point as well.

A Partial Roof Replacement

Partial roof replacement isn’t as standard as total replacements on old roofs that have seen better days. It’s often not worth it to replace just a small portion of a roof that has been worn out over time unless it’s essential because of damage or neglect.

However, for homeowners who aren’t under warranty with a particular manufacturer for specific shingles (or other roofing materials), this option might be an affordable alternative to a total roof replacement.

Free Consultations for Customers in Need

If you don’t charge anything for your consultations, word will get around the community about how much help you are when it comes to budget-friendly options when it comes to roofs. This way, you’ll be able to get more deals and new customers due to this promotion idea alone.

Make sure that you deliver on what you promise with these free consultations so that people become loyal over time and keep coming back.

Free Custom Quotes

A free quote is a type of promotion that requires some work on your end, but it’s also one of the main things clients look for when they need roofing services. If you make this offer and stand by it throughout the entire sales process, you should have no problem getting more deals due to this strategy. You can even base future promotions off of what worked and didn’t work with these free quotes to improve your overall success rate down the line.

Saving Coupons/Discount Deals

People love saving money, so help them do just that by offering up coupons or discounts from time to time. For example, if you’re currently running a deal where people get 10% off their total order with you, see what happens when you give them 20% off instead.

You’ll likely get more deals as a result of this promotion, and your clients will be happy because they’re not playing the price game anymore.

Free Services to Clients in Need

If people are having financial difficulties due to an unexpected hardship, offer a free service or two as a means of helping them out so that they can still maintain their roof(s) despite their circumstances. It could include sweeping the gutters clean once per month over six months. The point is to help these people out so that they don’t feel like they have to abandon their homes because something terrible happened unexpectedly.

“Refer-a-Friend” Deals

These deals are incredibly lucrative because you’re getting referrals from people who trust the opinions of their friends and family. In other words, they might not even need your services according to your agreement, but they’ll refer you anyway.

This type of promotion is great for roofing companies because you can make friends with potential clients by offering them a free quote (like mentioned above), and then it turns into more business down the line. The best part about this particular deal is that there’s no work on your end required after the initial contact. Get on sites like Facebook or Twitter so that people can easily share your offer with their contacts/friends.


Promotions are a great way to get more deals for roofing companies, so try out some of these ideas if you’re looking for ways to generate more revenue. Roof repairs are certainly not cheap by any means, but people will be willing to pay top dollar if your roofing promotions are compelling enough. However, make sure the numbers add up before running some of these offers.

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