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Roofing Podcasting: Networking and Getting Links

Podcasts are becoming more popular by the day, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about them. You might have thought you needed a specific skill set or fancy equipment to…

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roofing Podcasting studio, microphone and computer.

Podcasts are becoming more popular by the day, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about them. You might have thought you needed a specific skill set or fancy equipment to start a podcast or even considered if it would be worth your time

But you can never have too much attention as a small or large business owner. And roofing podcasting won’t just help you gain attention; it will help you build intimacy with your target audience. 

By maximizing the power of audio storytelling, you can create a powerful brand identity that will resonate deeply with your audience. In addition, unlike the hustle and bustle on social media platforms, podcast listeners listen attentively and intentionally.

Hence, they can connect better with your brand, buy your message and move down the funnel to hopefully become leads one day. There are at least three ways to leverage the power of podcasts. You could:

  • Become a guest on established podcast shows
  • Sponsor local or industry podcasts or even
  • Start your own podcast! 🤗

Reading through this article, you’ll find some undeniable reasons why you should maximize podcasts for your business, and proven ways to do so. So stick around to find out!🤭

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Utilize Podcasts for Your Roofing Business

If you’re wondering if podcasting would be worth your time and resources, here are some legit reasons why you should consider adding it to your strategy:

Podcasts Bring You More Attention

Ever heard Grant Cardone’s popular line, “If they don’t know you, they can’t flow you?” In simpler terms, you have to get noticed by your target audience for them to flow with your brand. These target audiences may be fellow professionals in your niche or even consumers. 

Statistics also show that about 60% of US consumers older than 12 years listen to podcasts. So if you utilize podcasts, you’ll be getting in the faces of these consumers, gaining more attention for your brand.

Podcasts Improve Your SEO Strategy 

Another reason you should consider podcasting is it helps to solidify your online presence, which is in turn good for your SEO via;

  • hyperlinks which would direct traffic to your site,
  • increased online visibility,
  • improved searchability.

 If a podcaster invites you to be a guest on their show, you can request that they share the link to your website for the audience to connect with you. And the more they share that episode on other platforms, the greater the brand awareness and traffic to your site. 

Furthermore, the more varied your online content, the more visible and searchable you are. So, by spreading your company’s name across various media, you would increase the chances of people finding you in a search.

Podcasts Showcase Your Expertise

Podcasts are a perfect opportunity to show your knowledge of a particular niche. When your target audience sees how engaging and impactful your show is, they’ll be more convinced to hire your services. Or connect with you elsewhere online. 

If you are starting your business and seeking avenues to show your expertise, you should really consider starting a podcast. 

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Podcasting Increases Your Network and Boosts Strategic Partnership.

If you’re seeking to network with the gurus in your niche, you should invite them to record a podcast with you. The chances that it would work are greater because podcasting feels fun and has more benefits for you both than a private one-on-one coffee chat.

Additionally, having well-known influencers in your industry on your show would significantly improve your online and offline reputation. And taking this a step further could pave the way for more opportunities, including referrals and partnerships.

Starting your podcast gives you a platform to access people you may typically not be able to access. From networking to relationship building and, ultimately, collaborations, podcasts are a sure route to try out! 😋

Podcasts Drive Organic Traffic and Generate New Leads.

Starting a podcast might also be one step to reaching a new audience, generating leads, and ultimately growing your business. Firstly, you could drive potential customers to your site by sharing more information about your products and services.

You could also use a lead magnet, like a free ebook, in exchange for their contact. And then, you can contact them later to inform them of your service offerings.

Podcasts are Relatively Cheap and Easy to Start 

If you’re trying to avoid another expensive venture, starting a podcast might be the way to go. You can start recording your podcast without spending a dime using equipment you might already have. 

With your smartphone, an inexpensive editing app or software, and a simple microphone, you’re good to go! With time, you can then upgrade to more sophisticated equipment. 

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Podcasts Help Build Intimacy With Your Audience

Most people describe listening to a podcast as listening to a friend because of how engaging they are. Through storytelling, you can share a powerful message about your brand that creates a bond between you and your audience. Hence, podcasts are arguably the most intimate way of connecting with your target audience.

How to Maximize Your Podcasts

You can become a thought leader in your niche if you learn how to take advantage of podcasts. Here are three simple ways you can get started immediately.

Feature on Other Podcasts

An excellent place to start is by being a guest on another established podcast that serves your community or niche. So accept invitations from podcast hosts if they invite you to get featured on their shows. And if not, you could also reach out to them yourself by following these steps:

  • Find podcast shows that serve your target audience

While many such related podcasts may exist, you can sift through them by setting goals. Who are those you’d like to reach out to? Businesses? Customers? Or both? 

  • Reach out to them

You can send them a message via email or LinkedIn to state that you’d like to get featured on their show. Also, you can strengthen your pitch by giving them topics you’d love to discuss on their show that align with their theme.

You can also look at some of the guests they have featured previously. Or listen to past episodes to understand how they interact with their audience. 

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Sponsor Local Podcasts

Sponsorship is the way to go if you want to skip being at the forefront but still want to benefit from podcasts. Many podcast shows with a wide following need sponsorship. And sponsoring them offers a chance to connect to their audience.

You could sponsor a local podcast that serves other subjects your target audience wants to listen to; community, leadership, or even family podcasts. You could also support one within your niche. Regardless of which of these you decide, investing in a growing podcast is an excellent way to start.

Start Your Podcast!

This is probably the most daunting but also the most rewarding! For many reasons, starting your podcasts is super beneficial.

  •  It’s a platform for networking.
  •  It gives you the freedom to tell your brand story your way.
  • It’s also an excellent means of collaborating with people you and your audience could learn from simultaneously. 

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how you would get guests or even get started. The first step is to define the audience you want your podcast to serve. Doing this would give you a clear picture of what you should say to them and the best people to communicate that message.

Here is a step-by-step guide to launching your podcast:

  • Define your niche/topic

The one mistake you could make from the start is starting without having a well-defined aspect you wish to serve. Even if defining your niche means you might get a smaller audience, you should consider this as it would make it clear who the podcast would benefit from the onset.

  • Define your target audience

The next important step you should consider is spelling out your target audience. Look into the problems they face in that niche and what knowledge they’re hungry for. Picturing your ideal listener would help you create content that is relevant to them.

  • Get recording equipment

You could start with the most essential equipment, like a microphone — depending on your goals. Or you might want to invest in better recording equipment from the start.

  • Craft an inviting show description 

Your show description should include information on what your show is about. It should also tell who it is for and what your audience gains from listening.

  • Lastly, spread the word about your podcasts on as many platforms as possible.

Final Thoughts 

Being visible is key to your success as an entrepreneur. And a sure way to do that is to connect to your target audience through an intimate channel like podcasts.

So, do anything that helps you get in front of your people. Be a podcast guest or a sponsor, or start your own. If you’ve got something to say and a passion for saying it, you should get started today! It’s probably not as complicated as you think it is.

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